Report: Steelers TE Heath Miller Has Contract Altered To Clear 2014 Cap Space

According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, Pittsburgh Steelers tight end Heath Miller has had his contract altered and it will result in a him having a lower cap hit in 2014.

Miller was about to enter the final year of his current contract, so unless he took a straight pay cut, the Steelers likely extended his deal.

Miller was set to earn a base salary of $6.02 million in 2014 and his salary cap charge was to be $9.4665 million. We will pass along the details as soon as more is known.

  • dgh57

    Humm, according to Ian Rapoport you say? Okay, for whatever that’s worth!

  • WilliamSekinger


  • srdan

    Good start.

  • Madi

    Hopefully a nice extension. He’s the rare 31 year old on the upswing. Do NOT draft a tight end high this year, unless you’re planning on starting two tight ends.

  • NW86

    LOL. Yeah. “Had it altered”. I guess Ian is covering his bases there – “I don’t know if they gave him an extension, pay cut, or changed base salary into NLTBE incentives, but no matter how it turns out, you can’t say I was wrong”

  • JT

    Let the games begin!

  • Jollyrob68

    They could Draft Ebron and run a two TE set. We also need to remember the Steelers dont rush to play their rookies so a top TE or WR is still an awesome pick

  • Madi

    Yes they could, but they would have to full-on change the offense. As it is the #2 TE does not get nearly enough reps to be considered a starter, and I don’t want to send Miller or a #1 pick to the bench for any reason other than they stink. Not saying I’m against it, just that it would require a significant change.

  • Jeff

    I stopped reading after “Ian”….

  • harding36

    Ebron is the only offensive player I’d consider at 15 (assuming Watkins is gone). And I really like Benjamin and Lee; I just don’t like them at 15. I actually think the Steelers want to run more 2 tight end sets, they just lack the personnel to do so.

  • steeltown

    Considering Spaeth will be UFA after 2014 and Paulson is well, Paulson, I’d have no problem with them drafting TE early or late

  • steeltown


  • T R

    that could be Traded as far as Ian says… Maybe we traded Heath for Graham.. if Ian reported it.

  • Aric Brown

    While I wouldn’t have a problem with it, I’d prefer defense early and often.. I think our defense is on the decline, while our offense has been on the rise

  • Madi

    I just think Heath has several more years in the tank, and so now is not the time to draft his replacement (kinda like drafting Worilds so high to replace Harrison, who didn’t need replacing for quite some time). A WR/TE co-starter, sure, but like I said that would require a scheme change. I’m not against that. I think that IF they are okay moving to a 2 TE set, and IF they go with a pass catcher, they should take the highest guy on their board between Ebron and the WRs.

  • Madi

    You wouldn’t consider Evans at 15?

  • harding36

    I would. Should’ve mentioned him. I think Evans is going to go ahead of Watkins, actually.

  • dkoy85

    That could make things interesting

  • Jacob Dixon

    How could you trust Ian

  • Iron Cadet

    so is it an extension or restructure? that is the question

  • steeltown

    I think it wont be long before we read that Polamalu had his contract “altered”


    So shouldn’t we have the details by now? or was this a false report by Ian Rapopenis?