Steelers Enter Day Three Of Free Agency Roughly $5 Million Under The Salary Cap

The Pittsburgh Steelers spent Wednesday tending to their own house as three of their own unrestricted free agents were officially re-signed. Even though we don’t have the official numbers of the contracts signed by long snapper Greg Warren, safety Will Allen and center/guard Cody Wallace, we do have a pretty good idea where the team sits from a salary cap standpoint entering day three of free agency.

Being as Warren and Allen more than likely signed one-year qualifying contracts for the veteran minimum, they both couldn’t have used up more than $215,000 of cap space each following displacement. In addition, I will be surprised if Wallace’s first-year cap hit is more than $1,063,333, so if that is indeed the max, he only used another $643,333 of cap space after displacement in the top 51.

When the above estimates are combined with the official contract numbers of newly signed safety Mike Mitchell, that should leave the Steelers with nearly $5 million of useable cap space entering Thursday.

Remember, the Steelers will get another $8 million in cap space come June 1 when the release of linebacker LaMarr Woodley becomes official and that’s more than enough room to accommodate the 2014 draft class. In addition, The Steelers should be able to clear at least another $3.5 million of cap space whenever they get a long-term contract worked out with linebacker Jason Worilds.

$5 million might not seem like a lot of room to work with right now, but when you consider that Mitchell’s five-year, $25 million contract resulted in a first year cap charge of $2.2 million, the Steelers should have enough room for another signing equal to that.

Now that you know the current cap situation, give me the name of one available free agent currently still on the market as of Thursday morning that you think the Steelers should sign.

  • CuldesacBill

    I would have to go with Alex Carrington DE, Buffalo. They are getting thinner by the day at that position.

  • Matthew Anderson

    Browner, CB. I would like to have a DE that looked good but I think we may need to address DL early in draft. Have Hagman or Easley in 2nd if available.

  • Simon Cutts

    Brett keisel

  • Ray

    I agree Carrington would be a great pick up

    I would also be happy with one of the corners left like Tarell Brown

  • Brian Tollini

    Going to have to agree. Carrington or Raji.

  • Steve

    Sign JCO and Kiesel. Sign Worilds long term to free up more cap this year. Definately wouldnt mind the carrington signing and they need to look at the market for a CB or LB.

  • OIF3gunner

    Umm no

  • NW86

    No way on Browner, no need for those problems. He is suspended for the first 4 games anyway. They have their top 3 CB’s back, so what they really need is a draft pick in top 3 rounds to be the 4th in 2014, and take over for Ike in 2015.

  • Caesar

    I think they have to get a DE, whether that means resigning Hood or Keisel or going after Alex Carrington. Ideally even two of them so we can be free to allocate draft resources elsewhere. After spending two recent first round picks on DE, it’s ridiculous that this is even a problem.

    RB might also be a good place to go with Dwyer gone. Maybe the market will make for a good discount on a guy like Andre Brown or Michael Bush to just come in a straight backup.

  • Derick L Young

    Dimitri Patterson maybe. Could play opposite of Allen and have Gay as your nickel. Plus this draft is deeeeeeep in CB. Drafting 2 CB’s is a strong possibility. KC has done that before as we all know. They looked at Carlos Rogers once upon a time. Antonio Smith would be solid on the RDE position. At what price no clue.

  • Derick L Young

    I like Andre Brown a lot. Hood was a bad value pick, that much is true. Heyward is working out so far.

  • Caesar

    Definitely bad value on Hood. I know this sort of exercise is a bit unfair and hindsight is always 20-20 and all, but some players taken in the next round after Hood that year: Jairus Byrd, Max Unger, Andy Levitre, James Laurinaitis, LeSean McCoy, Sean Smith. Ugh…

    Oh, and of course forgot Mike Mitchell!

  • Derick L Young


  • Matthew Anderson

    Sorry, just caught that. Meant Thurmond, other Seatle CB. Had Browner in brain from tweets about Pats visit. As for your comment about having top 3 CBs back, I fall into the catagory of not feeling great about that based on last years play. I would like to take CB later around 4 (Desir) meaning eventual replacement for Gay/Ike. Love both guys but clock may be done ticking.

  • Rob H

    I mentioned Carrington on another thread, before I saw this one. Nice to see I’m not alone in thinking he is a good fit if they can’t get a NT, allowing them to move McClendon to end, which was/is my first choice.

  • Brendon Glad

    Still want Cotchery back…but I’d be interested what the market is for James Jones or Hakeem Nicks.

