Steelers Could Get Extra Returns On Investment In New RB LeGarrette Blount

Not only will the addition of new Pittsburgh Steelers running back LeGarrette Blount help with depth in the backfield, the former undrafted free agent also figures to get a shot at being the kickoff returner in 2014 as well.

Last season with the New England Patriots, Blount returned 17 kickoffs for 494 yards with a long of 83. His 29.1 yard average ranked him fifth in the league last season when compared to players that returned more than 10 kickoffs.

Last season, the Steelers had eight different players that returned 43 kickoffs and combined that resulted in a 22.4 average per return. Running back Felix Jones, who is currently an unsigned unrestricted free agent, returned 23 of those kicks for 510 yards with a long of 42. His 22.2 average per return ranks him 27th on the list below.

Cordarrelle Patterson, WRMIN43139332.41092
Dwayne Harris, WRDAL2885730.6900
Quintin Demps, SKC3399230.1951
Leon Washington, RBTEN/NE1750029.4950
LeGarrette Blount, RBNE1749429.1830
Jacoby Jones, WRBAL3189228.8771
Trindon Holliday, WRDEN2877527.71051
Devin Hester, WRCHI52143627.6800
Jordan Todman, RBJAX2671227.4590
LaMichael James, RBSF1232126.8410
Keshawn Martin, WRHOU3694726.3500
Brandon Tate, WRCIN3591426.1710
Damaris Johnson, WRPHI1744125.9330
Eric Page, WRTB2254824.9440
David Reed, WRIND2459024.6390
Jeremy Ross, WRDET/GB2151424.5981
Josh Cribbs, WRNYJ2049024.5420
Micah Hyde, CBGB2253124.1700
Taiwan Jones, CBOAK2662324410
Darius Reynaud, RBTEN/NYJ1843023.9400
Ted Ginn, WRCAR2559523.8380
Jacquizz Rodgers, RBATL2557523340
Benny Cunningham, RBSTL1329923320
Jacoby Ford, WROAK1125323300
Jerrel Jernigan, WRNYG1124622.4460
Marcus Thigpen, RBMIA3987022.3500
Felix Jones, RBPIT2351022.2420
Tavon Austin, WRSTL1839822.1320
Fozzy Whittaker, RBCLE/SD2963822560
Marquise Goodwin, WRBUF1635121.9280
Michael Cox, RBNYG2043621.8560
Jermaine Kearse, WRSEA1328321.8400
Danny Woodhead, RBSD1226221.8370
Micheal Spurlock, WRDAL/DET1838921.6360
Javier Arenas, CBARI2349321.4460
Darren Sproles, RBNO1225521.3320
Niles Paul, TEWSH2041120.6390
Josh Morgan, WRWSH1223919.9250

  • Johnny Loose

    i feel like this stat has more to do w/ our unit as a whole than the actual returner. I’m fine w/ blount returning kicks as long as he punishes the guy who tackles him. Which i’m sure he will

  • cp72

    I have been saying for weeks this is the icing on the cake with Blount.
    Only thing that scares me is he has fumbling issues and you fumble a kick return and it’s almost guaranteed points for the other team.

  • RW

    There isn’t one moment in sports that I both love and hate more than the fumble you’re talking about…

  • treeher

    And one of the top moments in sports was Roeth’s tackle after the fumble.

  • george

    My heart was in my throat that whole game. Remember Troys “non interception?”

  • Matt Manzo

    I’ve been saying for years that he was the only QB that could’ve made that play! And that play alone was worth 10 million a year!!!!

  • Jeff Anoble

    With Blount’s 40 of 4.59 I hope we draft DeAnthony Thomas 4.39 or Dri Archer to handle those duties.

  • Paul Barracliffe

    I agree. With Blount splitting the the role with Bell there is the opportunity for a versatile, sustainable running attack that can dominate. I am really feeling like we are winning in free agency.

  • steeltown

    I would’ve never guessed that he beat out the likes of Holiday and Jacoby Jones

  • treeher

    Actually, there were two of them. I recorded the game and watched it recently.