Report: Jaguars Free Agent RB Maurice Jones-Drew Willing To Wait

They say good things come to those who wait and it looks like unrestricted Jacksonville Jaguars free agent running back Maurice Jones-Drew is ready to test that theory.

According to a Tuesday report by Bart Hubbuch of the New York Post, Jones-Drew is comfortable waiting on the free agent market to turn. In addition, while he might not be expecting to get paid $3.5 million as earlier reports had suggested, he is looking for an annual salary of $3 million, according to Hubbach.

The Steelers are reportedly one of a few teams that are talking with representation of Jones-Drew this week at the NFL owners’ meetings in Orlando, FL, but being as head coach Mike Tomlin said Tuesday morning that he expects an experienced running back to possibly be signed by the end of this week, it doesn’t look like the UCLA product will be the one.

New England Patriots free agent running backĀ LeGarrette Blount is scheduled to be in Pittsburgh for a visit at the end of this week and his asking price figures to be more reasonable than what Jones-Drew’s is.

The Steelers currently have just over $1 million in available cap space to spend after all previous signings have been accounted for.


  • Rick M

    I can’t see how any team will be interested in a 29-year-old running back with lots of mileage on him at $3 Million/year. MJD was an excellent running back when younger, but even the great ones tail off at his age and he certainly has.
    Man it’s strange how guys fool themselves when it comes to their ‘NFL age’ and their perceived worth.

  • 20Stoney

    That’s too much to pay him. Running backs can be found late or as free agents, especially for a team with an obvious need there. We need to be getting younger anyway.

  • cp72

    Yup if you can get a guy like Zach Stacy in round 5 no reason to over spend. I do however think MJD would be a great locker room guy and a good sounding board for Bell.

  • nicolaisim

    You’re absolutely right except for the ‘excellent’ part. He’s been more than excellent – an elite back on a very bad team for several years.

  • Doug Sawyer

    Blount will sign …I got a weird feeling

  • T R

    Well we definitely need to pass on him because he good for waiting and holding out for money.. like he did to the Jags and was under contract. held out and then played like crap… Moving along….

  • Jeff

    It’s annoying, but I don’t think it’s all that strange. Self evaluation for all of these guys becomes cloudy once they get older. It’s a profession that is unlike any other, where you peak in your mid to late 20s, then tail off as you get “smarter” and learn more about the game.

  • Matt Manzo

    I hope your right!!!!

  • Douglas Andrews

    Agreed… i still remember him making plays in that playoff game from 2007. That kickoff return still stings.

  • Douglas Andrews

    Would be a nice 1-2 combo with Bell and Blount. Let Bell loosen up the defense then bring in Blount the battering ram to finish them off. Only question would if the Steelers are planning on running the inside/outside zone? I could be wrong but i’m not sure if Blount fits that scheme.

  • Skinny Merlino

    I’ve always wanted Blount to be a steeler was pissed we didn’t draft him let alone sign him as a ufa he just seems to be a natural steeler and he knocked out that clown from Boise or wherever he was from

  • SFIC

    Don’t flinch.