Mike Tomlin And Mike Munchak Both Attended Michigan Pro Day

According to Gil Brandt of NFL.com, Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin and new offensive line coach Mike Munchak were both in attendance at the Michigan Pro Day this past Wednesday.

While many will quickly speculate that both were there to only see Taylor Lewan, it’s important to remember that the “other” Michigan tackle, Michael Schofield, is a solid mid to late round prospect as well. In fact, he is position flexible, having played both guard and tackle, and really turned heads this year at the Senior Bowl.

As far as Lewan goes, he’s ether the second or third rated tackle in this year’s draft class depending on who your favorite draftnik is.

According to Brandt, Lewan stood on his numbers from the 2014 NFL Scouting Combine, while Schofield improved his broad jump by a whopping 15 inches by jumping nine feet.

  • William Weaver

    I know, I know.. No OL in first round, but.. Can you all imagine For a minute? Beachum protects Ben but doesn’t run block very well. Draft Lewan for LT. Slide the good run blocking Adams in to LG. Now you have a potentially very dominant line with Lewan, Adams, Pouncey, Decastro, and Gilbert. Beachum swing tackle and Wallace swing C/G. I know, I know.. No OL in the first few rounds. Haha!!

  • tim

    Our OG situation is just FINE….Adams is the new OL donkey and if he had to play TE to get onnthe field well that shows how bad our TE situation was last year too. I have NO problem with taking a OT somewhere….

  • dgh57

    No, I can’t imagine for even a second Adams playing OG! Adams doesn’t have the smarts to play OT let alone OG. I would rather have the better run blocker in Adams in place of Gilbert.

  • Douglas Andrews

    I’d be okay with a late round OT and Schofield could fit the bill with his ability to play multiple positions on the line. Can never have too many good players but our offensive line is stacked now with the Wallace signing. Also sounds like Velasco’s chances of resigning are getting pretty slim

  • Paddy

    I have a feeling that Munchak will be just what the doctor ordered for the O line

  • Conserv_58

    Adams at guard is not even a consideration because he’s too big and slow to play the position in a zone blocking scheme.

  • Conserv_58

    2nd round pick, Mike Adams has the most to prove of any of the offensive lineman because he’s been a big disappointment so far, especially at L.T., the position he was drafted for. It’s pretty bad when seventh round pick, Beachum

  • steeltown

    I think the interior is stacked, but at the Tackle position we are entering Gilberts final yr under contract, we’re still unsure what Mike Adams can be and we’re all hoping Beachum can fill a void.. I’d be ok with a mid-late Rd on a Schofield type

  • Matthew Anderson

    All of you probably know, from my widely circulated mock draft, (ha) that I do not have an OL anywhere. Like Dave and Dave I don’t see the need at this time with all the other holes. However, but, comma, the steelers need a draft worth keeping. We can’t play the “we build through the draft game” and then lose 2 entire classes at the 5 year mark. This guy looked outstanding in the underwear Olympics and has consistent good production to back it. I know there are not sure things but there are really good bets….btw I am referring to Lewan. Lol

  • Steelers12328882

    I remember those days when we thought the Tackle position was our top priority going into this draft. Good times!

  • Nolrog

    I never thought Tackle was our top priority, even last year. Can’t keep spending high pick after high pick on the OL and neglect other things. Those guys have to produce, so we can go after other big needs now.

  • Randy Neff

    Anytime you can’t say the LT is locked down, then it’s a major hole. Now maybe Munchak can turn around Adams, but if Lewan is there at 15 he have to be considered.

  • srdan

    No first round OL.

    I think Munch and Tomlin just wanted an excuse to go see the Michigan / Michigan St. B10 championship game on the Rooneys dime. LOL

  • LucasY59

    I agree, if Gilbert, Dennard, Watkins, or Evans, aren’t there @ 15 they need to look at ALL possibilities.

    15th is a spot where the chance to get an “elite” talent is still very possible. most “future Probowl” LT’s do not last till 15. Is Lewan one of those? I’m not sure (that is for Munchak to decide, and probably why he was at the proday) The Steelers were happy that Adams dropped to them in the 2nd, but he has shown that he wasn’t the 1st rd talent that some thought. I don’t think players have to be picked in the 1st round to be able to contribute to the team, but most LT’s that have the Talent, physical Size and Skills to be a Probowl LT get drafted in the 1st rd.

    Does a 7th rd LT (Beahum) need to be upgraded more than a 6th rd ILB (Williams)? if Mosely is a candidate for the 15th pick then Lewan should be also, Whoever helps the team the most should be the player they draft.

  • Steelers12328882

    Really? Well, it was my opinion last year, especially after the Viking game. Mike Adams was a bum, Gilbert was mediocre, Foster was average, Pouncey was done for the year, and Beachum was busy playing a few positions(G, C and even TE) on the line as injuries popped up. The Steelers were 0-4, and the offensive line was in shambles, AGAIN! The most glaring need for help was at the Tackle position and there was a few 1st rd talent Tackles in the next draft. Beachum saved us from that reality in my opinion. Things turned around the 2nd half of the year and I think you can attribute most of that to Beachum’s progress at the LT position. I agree you can’t keep spending high picks on Olineman, but what are you going to do to protect Ben if your original picks don’t work out and your team is so cash strapped that they can’t sign one in free agency?