New Steelers S Mike Mitchell Believes He Was A Pro Bowl Snub Last Season

New Pittsburgh Steelers safety Mike Mitchell said he hopes to under-promise and over-deliver for his new team in a recent interview on Ohio University radio station WOUB.

Mitchell, who recorded 66 total tackles, three and a half sacks and four interceptions in 2013, is also coming to Pittsburgh carrying a bit of a chip on his shoulder heading into this season, because he believes he was snubbed out of a trip to Hawaii following the 2013 season.

“I expect to perform better than I did last year and last year I was right on that cusp of being Pro Bowl, and I think I might have been cheated little bit,” said Mitchell “But, hey, that’s just extra motivation for me to work that much harder this offseason to make sure that they cant take it from me next year.”

Next year for Mitchell will include him playing for a third team in as many seasons and he was asked to describe what he brings to Pittsburgh as a player.

“A little bit of the same thing you guys are all hearing about,” said Mitchell. “You know I’m a physical football player. I like to play the game a certain type of way, but also your going to be getting a highly motivated guy.”

The Steelers are hoping that Mitchell can seamlessly replace Ryan Clark this upcoming season and while the Ohio product refused to make any predictions when it comes to stats he did make one promise.

“I’m going to go out there and play as hard as I can and play as disciplined and as sound as I can, and that’s what people can expect,” he said.

  • shawn

    Sure as heck gotta like how he thinks … if he doesnt pan out, it sure won’t be because of his attitude !!

  • WilliamSekinger

    That’s awesome! Hope he plays with a chip on his shoulder all season and ensures he makes it to the Pro Bowl this year.

  • Steve

    This sounds familiar. Hadn’t Ike said the same before the dismal season last year in 2013. Bring on the talent, then we can all talk about how he did after the 2014 season. With being paid 25 mil over 5 years he better put up or shut up.

  • Steeler Fanatic

    This was a great signing. I listened to his press conference and he is a very sharp guy with a chip on his shoulder. And they have him in his prime.

  • Matt Manzo

    I love the thought of a safety playing back there with a chip on his shoulder! He’s not just satisfied with a good contract and a winning franchise. He’s gonna have to earn that spot and I think he knows that!
    I’d like to start a bet on who forces the most fumbles this year: Mitchell or Shark?

  • hp b

    Great attitude and of course we like the tough guys. He seems like a great fit.
    Ryan sure was a tough guy. Sorry to see him go. A Super Steeler he was.

  • srdan

    Prove it

  • steeltown

    Bring it Mitchell, I don’t have any doubt his nose will be in the playbook all offseason and I know he’s a gym rat as well, lets just hope it all translates to the field. Bring the pain!

  • Chad H

    That’s what I say.