Report: Ravens “Likely” To Lose Tackle Eugene Monroe In Free Agency

Last season, after realizing that Bryant McKinnie’s Super Bowl stretch was an aberration, the Baltimore Ravens traded him to the Miami Dolphins for a conditional late-round pick, a necessity for the latter following the Jonathan Martin situation.

The Ravens traded their fourth- and fifth-round draft picks for this upcoming draft to the Jacksonville Jaguars for tackle Eugene Monroe, who settled at least the left side of the offensive line for the time being.

Because he was in the last year of his contract, however, the Ravens are now in serious jeopardy of losing Monroe in free agency, sending their meager offensive line into further turmoil. Right tackle Michael Oher, formerly of ‘the blind side’, is also currently a free agent for the Ravens.

Aaron Wilson of The Baltimore Sun wrote yesterday on Twitter that the two parties are “still far apart”, adding that it is “too close to free agency for him not to test it”, citing heavy interest, notably from the Dolphins, for his services.

According to Mark Zenitz in an article for the Caroll County Times, Monroe is seeking $10 million annually on a long-term deal, while the Ravens are a couple million a year shy of that figure.

Zenitz goes so far as to say he is “likely” to play elsewhere next season.

With so much turnover that the Ravens have already experienced along the offensive line recently, including losing Ben Grubbs in free agency and Matt Birk retiring, another bout of uncertainty can’t bode well for the stability of the offensive line, whose primary responsibility is to protect a $20 million a year asset.

Monroe is one of the better left tackles in the league. The only reason the Ravens were able to acquire him for a pair of mid-round picks is precisely because he was in the last year of his rookie contract and the Jaguars themselves feared that re-signing him would pose a very serious problem.

Now it’s the Ravens’ problem to worry about, and it’s unclear if they have a viable in-house solution. Even if they re-sign Oher, his play has consistently been better while playing on the right side.

Zenitz ends his article noting that offensive line was a concern for the Ravens even while retaining Monroe was still in the mix, and with the likelihood of him now leaving, that concern is only further exacerbated.

Outside of guards Marshal Yanda and Kelechi Osemele, the Ravens don’t have much in the way of talent, with the likes of Gino Gradkowski and A.Q. Shipley forced into prominent roles last season.

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  • Matt Manzo

    Yay! Good off season for us, bad off season for them! Let’s hope they have to go OL in 1 and 2 this year!
    Starting to think they’re gonna get K Benjamin and I’m having nightmares of Shamarko trying to tackle him!

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    It’s funny how the Ravens have always mimicked/copied us over the years. We went through a phase where we had a great OL and great defense, then we got a franchise QB and spent our resources getting him weapons and neglected our OL. It will be fun watching the Ravens suffer the consequences.

    The one area they do NOT follow the Rooneys however is that the Ravens overpay some of their stars. Then they don’t have the money to re-sign their other key players.

    Despite our cap maneuvers, the Steelers are USUALLY able to keep of our key players.

  • Melly

    I would love to c him go to Miami! I CANT STAND BALTIMORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • steelster

    shamarko can take down anyone just tackle at the ankles

  • Rubem Dornas

    How nice was this move by the Jaguars and how naïve the ratbirds were…

  • Jason White

    This makes me feel giddy lol. You think about it, the Steelers are having an offseason headed in the right direction and are coming off of a season where they were on fire at the end so they have momentum and with the right free agency moves and a good draft and the Steelers will be back in contention.

    The Ravens however ended the season on a bad note and their offseason has become a nightmare. They are quickly turning into the Baltimore Jailbirds with now 3 arrests including a couple starters. They traded valuable draft picks away for a guy who is gonna walk out the door leaving them without competent starters at offensive tackle. I am not sure what they are getting in terms of compensatory picks but they are in a pretty crappy situation (Absolutely hilarious if you are a Steelers fan)

    You would think the Ravens will have to favor O-linemen in this draft possibly making them pass up on some playmakers to protect Ray Rice’s personal 120 million dollar ball boy.

    With a weak AFC and a favorable schedule in 2014 the Steelers could be primed for an AFC North title and a deep playoff run if they play their cards right the rest of the offseason.

  • RyanW

    I wouldnt mind if we signed Oher to be our RT I thinks hed be an upgrade over Gilbert and who knows what Adams will become. I dont see it happening but I wouldnt be against it.

  • Jason White

    I would be. He’s average at best and he is Willie Colon 2.0 Absolute penalty machine.

  • steelster

    you know the ravens might try and trade up now for a tackle and this might help push down a player to the steelers

  • Jason White

    I would be happy. That means the Steelers could pick one guy like Gilbert or Dennard and not have to worry about a guy like Benjamin falling to the Ravens at 17.

  • RyanW

    Ill take a few penalties over a revolving door.

  • Matt Manzo

    I think Shamarkos our difference maker on D this year! Not sure if he’ll start or where he’ll play, but I really hope the light turns on with him this year. I wanna see him cause at least 4 forced fumbles!

  • dgh57

    The Ravens may not of known at the time they made the trade that the 2014 draft was going to be a deep draft(in certain areas)but I’m sure they know it now!

    Anyway you look at it though the Jaguars got the better end of the deal!

  • Bob Loblaw

    Doesn’t make sense to go out and spend money on someone like Oher when we’ve got more pressing concerns. The line was looking good towards the end of last season, and with Munchak hopefully they’ll continue to improve.


    maybe Lewan will fall to us and we dangle him in front of the Ratbirds for the few picks they have left. lol

  • sean mcmartin

    How sweet it is To overpay Flacco and now get rid of the talent. They should have locked up Boldin ..

  • Jesse Murray

    Oher was one of the worst RTs in the NFL according to PFF last year. His play has fallen off a cliff since a good rookie season. Gilbert hard as it may be to fathom is a far better option than Oher. PFF had him 68th out of 76 OTs…no ty.

  • Jason White

    He is a revolving door himself. He would be a downgrade to any tackle on the Steelers roster. All the Steelers need to do to their O-line this year is resign Velasco and Wallace and add a tackle through free agency or the middle to later part of the draft for depth. For the first time in a long time I am comfortable with the starting O-line if they remain healthy.


    Who needs a good tackle with check down Joe?