No Attention For Knowshon Thus Far, So Should The Steelers Give Him Some?

Denver Broncos unrestricted free agent running back Knowshon Moreno had a breakout season last year, but so far during the signing period, it appears as though most teams think it was an aberration of sorts and that he’s certainly not starter material.

Moreno registered nearly 1,600 yards from scrimmage in 2013 and that included a career-high 60 receptions for 548 yards. Being as the Steelers could really use a change of pace running back to go along with starter Le’Veon Bell, you have to wonder at some point if they might want to kick his tires.

Currently, the only running backs outside of Bell that are under contract with the Steelers are Alvester Alexander, Miguel Maysonet and Tauren Poole, and all three have yet to play a game in the NFL.

The Steelers are going to have to address their depth issues at the running back position at some point if they decide not to re-sign unrestricted free agents Felix Jones and LaRod Stephens-Howling. Sure, like many of you, I suspect they might draft a running back in the later rounds, but they’ll need more that.

For the last few years, running backs really have been the losers during the free agent signing period and it is continuing this year. Yes, there’s the occasional Rashad Jennings, who appears to be the lottery winner this offseason, but now that we are entering the first weekend in free agency, the big contracts have likely all been handed out to the running backs.

So, if Moreno is not your choice to back up Bell, have a look at this ESPN filtered list of available free agent running backs and let me know which one you think the Steelers should target. They have to sign one of these players, right?

  • Ike Evans


  • absteelers

    My top 5 from the list: 1. Moreno 2. MJD 3. Leonard 4. Starks 5. Forsett

  • Ray

    James Starks

  • falconsaftey43

    Brown, Starks, Moreno, Tanner all look like potential guys to get fairly cheap for a backup. I’d bring LSH back if he is healthy. Honestly I don’t know why Dwyer wasn’t brought back, he always ran hard and was healthy, what else do you want in a backup/ short yardage RB? Who cares if he shows up overweight, guys do it all the time. I seem to remember that 3 and 6 getting farther apart on the Bus every year. If it doesn’t effect their play, I don’t care.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    Knowshon has what Haley looks for so it would be interesting to pick him up but I think even with seemingly no interest that he would still be expensive.

  • Caesar

    Forsett if his health checks out. Andre Brown is his health checks out and his price is low enough. Michael Bush would also be a very serviceable straight number 2. Just don’t see Moreno settling for a very low deal, but if he could come cheap he would be good.

    Not convinced by the need for a “change of pace” thing. Just need a good back to backup, whatever pace he is. In the draft, would love a guy like David Fluellen or a dice role on Isaiah Crowell.

  • Brian K

    Moreno, Blount or Forsett. LSH first tho.

  • blackandgoldBullion

    Bush, for sure! He has already got paid well and not had to play much. Hopefully he can be had at a Steeler friendly price.

    I love Blount, but he must be a shithead. Just ask yourself why he has not already been resigned after those amazing end of year performances in the clutch? Remember that the Steelers are now very shy about anyone with even a remote chance of having any major character issues.

    Moreno would be great, but someone will give him a lot more than the Steelers can afford. MJD might be interesting as he is older and looks crappy playing with that team, but can still play. Therefore, if it’s possible money wise, go get him.

    I still like LSH if his knee checks out. They have a bunch of change of pace guys ready for the occasional 3rd down plays, like Maysonnet.

  • John A Stewart

    Tomlin never liked him which was a shame and now we are stuck with Felix Jones really.

  • CW

    Just sort of surprised that the Broncos haven’t locked up Moreno yet. Granted he was terrible most of his first contract with them, but Ball did not look like a feature back last year at all, more of a rotational back to be honest, and Hillman looked like warmed over death half the time when he got the ball.

  • DoctorNoah

    Ghosts of Fantasy Drafts Past. No way.

  • Milliken Steeler

    Agreed. Im not a fire Tomlin, fire everyone guy so lets not go there. lol That being said, two things that stand out to me about last year that were bad decisions. Dwyer still not being given the benefit of the doubt and it seemed personal and now he is gone. Adams being tossed into the L/T position coming off an injury. He is better than Gilbert period at R/T

  • Milliken Steeler

    That actually is a great suggestion as maybe a stop gap for two years. When healthy, he is still a load to bring down and with limited carries, he should be able to remain healthy and be had at a great price.

  • RW

    Really wanted McCluster. Would have been perfect. Titans locked him up for 3 and 12, which is pennies for the type of hybrid player he is (at least in my opinion).

  • Dom DiTolla

    Spot on. Personally, I don’t care if they draft a RB or ink one via FA, they just need someone to share the touches load with Bell sooner as opposed to later. In 13 games as a rookie, Bell touched the ball 289 times (22 touches per game average). They could add years and productivity to the former Spartan’s career by inking a capable guy to spell him.

    If Ka’Deem Carey’s poor 40 time sends him into the end of the third round, I’d love to see the Steelers pick up a versatile back of his caliber. As far as FAs go, Starks might be a worthwhile gamble if he’s healthy enough.

  • patrick Mayfield

    Jones isn’t under contract so nobody’s stuck with him

  • steelster

    Mccluster is a receiver not a Rb

  • RW

    He played a lot out of the backfield in KC when they ran shot gun. Not saying he’d be a primary backup but he’d fill multiple roles at once (WR, 3DRB, PR/KR).

  • cencalsteeler

    I’m going against the grain on this topic. I say we draft our change of pace back. Bell is serviceable at not only running between the tackles, but he can catch the ball out of the backfield as well. Looking back at last season, one of our weakness’ was the third and short game. Though, Bell is capable, I’d rather see someone like Vontae Leach or McClain brought in on the cheap to keep the chains moving. They can also be special teams contributors. I like the idea of giving Bell a rest on those tough, short yardage runs, so he’s fresh on the new set of downs, as well. And, if they don’t go this route……. bring in Heyward to carry the rock on short yardage!!!

  • Virdin Barzey

    Nope for Knowshon

  • Scott

    Starks/Bush + LSH.

  • shawn

    double NO NO ! I like Blount if cheap enough !

  • AzheDraven

    I’d love to have him as a Steeler, but I doubt he would go to a team that does not want him as a starter, and take backup money. I’d like to have LSH, Starks or Bush, or Moreno. I hope by next week we can find out what the FO thinks

  • steelster

    Moreno has an injury history anybody that plays fantasy football knows that all too well. I think he benefitted as being a product of the system last year as teams were trying to stop manning. He may struggle on a new team.

  • OIF3gunner

    AGREED!! I am with you although, we are the minority. I don’t understand not using a fullback. I would personally do all of the above.