Steelers GM Kevin Colbert Has Duke, North Carolina And Texas A&M On His Upcoming Schedule

The Pro Days are still in full swing and after he gets done with the annual NFL owners’ meetings in Orlando, FL this week, Pittsburgh Steelers general manager Kevin Colbert will be back on the circuit checking out draft prospects firsthand.

According to Steelers ‚Äécommunications coordinator Burt Lauten, Colbert said he plans to go to Duke, Texas A&M and North Carolina this coming week.

While at Duke, Colbert will likely have an eye on cornerback Ross Cockrell, who is projected as a fifth or sixth-round prospect. At the North Carolina Pro Day, Colbert will be getting another good look at tight end Eric Ebron and quite possibly defensive end Kareem Martin, who many believe could make the jump to outside linebacker in a 3-4 defense.

Being as Texas A&M has already had their Pro day, Colbert will likely be taking in the personal pro day of quarterback Johnny Manziel on Thursday. One would think that Manziel will be throwing to Mike Evans during that workout, so that’s another reason Colbert might be heading that way.

  • gene mann

    i like Cockrell alot think he a guy who can make plays on the field

  • Drew

    Are we sure that the thought isn’t to add 15 pounds on Martin and make him a 5-tech.. I like that idea but I probably haven’t seen as much tape as you Dave

  • blackandgoldBullion

    Really! Like they haven’t already seen enough of Evans? Perhaps they are going to take him to dinner while there. And then there’s Ebron. I love that prospect. From the way he speaks, to the way he pushes himself, to those incredible catches. He is going to be a stud. I wonder if Buffalo takes him or do they go OT?

  • tim

    Not as easy as you think to go from playing an LB to playing with your hand in the dirt…

  • tim

    Thing is Ebron doesn’t block and a Steeler TE HAS to block which is why Spaeth is in town and Paulson wont be after the draft or camp…

  • SFIC

    Nothing would make me happier than seeing Ebron and Evans off the board before we pick.

  • steelster

    who do you have in mind ?

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    Tim, I respect your opinion but I think you’re a bit off on your eval.

    1) Ebron is not a traditional TE. He’s a TE/WR hybrid. He runs a 4.5-ish forty, runs great routes, has great hands, and is elusive after the catch. If you view him as a TE you’re missing what makes him great.

    2) To say “Ebron doesn’t block” is inaccurate. Obviously that’s not his best trait, but I can show you a number of clips of him blocking quite well. And it is a very improvable skill. Heath Miller improved his blocking dramatically after he arrived in Pittsburgh. I believe Ebron can as well.

    3) It also depends who you block. You don’t ask a WR to block a DE, you ask him to block a SS or a FS or a CB or maybe a LB. I believe you will see Ebron block those positions very well.

    4) Many NFL teams are now incorporating a 2 TE set. They keep one traditional TE inline to block, and a second TE to chip block and run routes or even split out wide. It’s very effective. Look at Dennis Pitta, Jimmy Graham, Aaron Hernandez. Those guys torch us.

  • tim

    1…..I and e1 knows what he is and if the Steelers wanted THAT type of TE they’d make Paulson that guy since he can’t block ether, though I bet Ebron is already a better blocker than Paulson, which is NOT saying MUCH. …
    2..SHOW ME THE TAPE OF HIM BEING A CONSISTENT RUN BLOCKER….ive seen alot of his tape….so just cuz YOU SAY therea tape don’t mean its true…..what game/s?
    3..Ebron is STILL a TE so he still going to be asked to block a DE, UNLESS you playing a different TE for running plays, which tips your cap…unless you NOW say hes a 6’5″ 250+ WR now, WHICH teams wouldn’t want to say cuz THEN they have to pay more money like we seeing now with OTHER teams, like Jimmy Graham etc…so if he’s a STEELER, he’s blocking DE’s, period.
    4..Many teams ARE incorporating too tight and sets with you something the Steelers have done when they have the proper tight ends. again, this thing is if you are a Steeler tight end you must be able to do both skill sets, block a linebacker and or defensive back and a defensive lineman and catch the football…I made this point on another post, a few years ago the owner said that he wanted a return and Steeler football which meant running the football more therefore if you want to be truly successful at Steeler football you must have blocking tight ends! CHRIST, we stress blocking to our WR’s probably MORE than ANY OTHER team I bet ! I mean look, we had one of THE best blocking WR’s to play football in H Ward so our TE’s will be asked to block too. We are not the Pats, we are the Steelers, this is how the OWNER, not MY words, wants to play football.

  • lefnor

    You are right, Martin won’t be a 34 OLB. He is not as light on his feet as Quinton Coples. He is a prototypical 5-tech with 20 added pounds.
    His playing style is a lot like Hageman’s. Would be a good second round addition but I prefer Nix and a McLendon conversion to DE.

  • Drew

    Martin played 4-3 DE at UNC not LB

  • tim

    ASJ from Washington. .CJ from Iowa

  • tim

    Opps…youre right.

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    1) If you are comparing David Paulson to Eric Ebron there’s no use even debating with you.

    2) Here’s some tape to help you understand…

    :04 – second level seal block on the LB
    :22 – in line drive block
    1:21 – in line seal block – then continues upfield
    1:40 – lines up in backfield – initial chip block – then peels off to block second defender
    2:05 – sets up fake block – then runs route
    2:31 – split out wide – run play – blocks DB
    2:45 – split out wide – run play – blocks DB
    3:37 – (after a shoulder injury) in line – blocks DE
    4:03 – in line – slips to second level block on LB
    4:23 – backfield – sweep run – block on LB in space
    4:31 – inline drive block on DE

    3) Notice in that tape how he lines up all over the field. That is how you AVOID tipping your hat. You never know if he’s in run or pass formation. A traditional TE is very limited in blocking/passing options.

    4) Ebron right now can block better than any WR we have on our roster. He’s 245 pounds. He can manhandle any CB or Safety he matches up against.

    Not sure if all this will help. You seem like the type of person who makes up your mind and then doesn’t listen to contrary evidence when it’s placed before you. But we’ll see.


    Steeler football of old is done. It’s a passing league now. Adapt or die.

  • tim

    Yea…..I guess forget what the OWNER wants out of the team….does anyone remember his request to run the ball more, to return to Steelers Football? So if thats the case……is he listening to YOU or….?


    well the Steelers haven’t made the playoffs since his “request”. The offense didn’t take off last year until the Steelers opened it up and became less predictable.

    What is “Steelers Football”? Next to last in rushing?

    You only need to run the ball well enough to take pressure off the pass rush. Be less predictable, and keep your opponent guessing.

  • tim

    Uhhhhh……..its HIS team….he can make any request he wants! Lol Not to mention the purge and rebuild wrll no, they haven’t been, although they had a shot last year. Anyone wanna bet they DONT draft Ebron IF available? it doesn’t matter what I want what you want it matters what the owner of the team wants so I bet you they draft a traditional tight end this year, save this and bet me lol


    Why do you keep reiterating who’s team it is?
    I don’t even want Ebron. And how do you know for a fact that the OWNER doesn’t want Ebron? You don’t.

    It doesn’t change the fact that the Steelers aren’t a smash mouth running team. They tried and failed.

  • tim

    Weeellpp… much for adapt or die huh guys…? What happened…..they went with a traditional tight end didn’t they? Ebrin went to NE, who doesnt ask the TE to be as big a part as the run game as the Steelers…..BUT you know more than the owner….lol