Pitt State WR John Brown Reportedly Has A Monday Pre Draft Visit With Steelers

According to Pittsburg State wide receiver John Brown on Twitter, he has a pre draft visit scheduled for Monday with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Brown, who Mel Kiper Jr. of ESPN recently tabbed as his under-the-radar wide receiver of the this year’s draft class, posted the second-fastest 40-yard dash time (4.34 seconds) among wide receivers at the 2014 NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis.

Last season, Brown caught 61 passes for 1,198 yards and 14 touchdowns. In addition, he was also retuned kickoffs and punts the last three seasons.

Many believe that Brown, who measured in at the combine at 5’10”, 179 pounds, will be drafted in the sixth or seventh round.

  • srdan

    Sounds good to me to fortify the pipeline.

    As a side note, he looks like jammal crawford.

  • treeher

    We don’t need another smurf or semi-smurf. We need a 6’3″ stud with attitude.

  • grw1960

    I hope they do draft a WR earlier in the draft . But I could see the Steelers drafting a 2nd WR in the late rounds as insurance in case Wheaton continues to have finger problems. Or hoping to find another late round Steal.

  • T R

    would be nice pick if we could get with one them comp picks.

  • T R

    woud be a great slot receivier and returner to relive Brown on them duties. good late 6th 7th round pick

  • StrengthOfVictory

    By the later rounds, it’s all about value. Seeing as how the Steelers (by this point in the draft) will have likely grabbed a WR, CB (or two), LB, and either DE or OL, I’d be fine with seeing what a speedster like Brown can do in the return game. He seems like a great double-dip option in the sixth.

  • PA2AK

    Anyone have an opinion on that Martavis Bryant (sp?)? If he is indeed a 4th round guy and has more film like the stuff they showed above…heck of a value. Tall, fast, can catch with his hands…

  • steeltown

    Assuming that they have already drafted a couple CBs, an early Rd WR/TE and then DL, LB and RB then yes I’d be perfectly fine with this selection or a selecton like this in the late Rds, plenty of upside and can potentially contribute in multiple areas

  • StrengthOfVictory

    I’ve been a fan of Bryant for some time. I think there’s a lot to like and a lot of potential. But my gut feeling is that the Steelers will select a WR earlier. I also think Bryant my be selected in the mid-to-late third round.

  • Steve

    i have read that some GM’s have him graded out as a 2nd round pick

  • PA2AK

    so not so much of an ‘under the radar’ guy!

  • PA2AK

    My initial thought was they would go WR at 1 or 2. Obviously will depend on what defenders are still on the board. From what you (and Steve) say, Bryant isn’t likely to be around very late in even the 3rd round. Now, given the moves in FA I could easily see the Steelers waiting until 3 or 4 to pick up a WR. It’s a deep draft, and I see them doubling up on CBs with 1.15 and again by 5th round. With the other needs at DL/LB…really thinking a WR at 3rd round.

  • kamil

    If not Benjamin, we take Bryant. .the kids got it all size speed hands. .really good player

  • cp72

    I saw a couple Clemson games. He never really caught my eye.

    A draftnik had a comparasion of Bryant to Chris Henry of the Bengals. I thought that was interesting. If he’s Chris Henry with his head on straight that could be exactly what this offense needs.

  • Yes, they are going to wait until the sixth round.

  • Labrat0116

    That’s great, but what we REALLY NEED is a big-azzed monster WR that can get us POINTS from the redzone ! That’s the new way in the NFL, the Steelers NEED to get on board!

  • Steve

    This kid looks like he might be a poor man’s AB. Won’t be as good but solid depth guy and why not in the 6th