Report: Steelers Have Re-signed LS Greg Warren

In addition to signing Carolina Panthers unrestricted free agent safety Mike Mitchell on Tuesday, the Pittsburgh Steelers also signed one of their own unrestricted free agents as Howard Balzer of The Sports Exchange reports that long snapper Greg Warren has come to terms on a new contract.

Warren has been the Steelers long snapper since 2005 after beating out Mike Schneck in training camp as an undrafted free agent his rookie season.

Details of Warren’s contract are not known at this time but he likely signed another one-year, qualifying contract for the veteran minimum that comes with a reduced salary cap charge.

Warren will once again have competition to dispose of in training cam this year as former Central Oklahoma long snapper Bryce Davis was signed to a futures contract back in January.

  • CW

    Can’t wait to see who the Steelers take in the post draft rookie free agency signings to compete with Warren during camp just like last year and the year before that.

  • Jason White

    Business as usual in Pittsburgh. Greg keeps on ticking.

  • steeltown

    I think Bryce Davis will compete with him, he’s no slouch, pretty athletic kid and played some TE in college

  • Louis Goetz

    and tickng.

  • AndyR34

    Didn’t read the article, did you?

  • CW

    Actually I did, but I also figured Davis was a place holder until the Steelers found a better alternate. Davis did not even make the last round of cuts last year with the Bengals, so I doubt he’ll make much of a threat to Warren.

    Remember that the Steelers brought in Luke Ingram who was either the best or second best long snapper in last year’s draft to compete with Warren. And this year’s best long snapper, Marcus Heit, is still listed as a probable undrafted rookie free agent, so chances are the Steelers can seriously upgrade the competition for Warren after the draft.

  • AndyR34

    Steelers won’t bring three to camp…seriously doubt that signing Davis to a futures would have happened if they were thinking of going another way. No need to have signed anybody in January if they weren’t serious.

  • CW

    As I said I believe he’s a place holder unless they don’t find a better long snapper to challenge Warren in the post draft signings. That means I never thought they’d bring in three long snappers into camp.