Red Zone Production Of New Steelers WR Lance Moore Over Course Of Career

We have already finished our study of new Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Lance Moore as it relates to the success he’s had over the course of his career on third downs and play on the road. Today, we will have a look at his production in the red zone.

In the sortable table below, I have pulled the stats of all wide receivers dating back to 2006 that have been targeted 50 or more times from 20 yards and in. On that list of 61 players, Moore has the third-best reception percentage of 65.3%.

Moore’s has 26 red zone touchdowns dating back to 2006 and that results in a 26.5% touchdown per target percentage. That number ranks him in the top half of 61 players that qualified to make this list.

Of Moore’s 64 red zone catches, 38 of them have resulted in either a touchdown or first down and that 38.8% percentage ranks him in the top third on this list.

So what about from 10 yards and in?

The second sortable table represents 50 players that have been targeted 25 or more times from 10 yards and in dating back to 2006. Moore’s 53.8% catch percentage ranks him 12th overall on the list and his 38.5% touchdown per target percentage ranks him 19th overall.

You’ll probable notice that both of those percentages are better than what former Steelers wide receiver Hines Ward registered during that span of time and while probably mostly a result of inconsistent quarterback play during his time with the New York Jets, way better than that of former Steelers wide receiver Jerricho Cotchery.

So is Moore a great red zone threat? I would say probably not, but like everywhere else on the field, he consistently catches the football and can move the chains in addition to scoring.

Sortable 2006-2013 Wide Receiver Red Zone Target Stats – Minimum 50 Targets To Qualify

Wes Welker16411972.6%417025.0%42.7%
Steve Smith604066.7%102016.7%33.3%
Lance Moore986465.3%263826.5%38.8%
Dez Bryant583763.8%242641.4%44.8%
Danny Amendola523363.5%82015.4%38.5%
Percy Harvin533362.3%91517.0%28.3%
Marques Colston1499261.7%467230.9%48.3%
Derrick Mason724461.1%163022.2%41.7%
Eric Decker613760.7%252841.0%45.9%
Andre Johnson1247560.5%324825.8%38.7%
James Jones814960.5%212825.9%34.6%
Jordy Nelson684160.3%202929.4%42.6%
Anquan Boldin1086560.2%354932.4%45.4%
Kevin Walter764559.2%182923.7%38.2%
Jeremy Maclin543157.4%152327.8%42.6%
Greg Jennings1045956.7%294127.9%39.4%
Nate Burleson703955.7%182225.7%31.4%
Nate Washington724055.6%172423.6%33.3%
Jabar Gaffney724055.6%142419.4%33.3%
Sidney Rice623454.8%182729.0%43.5%
Jason Avant703752.9%112015.7%28.6%
Eddie Royal532852.8%121622.6%30.2%
T.J. Houshmandzadeh864552.3%202923.3%33.7%
Larry Fitzgerald1779252.0%496327.7%35.6%
Demaryius Thomas562951.8%162028.6%35.7%
Laveranues Coles623251.6%172327.4%37.1%
Miles Austin703651.4%152121.4%30.0%
Chad Johnson763951.3%213327.6%43.4%
Terrell Owens904651.1%243526.7%38.9%
Michael Jenkins613150.8%132121.3%34.4%
Vincent Jackson1035250.5%314430.1%42.7%
Hines Ward1015150.5%274326.7%42.6%
Roy Williams562850.0%172430.4%42.9%
Brandon Marshall1658249.7%425925.5%35.8%
Roddy White1356749.6%314923.0%36.3%
Reggie Wayne1336649.6%344625.6%34.6%
Donald Driver894449.4%203022.5%33.7%
Plaxico Burress733547.9%223130.1%42.5%
Dwayne Bowe964647.9%283529.2%36.5%
Brandon Lloyd612947.5%132121.3%34.4%
Santana Moss994747.5%193219.2%32.3%
Pierre Garcon803847.5%131916.3%23.8%
Jerricho Cotchery974647.4%212921.6%29.9%
Steve Johnson673146.3%202629.9%38.8%
Santonio Holmes783646.2%172521.8%32.1%
Hakeem Nicks663045.5%142021.2%30.3%
Lee Evans512345.1%101319.6%25.5%
Steve Smith1054744.8%213020.0%28.6%
Mike Williams632844.4%182228.6%34.9%
A.J. Green632844.4%161925.4%30.2%
Randy Moss1064744.3%323430.2%32.1%
Torry Holt703144.3%162022.9%28.6%
Mike Wallace572543.9%101617.5%28.1%
Calvin Johnson1295643.4%394630.2%35.7%
Deion Branch703042.9%162022.9%28.6%
Malcom Floyd572442.1%142024.6%35.1%
DeSean Jackson662740.9%91713.6%25.8%
Brian Hartline512039.2%71413.7%27.5%
Bryant Johnson542037.0%91516.7%27.8%
Braylon Edwards943436.2%202421.3%25.5%
Chris Chambers642234.4%131820.3%28.1%

Sortable 2006-2013 Wide Receiver 10 Yards & In Target Stats – Minimum 25 Targets To Qualify

Dez Bryant322062.5%1856.3%
Anquan Boldin613862.3%2642.6%
Wes Welker654061.5%2843.1%
James Jones422559.5%1638.1%
Greg Jennings392359.0%1948.7%
Andre Johnson513058.8%2039.2%
Chad Johnson291758.6%1655.2%
Jordy Nelson352057.1%1337.1%
Danny Amendola291655.2%827.6%
Terrell Owens442454.5%1840.9%
Larry Fitzgerald894853.9%3539.3%
Lance Moore392153.8%1538.5%
Hines Ward402152.5%1537.5%
Marques Colston673552.2%2638.8%
Nate Burleson251352.0%1144.0%
Eric Decker331751.5%1339.4%
Dwayne Bowe422150.0%1842.9%
Laveranues Coles321650.0%1340.6%
Roy Williams301550.0%1240.0%
Kevin Walter301550.0%1240.0%
Isaac Bruce281450.0%1035.7%
Roddy White592949.2%2339.0%
Donald Driver472348.9%1838.3%
T.J. Houshmandzadeh371848.6%1232.4%
Mike Williams311548.4%1445.2%
Randy Moss562748.2%2137.5%
Santana Moss442147.7%1431.8%
Plaxico Burress381847.4%1642.1%
Jabar Gaffney321546.9%1031.3%
Pierre Garcon321546.9%928.1%
Jerricho Cotchery411946.3%1126.8%
Reggie Wayne683145.6%2333.8%
Deion Branch331545.5%1133.3%
Jason Avant331545.5%824.2%
Torry Holt321443.8%1237.5%
Sidney Rice321443.8%1134.4%
A.J. Green401742.5%1127.5%
Hakeem Nicks311341.9%1032.3%
Steve Johnson291241.4%1137.9%
Calvin Johnson592440.7%2033.9%
Santonio Holmes351440.0%822.9%
DeSean Jackson301240.0%516.7%
Miles Austin381539.5%1231.6%
Vincent Jackson441738.6%1636.4%
Brandon Marshall742837.8%2331.1%
Bryant Johnson281035.7%725.0%
Malcom Floyd311135.5%1032.3%
Steve Smith481531.3%918.8%
Braylon Edwards491326.5%1122.4%
Chris Chambers31825.8%516.1%
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