Report: Teams Not Happy With The Way Emmanuel Sanders And His Agent Did Business

According to Ian Rapoport of, former Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders verbally accepted deal from the Kansas City Chiefs prior to agreeing to a deal with the Denver Broncos and now several teams are very upset.

According to Rapoport, Sanders’ new agent, Steve Weinberg, accepted an offer in principle from the Chiefs on behalf of his client and then shopped that offer to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who Sanders had already visited with this past week. Weinberg reportedly never told the Buccaneers that he had accepted the Chiefs offer and then switched course and agreed to an offer with the Broncos, that Sanders is expected to sign soon.

If that’s not enough, Sanders apparently blew off the visit he had scheduled with the San Francisco 49ers on Saturday and that likely isn’t going over well with them.

Weinberg has a checkered past as he was recently reinstated by the NFLPA, which had barred and decertified him for a 2003 incident that consisted of him diverting assets to an offshore account during a dispute with a partner and collecting a fee from a client prematurely, according to Rapoport’s report.

Well, this certainly is interesting, but other than violating the honor system, it doesn’t sound like Sanders and his agent broke any rules. I’m sure we will be hearing much more about this over the course of the next few days.

  • Kevin Gobleck


  • RMSteeler

    And the Patriots chuckle.

  • Terrence Phelps

    This does not surprise me at all. Good Riddens…this is not the first time him and his agent have caused ruckus. I am glad that the Steelers didn’t resign an injury prone, average at best, diva with an idiot of an agent. Hopefully a team will sign him to a lucrative contract and plays extensively so we get a third round compensatory pick next year.

  • shawn

    very true

  • Spencer Krick

    I imagine as a player you wouldn’t want a “nice guy” agent, you’d want the son of a bitch who was going to get you the most money possible by any means necessary.

  • Babybull

    How many teams tell players one thing an do another I’m not mad get what you can get no honor system in nfl.

  • Matthew Marczi

    This is actually a new agent.

  • Kevin Gobleck

    Think the agent reflects the player in this case?

  • CW

    I’m glad Sanders went to Manning even if his agent was a scumbag in the process. Best chance for a Pro Bowl season for Sanders and a better compensatory pick for the Steelers which at this point is what we all should want as Steelers fans.

    So we all should be hoping for a 1,200 yards and 10 TDs for Sanders next year. Might even get a 3rd round pick if his numbers are elite. (More likely a 4th or a 5th, but we can always hope)

    However long term… Sanders will probably be regretting that deal and the way his agent handled it in two or three years because Manning is going to either collapse the way aging quarterbacks eventually do or outright retire sometime soon. Manning is after all almost 38 and even the greats of all time seemed to fade fast right around where Manning will be come the start of this year. And there is a long history of really tall quarterbacks like Osweiler turning into incredible busts in the Pros.

  • Matthew Marczi

    Eh…I’d rather not make assumptions.

  • gene mann

    good Riddance to Sanders should have let him go for that 3rd rouder

  • Kevin Gobleck

    I agree, but you have to wonder why he had recently got ride of an agent and now him and his new agent have this happening

  • Douglas Andrews

    Can’t blame Sanders for wanting to play with P Manning and Co. If he stays healthy he should be able to put up some good numbers this year. Can’t blame him for not going to SF. They seem pretty set at WR and the QB is a little unproven. As far as Sanders agent he sounds a little shady IMO and I’m sure his tactics violates some unwritten rules but I bet all agents have tricks of the trade to create some leverage for their clients. Denver is on a mission this FA trying to put together another SB caliber team. Wonder what the numbers were on Sanders contract.

  • Game_Time

    kinda figured Manny to be a one of these new era entrepreneurs / slash football players who are all about the paper when he excepted New England’s offer last year

  • Douglas Andrews

    Smart articulate guy I would guess he’s a good teammate never heard of him getting into any trouble. IMO that young money crew was a bad influence on him.

  • Douglas Andrews

    Oh how we could’ve used an extra 3rd round pick for this deep draft. That one still stings

  • HiVul

    I don’t really understand what happened here, is it possible it was just miscommunication between Sanders and his agent?

    I don’t see what kind of benefit Sanders would get from accepting an offer and then backing out. If he was trying to game the Broncos for more money or something, I’m not sure what kind of game he was playing. Receiving an offer might drive up a counter offer from another team, but why accept before you get the offer you want? Can someone explain this?