  • Raji, because I am feeling more and more that we may have to get Nix in the draft…which I am starting to feel like it wouldn’t be a bad pick, but I would like for us to have more flexibility in the draft.

    Furthermore, I feel like Raji can do what we require out of a NT, it would allow us to move McL to DE which would address that position where I think he would play very well, and I think we could get Raji (who still has a lot of upside) at a reasonable price bc he had a down yr.

    I’m also wondering how much Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie would cost at this point? I’m thinking 6-7 mil a yr which might be just out of our price range…but it would be nice, especially if he plays up to his potential like he did last season.

  • Sid

    I say go Big Target (Evans, Ebron or Benjamin) in 1. If the first two are off the board, trade down for another 2 and pick Benjamin. With the 2 seconds they can either trade back up into 1 and pick up a Corner like Kyle Fuller from VaTech or stand pat and pick up Roby from OSU. A real steal could be after drafting a CB in 1 or 2… picking Aaron Colvin in 5 or 6. He was previously projected in 1, but blew out his knee at the Senior Bowl and could miss his entire rookie year. IT would definitely shore up the secondary for the future at minimal cost.

  • Paul Hoover

    Captain or Cortland !?!

  • Sid

    so now, it’s like we drafted Mike Mitchell instead of Hood… right? I really wouldn’t be surprised if we start extending a couple of contracts (Worilds and Ben)… then going after Raji. They better move pretty quick though… he would allow us to kick McClendon outside and it shores up the DL, real quick!! Raji also knows the system (via Capers).

  • I like Captain, but not cortland…not the way he played last season

  • Eric MacLaurin

    I think A DL today, CB in rorund one and WR in round 2.

  • Paul Hoover

    True.. Cortland used to be good but is thought with the right team he might shine again ?? Maybe not !! Cromartie’s ??

  • Derick L Young

    extending Pouncey would be good.

  • Statistcally he had a better season than Talib last yr and is very talented…tall at 6’2″ and long. I think if someone gets him for 6 mil a yr they are getting good value…and I think that is going to happen.

  • cp72

    I think LeGarrette Blount makes a ton of sense. He would be relatively cheap and is a beast in short yardage. He also provides good depth. He could be a reasonable starter for multiple games if Bell gets injured. He is capable of taking over games just ask the Colts.

    We have been miserable in short yardage and goal line situations. Most of that is lack of push from the o-line, but Blount can push the pile. If you want to add a scat back in the draft you can still do that.

  • Brendon Glad

    I’d prefer we handle our own business first though…And in my opinion, based on what I read, and my own feelings, I have concluded that we did want Woods back…do want Cotchery back, do want Worilds back, and are fairly cool with Sanders leaving….and with mixed thoughts on Hood. So since one went off-kilter…and 4 have yet to be decided, I think they should play those other 4 situations out…then proceed. Because the position needs could drastically change as those 3 play out…just like the DE one somewhat has already. I feel like the relationship with Kiesel is strong enough, that he will wait til the last possible minute before he rules out a return to the Steelers. And that is why it’s cool to be a fan of a classy organization. It’s a benefit few fans receive. And I appreciate it, because we may need him before the summer is over.

  • shawn

    double no

  • Brendon Glad

    Raji is intriguing…someone said NT Raven Cody as an under-the-radar guy. I was interested in both before their drafts. I always hesitate giving opinions on 3-4 linemen though…Steelers 3-4 DL play is one aspect of the NFL game that I struggle with. Because the Steelers ask their DL to play a different way then obviously all 4-3 teams…and even many of the 3-4 teams. As in, Bruce Smith was a 3-4 DE….yet in Steelers land, Aaron Smith did his 3-4 DE job in an entirely different way, but is respected just as much by his coaches as Bruce Smith is by his…and Joel Steed or Casey Hampton are more respected as 3-4 NT’s by the Steelers, than Ted Washington ever was by his…(or he wouldn’t have been with about 5-6 teams)…yet Smith and Washington destroy our guys’ on the stat page. Sorry for the ramble, but the complexity of what the Steelers ask their 3 DL to do has always been fascinating to me. Because the results say B. GLAD is the one who needs to learn, not that the Steelers have been overvaluing the DL that they have rolled with.

  • Brendon Glad

    I wonder why Hood hasn’t worked out. I’ve stated many times that 3-4 Steelers DE play is above my amateur head…but I steadfastly trust John mitchell…so if he hadn’t disappointed, he would NOT be available. I liked the pick when it happened. But all indications say the Steelers are calling it a miss.

