Report: Jaguars Free Agent RB Maurice Jones-Drew Looking To Get About $3.5 Million Per Season

Fresh from the for-what-it’s-worth department, Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports reports Thursday afternoon that Jacksonville Jaguars free agent running back Maurice Jones-Drew is currently seeking a contract that will pay him an average of $3.5 a season.

Jones-Drew visited with the Pittsburgh Steelers on Wednesday and Thursday, but has reportedly left those meetings unsigned.

While Jones-Drew is reportedly healthy now, he has missed 11 games over the course of the last two seasons and was slowed last year by a hamstring injury. In addition, he’s already carried the ball over 1,800 times during his first eight seasons in the league.

We shall see if the longtime Jaguars running back winds up finding a team to pay him that kind of money.

Last offseason, the Atlanta Flacons signed then-29-year-old running back Steven Jackson to a three-year, $12 million contract that included $4 million guaranteed of which a $3.5 million was a signing bonus. Because of the structure of that deal, Jackson’s 2013 cap charge was $2,916,666. Jackson, however was signed to be a starter. If Jones wants that kind of money, one would think he’d only get it if he were to start.

Jackson, by the way, only played in 12 games last season and rushed for just 543 yards on 157 carries.  Jones-Drew will turn 29 in a few days.

  • 804Stiller

    No thanks. Maybe his price goes down if he stays out there longer.

  • Matt Manzo

    He’s not gettin that here!
    What RB FAs are left?
    Maybe the RB we draft towards the end will be a bigger back now instead of the speedster we all imagined?
    I would be ok with going into the season with Bell, Maysonet and a bruising rookie! LSH is still an option too.
    I really wanted A Dixon. M Bush would be fine but I doubt he wants that little playing time. Maybe K Moreno is the guy?

  • Derick L Young


  • Richie


  • Steve

    Joens Drew can keep going for that kind of money. In 2013 he had 803 running yards for 3.4 ypc and 414 running yards in 2012. Don’t want much, does he?

  • alex

    there are veteran RB still looking for work out there, as they are forever devalued these days…

    and,as said earlier on this site, MJD would create a mess for defenses in a 12 set, which could help our thining WR position…

    and so we wait for time to lower prices…

  • Jay Jaber

    3.5 million for a back up. Lol. He needs to wake up and realize it’s 2014 not 2007

  • steelster

    MJD is nuts. Ben tate got 7mil. for 2 years and he was considered the top FA running back. MJD will be lucky to get half of that.

  • shawn

    If that is true it was a waste to bring him in for a visit … let alone 2 … never wanted him in the first place … 2 declining years and rapidly approaching 30 … NO THANKS

    Starks and Blount were the guys that would have been upgrades over Dwyer … doesnt look good now !

  • Michael Pearce

    See ya!

  • CW

    Way too much. Maybe he’ll get more reasonable after June 1st rolls around without a contract.

  • greeny

    Way too much $$$. He would make more than the starter. Need to look at Blount for 3rd and short and goaline.

  • steelersfan

    Wow. I was kind of disappointed when I heard he had left without a deal. Now I’m glad we passed.

  • Brian Miller

    If he gets that the team that gives it to him deserves to get punched in the jiblets…

  • gene mann

    Gerry Dulac ‏@gerrydulac 3h
    Asked if signing MJD was still possibility, Rooney said, “Yes, we’re having conversations with a number of players and staying in touch.”

  • steelster

    you know I can make the word jets from the word jiblets and he could very well end up on the jets and again playing with a lousy qb.

  • Steelers12328882

    Too much, but so is giving Cam Thomas 2 mil/ year for 10 plays a game.

  • Luke Shabro

    Good luck to him but not happening in Pittsburgh. Or probably anywhere. I wouldn’t pay him more than a million and a half tops.

  • Douglas Andrews

    That’s a lot of cash for a backup. I wouldn’t think any team can afford him at that price. As far as starting that ship sailed already he hasn’t played a full 16 games since 2010.

  • John A Stewart

    This guy bumped his head wow

  • Don

    A waste of what? It’s the off-season. There’s plenty of time to kick the tires on a number of different options. You don’t have to sign every player you bring in. Besides, if no team is willing to pony up the $3.5M price tag, he may become available for less at some point down the road.

  • PA2AK

    right…not like the steelers called all their scouts and coaches back to pittsburgh for his meeting. and they probably told him the same. we aren’t paying you that much…give us a call in june.

  • shawn

    my point … is they should have had an idea of his asking price … at least by the first visit … whats the point of even talking to ANY RB that wants over 1.5 mil/yr … we AINT paying

  • Don

    The point is for the two sides to feel each other out. See if there’s mutual interest; price is only one part of the deal. And again, I ask, if it comes to naught, so what? What do they lose? After all, this is part of their job. Practically all they do during the offseason. They investigate players as potential acquisitions/draftees. If you sign every player you talk to, then you’re not talking to enough players. I’m not sure what the problem is here.

  • Patrick Reid

    Would have been fine with keeping Dwyer. Can somebody please tell me what Blount is asking for. He really has the look of a Steeler back. Always wanted him from Day one. I think he played for 630k last year. That was probably just to play with NE. Nevertheless he didnt blow it up last year. He also still has value in the return game. I also think that Poole might be a good fit from the Futures pickups.

  • Virdin Barzey

    Nope. Would have been nice…..just not at that price. Next.

  • Brian Miller

    Yes sir, you can, and that is true…smh.