  • Paddy

    Sanders went to Denver to be third string, wow

  • Nolrog

    I don’t think that’s how the compensatory picks work. The formula is confidential but it’s speculated to be based on salary, playing time and post season honors, with the salary being the primary factor.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    How much of this can I put on Sanders I will not know but if he catches wind of this he needs to find him self a new agent.

  • Nolrog

    If they let him go to the Pats, the pick would have been last year, not this year.

  • steeltown

    Hmm.. interesting… burning bridges all over the country, not to smart

  • Farnsworth

    Thankfully AB was locked up and the two clowns are gone. No confidence in Wheaton, yet.

  • Jeff

    Sanders is a punk…. he was a cocky overrated diva WR who never lived up to his hype. The fact that he is taking the easy way out and signing as a 3rd WR in Denver instead of trying to be the guy who helps to put a team like KC (a playoff team) over the top tells you all you need to know about they type of player he is. We’re better off without him.

  • Melly

    it would have been this year

  • CW

    Of course, however as you stated post season honors are factored in. So if the Steelers are losing Sanders to Manning, hoping Sanders gets to a Pro Bowl next year gets the Steelers a better shot at a higher compensatory pick than the Steelers would have gotten without it.

    It’s a hope for a better compensatory pick, not a fact of a better compensatory pick.

  • CW

    More likely he’ll be the second man up as Welker’s game seemed to be slowing down after midseason.

  • Eric MacLaurin

    KC deserves it and I couldn’t be happier.

    You can be sure they created this as a story because someone had second thoughts about joining such a sleezy organization.

  • Virdin Barzey

    Why am I not surprised that this is happening with Sanders? Yeah its his agent but why would you get an agent like this in the first place? Please don’t bring him back, not even for a bag of chips. Wheaton takes a step forward and we’re in great shape with signing Cotch.

  • Jeff Anoble

    Don’t expect Sanders to be anything but a 3rd WR for Denver. Would think
    Demaryius Thomas, & Wes Welker, would be ahead of him. Sanders back to what he was always meant to be a 3rd receiver. He may actually excell at that job.

    But still I can see it now, Season on the line for the Broncos, time left for one play, Sanders open in the endzone, Manning Fires……..oooooh off his finger tips….Denver is going home. The End.

  • Brandon James

    I wouldn’t say his agent is a good example of how sanders goes about his business, but you know what he got his client possibly the best deal…not to big of a deal, I feel like this happens more than just this instance.

  • Jazz

    IMO, the Steelers Front Office looks silly. Of course nothing in regards to what Sanders and his agent did. But they could have had a 3rd RD draft pick in 2013 and blew it. I’m not mad at Sanders nor his Agent; Hmm! Lets see, a chance to play with Alex Smith, Colin Kapernick or Peyton Manning? Easy decision, Sanders will flourish with Manning provided he remains healthy in 2014.

  • RedCarpetDefense

    Boo-freakin’-hoo….NFL teams crying ’cause they didn’t get the chance to turn someone away first. It’s not a universal mystery why players explore free agency…it’s to get the most amount of money or a chance to play for a contender.

  • RedCarpetDefense


  • Steelers12328882

    That’s a little much don’t you think? High school kids do this all the time when choosing colleges and that’s big business too. Besides whoever spilled the beans did it anonymously, which is more classless in my opinion. If you’re gonna say something at least put your name behind it. The story’s probably only half true anyways.

  • brad

    He wont be making a pro-bowl run this year karma! Manning plays NFC West and nobody is sitting around waiting on a QB destined for injury! Ask “Brett how many Playoff Loses” Farve! LMAO!

  • Kevin Gobleck

    you are comparing an 18 year old to a 26 year old though you think over the course of college and several years in the pros you would gain some maturity. Actually the Chiefs are the ones who “spilled the beans” because it happened to them and they told the NFL and Ian Rapoport told the world which is what you are supposed to do in situations like this.

  • Steelers12328882

    No I did mean the Chiefs spilled the beans. But like I said, Chiefs are probably just crybabies, and since the source is anonymous I don’t believe the story. As to the age comparison I would say this is all on his agent, not Sanders, so maturity really has nothing to do with it.

  • Steve

    Good riddance Sanders, don’t let that door hit you in the %$#. I view it this way, if a guy wants to leave than he really didn’t want to be there in the first place. GTFO, hope we get something out of the average WR.

  • Topazinator

    With those two you expected anything else?

  • Topazinator

    Did you mean “riddance”? Or is “Riddens” a CB with the Seahawks?