Steelers Assistant Joey Porter On Hand To Watch Pro Day Of Buffalo LB Khalil Mack

The University of Buffalo held their Pro Day Tuesday indoors at the Buffalo Bills practice facility and the Pittsburgh Steelers had representatives on hand to observe top-rated outside linebacker Khalil Mack go through the paces.

New Steelers defense assistant and former linebacker Joey Porter was present for the action on Tuesday along with pro scouting coordinator Brandon Hunt and the two watched Mack turn in an unofficial 40-yard dash time of 4.55 seconds. He only ran once, however, because of tightness in one of his legs.

Mack, who weighed in Tuesday at 252 pounds, stood on most of his other numbers from combine, but did go through individual position drills and also reportedly did 23 reps on the bench.

Many believe that Mack easily solidified himself as a top-ten draft pick on Tuesday and there are a few that actually believe he has a chance to be the first-overall selection. The Steelers could use another young outside linebacker, but will presumably have no shot at drafting Mack unless he falls to them in the first round.


  • DoctorNoah

    Other than the QB’s, we could stand to take any of the top 15 prospects , were anyone to fall , which is weird. Last year it seemed like 75% of mocks were picking JJ for us and the rest Dontari Poe until the combine boosted his stock beyond our reach. God only knows what’s going to be our pick this year. I am on record wanting Ebron, but it will be interesting. The only way we have a shot at anyone like Mack (we don’t have a shot – who am I kidding) is if there’s a run on QB’s and OT’s and more than one team reaches. Given all of our needs, I can’t imagine we would trade up unless it’s for a 2015 pick…

  • steeltown

    While having a player like Mack, Barr or even Ford or Shazier would make for a really good young OLB core with huge upside.. I just don’t see it happening that way. Things could change quickly though between now and the draft. Don’t get me wrong, we definitely need to draft OLB at some point, but I think we can stand to wait till the mid Rds pending the Worilds/Woodley and Free Agency situations

  • srdan

    What side is Mack suited for? I doubt we would go two years in a row for teh same side OLB in teh first round.

  • Steelers12328882

    Must be nice to go to work in sweatpants.

  • dgh57

    Don’t see that we have much of a chance of drafting Mack but if their intentions are to move on from Woodley we do need to plan ahead by drafting a OLB and the sooner the better off we’ll be as barring a complete turn around from Woodley(which I doubt)I don’t see him finishing his contract with us.

  • Callentown

    From all we are hearing about Mack, it seems that even if he DOES fall out of the top 10, someone would trade up to get him before 15.

    Starting to feel like the list is: Mosley, Gilbert, Dennard, Evans and Dix

    Detroit at #10 plays into this as they seem to tag CB or Evans in mocks.

    Who am I missing?? Is Barr a good fit?

  • joed32

    Poe was drafted a year earlier than JJ.

  • DoctorNoah

    You are correct. My bad!

  • 243546

    Mack can play any of the 4 LB positions

  • srdan

    REally? I have never heard of another prospect that could do that.

  • cencalsteeler

    I gotta tell you guys, I am really excited about this coaching staff they’re putting together. I can’t decide if I’m more excited for the signing of Worilds, or the Porter- Munchak signing. Keep it up Colbert and Co., one happy fan here!!

  • steeltown

    I think Barr will be gone… Tampa or NYG

  • blackandgoldBullion

    Nothing that happens this year with the Steelers will top my exceitement when I heard the Munchak news. He’s the big ticket item, difference maker. Joey is gonna be good too.

  • Callentown

    Me too. But, ya know . . . IF he’s there (a la JJ).

    Just haven’t seen him play at all.

  • Alan Felicia

    More Atlanta, Tampa, St. Louis. Giants need O-Line in the worse way! If Mack somehow gets past St.Louis’ #13 pick, then Pittsburgh got a chance.

  • joed32

    I had to look it up to be sure, it’s hard to remember all of the draft speculation that goes on.