  • Brendon Glad

    Since Colbert’s first round picks have been my favorite part of his tenure…I’ll give him a pass. But it is odd how Colbert’s resume looks. HOF worthy on First-round picks, undrafted Free agents, and handling of NFL Free-agency (with regards of who to keep, who to let-walk, and the money involved)….but his drafting from rounds 2-7 would get most guys fired if his First Rdrs and undrafted guys were simply “normal”. Odd…And after 13-14 years, something he should self-evaluate. Because it’s hard to call it a coincidence anymore. His 2nd-7th rndrs have yielded 7 Pro-bowls by my count (2 AB, 1 Woodley, 1Wallace, 1Kiesel, 1marvel, 1KendrellBell)…out of 99 2nd-7th rounders. To compare, I didn’t dig into all of the UFA’s…but James Harrison and Willie Parker have 7 Pro-Bowls between them…worth furrowing a brow over.

  • alex

    they signed him quick and easy last year, why the wait in 2014?

  • AzheDraven

    I’d like to see Dominique Rodgers Cromartie in Pittsburgh. But yeah, not gonna happen.
    Maybe Munnerlyn but I think he has already signed with another team.
    So, I hope they give the Dline some love

  • Jay Jaber

    Bring back Keisel in a 1 year deal he still got game in him idk why u guys are against this I saw him play towards the end of the season and I thought he still looked really good. And Henry Melton on a one year deal. I think he will be cheap considering he’s coming off acl tear I think he can play nt

  • Derick L Young

    JMO but Hood probably is better suited for 43 defense as a DT.

  • Derick L Young

    I am sure the coach has say in draft picks. Timmons was a lot of Tomlin. Not that he was a bad pick at all. Take a look at other GM’s and how they have done. Most importantly, his resume has 3 SB appearances with guys he drafted and sought after. There are negatives to everyone in football but how many GM’s can say that. Also, he was the first GM for the Steelers. That position never existed before KC. whenever he was made GM.

  • Sid

    yep. To me it seems the Steelers are looking to do a “little” activity in FA this year. I believe they are thinking extending Pouncey, Ben, Timmons next year and factoring a projected 10M CAP bump which will allow them to be a huge player in FA next year… I would think they could have pulled in Raji.. he only took in a 1 year 4M contract…

  • Derick L Young

    some speculate the cape will be above 160 mil by 2016! that would be crazy if true.

  • Brendon Glad

    I think Colbert has done a tremendous job…but just like every human being in the world benefits from constructive criticism, be it Spielberg, Phil Jackson, Tom Brady, Bellichick, and on and on…all the way down to me…I don’t think Kevin Colbert is beyond criticism. I’ve said before that he is borderline HOF worthy on his first round picks, his undrafted FA’s, and his careful signing/letting-go in the FA game. But His 2nd-7th rounders have been poor by NFL standards…and awful by the standards he has set with the first 3 categories I mentioned. And so, I think it’s fair to ask that he re-evaluate that part of his job, and try to improve it. If he wasn’t capable of it, I wouldn’t suggest it. But the other parts of his performance suggests that he IS…so I DO.

  • Derick L Young

    well how often do you think other GM’s hit because idk too many GM’s who have held their job 13+ years with the same organization. I could go through a lot of players he drafted in round 2-7 man. Ike Taylor, Lewis, Woodley, Worilds, Haggans, K. Bell, Larry Foote, Randle El, Chris Hope, Max Starks, Essex, McFadden, Kemoeatu, Collon, Gay, Spaeth, Urbik, Wallace, Sanders, and the best Antonio Brown. Now what clarifies as a hit for you is probably different for me. Not all are great but they all started at some point and played well while in Pittsburgh and some beyond. Some helped with winning those SB’s. I think people really need to look at other GM’s and just compare. Getting your 1st round right should not be a given considering what I have seen. Sure he has had some bad drafts, I know, but by NFL standards he does well overall.

  • Brendon Glad

    Yep. And ive explained all of that b4…most notably, that i think Colbert is an excellent GM. But he hasnt made his bread and butter in 2-7. It’s been in round 1 & undrafted FA. Out of 99, if that list is the best of the list, then yes we view “a good pick” differently. I mean urbik never even played a game for us.

  • Derick L Young

    have you looked at other GM’s drafts?

  • Brendon Glad

    Yes. And if the goal is to reassure ourselves that “someone else has done a lesser job”, then yep, i guess criticism of colbert 2-7 rounds is unwarranted. U act like im trying to say he sucks or something. But ya know what, Wilt Chamberlain was one of the top 10 players of all-time. But if he had improved his FT’s he’d have had a lot more rings. So since Colbert has won, i guess he should never be asked to think about things he could try to improve….?