Looks Like The Panthers Chose Roman Harper Over Ryan Clark

On Friday, Joe Person of The Charlotte Observer reported that the Carolina Panthers had talked to Pittsburgh Steelers unrestricted free agent safety Ryan Clark. Now that it’s being reported that the Panthers have signed former New Orleans Saints safety Roman Harper to a two-year, $4.5 million contract, it appears as though Clark is one step closer to signing with ESPN.

Harper, gray hair and all, is only 31, whereas Clark is 34. The longtime Steelers safety had a visit with the Washington Redskins this past week, but according to what he posted Friday on Twitter, it appears as though the team he played for prior to arriving in Pittsburgh, really isn’t that interested in him.

At this point, you have to wonder just how many teams are left that would really have any serious interest in Clark. On top of that, is Clark willing to play one season for the veteran minimum, which for him would be $955,000?

Whenever it finally happens, Clark will be a star when he becomes part of the national media and that whenever is starting to look like it might be very soon.

  • Steve

    Clark can’t tackle, too slow, can talk – Bingo signs with ESPN!

  • steelster

    Clark is going out in a sad way.

  • sean mcmartin

    He was great in his prime. So many good hits he put on opponents,,It was a good run..Thanks Ryan Clark..

  • cencalsteeler

    Its an eye opener to see how dismal we were at certain positions last year. Our starting wr can’t seem to find a home as well as last years starting fs.

  • RyanW

    Sanders injury history and likely salary demands factor into it more than his play. Hes definitly not clutch as evidenced by his timely drops but hes still a solid no. 2 or 3 receiver

  • William Bigelow


  • Brendon Glad

    I think it could be over for him…but I DO think the Steelers (by the way they use Troy P.)….has always made the FS for Pittsburgh one of the more challenging in the league. Because if u have Troy P…then u need to design defenses for Troy P. to be “Troy P.”….thus… you need to have a solid % of plays where the FS has the whole deep-zone. A team making it’s bread and butter with 2 deep safeties as the core package probably suits Clark better at this point. But hey, if he’s done…then maybe he’s done. But I think he’s got football left…just not as a cohort with Troy P.

  • shawn


  • Steve

    Don’t get me wrong, in his heyday, Clark could hit with the best of them and he proved it with a couple of fines. Last year the hits were not there. Don’t know what happen, only Clark knows. With his comments concerning teammates smoking weed, may have been true but uncalled for. Foote came to Clarks rescue but it was little too late, damage was done. One thing have seen with the Rooneys is they don’t put up with negative talking to the media by their employees. They don’t mind talk as long as it is not detrimental to the organization. Would not be surprised if this was Clarks exit out of town.