Steelers GM Kevin Colbert Hints That Trading Down In First Round Might Be Tough To Do

If you are one of many that are hoping the Pittsburgh Steelers trade down in the first round of the 2014 NFL Draft, that notion seems like a pipe dream right now.

Due to this draft class being one the deepest in a long time, Steelers general manager Kevin Colbert made it sound Sunday like trading down in round one is something that several teams might be looking to do.

“It makes more sense in this draft than trading up,” Colbert told Gerry Dulac of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette during his Sunday sit-down with him. “I’m sure everyone shares same thought.”

The Steelers have their share of holes to fill this year in the draft and with several of their positions of need being ones that have a lot of depth in this year’s draft class, it wouldn’t hurt a lot of feelings if they were to trade down several spots in the first round if it meant picking up an additional second or third round draft pick.

It’s impossible to predict trades, but as of right now, the 15th overall pick this year doesn’t seem to hold much value. Of course while several teams might be looking to move down in the first round, there’s bound to be one or two teams willing to move up if the price is right.

Colbert is currently in Orlando, FL preparring for the NFL owners’ meetings that get underway on Monday.

  • Kevin Gobleck

    I hope that we have the right guy for us there at 15

  • dgh57

    I agree it will be tough to trade down because if the draft is considered deep teams don’t want to give up those draft picks. Maybe we’ll still luck out as some teams don’t always make the wisest decisions when it comes to the draft.

  • steelster

    If Carolina really wants Benjamin they can have him if the steelers get their second round pick.

  • unfurious

    It only takes one. A stacked team looking for a particular impact talent could want to move up. But I won’t hold my breath.

  • JC Chuta

    Make no mistake, Steelers want WR Evans! They WILL NOT trade down due to fact they have no 3rd Round Draft pick (traded away last Season). Only way they will make a move is if the other team is willing to accept a future 2015 Draft Choice (very unlikely as Steelers have an easier schedule next Season. Which translate to possibly finishing in top 25-32 instead of 15th this upcoming Draft).

  • James Kling

    Wouldn’t not having a R3 pick make the Steelers MORE likely to want to trade back? R2-4 should have tons of value this year.

  • Eric MacLaurin

    15th could end up as an interesting pick for a team in need of a qb this year. There are going Several good ones available when we pick and trading down 10 spots should be an option.

  • Will Hammer

    why won’t they get a 3rd for wallace as a complementary pick..

  • Brian Tollini

    They will get a 3rd, a 4th or 5th, and possibly a 7th

  • pittsburghjoe

    If they really want to trade down, they will have to hope Evans falls to 15. There are a couple of teams that would love to have him. The bad news is…they will have to pass on Evans.

  • blackandgoldBullion

    Never say never. Yes, the Steelers hardly ever do it, but rarely are they in this sort of predicament. As far as having a partner, just look to the teams that have had success recently. Carolina has already been mentioned, and I would trade that pick all day long, even if you get short changed on the value chart and have to take a 3rd and 4th instead of a 2 or whatever. Evans may be someone they want, but also Ebron or a CB as they have lost a few players.

    My favorite is definitely San Fran. They have been going deep in the playoffs and have about 12 picks this year and have already picked up a couple of guys in FA. There is no way in hell they can use all those picks, otherwise they would be turning over a full 25% of their roster if those guys make the team. Absolutely foolish to keep all those picks. But look at some of the guys they could pick at 15: Frisco needs CB, maybe another stud WR. Hey, Pitt might convince them to give up their 1-29, and their 2nd. If not, settle for a 3 and 6 or 7. You never know.

  • StrengthOfVictory

    I wonder if the Browns would trade up to 15 if someone they like (a QB they want) is still there. The Steelers would get their second pick in the first (in the 20s) and our third rounder (from last year) back.

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    I predict the 49ers will want to trade up.

    They have way too many picks to ever make their roster. They have a Super Bowl window open right now and are looking for impact players to get them over the hump (specifically CB and WR).

    Add to that the fact they just traded up last year (to get Eric Reid) and that decision appears to have worked out well. The same people who argued for that decision last year will likely be given ear the year as well.

    Last year they moved up 13 spots. Trading 1.31 + 3.31 for Dallas’ 1.18. I would think they would be willing to offer a little more to move up to 1.15. Maybe their normal 1st rounder (31st overall) and their extra 3rd rounder (77th overall)?

  • 243546

    If trading down is going to be tough, doesn’t that mean that a team wanting to trade up may not need to give up as much as usual? If a team wants to trade back, and they can only find one team willing to move up to that spot, instead of two or three, then that team either has to be willing to accept what that one team is offering, or stay where they are.

  • CW

    While I do believe it is going to be tough to trade down in the first, I always thought it depended a lot more on who is there at 15th overall and what needs other teams have.

    Panthers for instance have a serious issue with their offensive line.

    The Browns might pass on a quarterback at 4th and suddenly discover a run at quarterback and need to get their guy.

    Or you could have a team like the Bengals see a playmaker that could get them further in the playoffs drop to that 15th slot and be willing to throw caution to the wind.

  • blackandgoldBullion

    Something like that. I’ve been thinking about all those things for ages. Like I said, 12 picks this year for SF. What they hell are they going to do with 12? Way too many for a team like that. Some team will be temped to jump up. Speed dial ready on all these potential trading partners, like SF, Carolina, Cleveland.

  • joed32

    Colbert has only traded down once in his career and that was just a few picks down to get Casey. This would be a good year for it but it would take a good offer.


    A lot of depth in this draft and with the exception of DE/OLB maybe after Barr, there’s not a ton of separation from the top player @ the position from the 2nd or 3rd.

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    You’re right. There are two factors.

    1) There has to be a good enough player available.

    2) The Steelers have to choose to pass on that good player rather than drafting him themselves.

    I think QB qualifies. I think OT qualifies. I think DL qualifies. I even think OLB could qualify.

    This is probably one of those years where you don’t gain a lot by trading down. But you don’t lose a lot by trading down. Thus it’s worth it for us.

  • CW

    Personally I am thinking that the Bengals or the Packers actually might be the best potential trade partners. Packers have serious offensive line issues and the Bengals camp seems to be hinting about some serious “concerns” about Andy Dalton’s contract moving forward. Either of those teams could look at a trade up in the 1st to target a better offensive lineman (Packers) or a future quarterback (Bengals). The Steelers are right at that spot where the move up should not be prohibitively expensive and where a potential elite talent might still be on the board.

    But as always it’s also contingent on there not being an elite player that the Steelers covet sitting there at the 15th pick who would not be there just a few picks later.