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Steelers Mike Tomlin Present For Florida State Pro Day

The Florida State Pro Day is currently underway and Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin is in attendance for it.

Some of the more notable draft prospects that are expected to take part in the Tuesday festivities are wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin, defensive tackle Timmy Jernigan, safety Lamarcus Joyner, safety Terrence Brooks, running back Devonta Freeman and linebacker Telvin Smith. The early word on Twitter, however, is that Benjamin will not be running on Tuesday.

It is unknown how many other members from the Steelers coaching staff and front office are in attendance in Tallahassee, but being as offensive coordinator Todd Haley and general manager Kevin Colbert were both with Tomlin down in Bradenton to talk to the Pittsburgh Pirates on Monday, it would make sense that both followed Tomlin to the FSU Pro Day.

If you would like to watch the event live, ESPN is covering live right here.

UPDATE: Colbert and Haley have also been spotted in attendance.

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About Dave Bryan

I am, I'm me. 40 something, retired and a life long Steelers fan.
  • StrengthOfVictory

    I have to imagine the interest (in this order) are: Benjamin, Freeman, Smith.

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    Benjamin, Smith, Freeman, Brooks, Joyner.

    You know Tomlin loves his Florida boys. Like LeBeau loves Ohio.

  • StrengthOfVictory

    And they seem to be slowly warming more to Michigan State. I’m only hoping we stay away from Penn State’s Allen Robinson.

  • srdan


    I usually am strongly opposed to drafting PSU, but Robinson seems like he will be a great pro. Does nothing great, but everything well. Obviously not at 15, but I think Robinson fits the mold of what we need. And watch, by the time the draft is here, he will be mocked in the first round consistently but I think he will be drafted at the top of the second.

  • StrengthOfVictory

    He doesn’t seem to use his height to his advantage very well, he doesn’t have a large catch radius, and he’s predominantly a body catcher. I see a lot of the same issues the Steelers had with Wallace. I’d much prefer a guy like either Kelvin Benjamin or Jordan Matthews.

  • Bill Sechrengost

    I hope Tomlin and other coaches are taking a close look at Christian Jones, an ILB who can also play OLB. They definitely need depth at that position. Should be able to get him in the third round.

  • steelster

    Tomlin will be counting the high number of drops by benjamin

  • cp72

    To me Benjamin is exactly what the Steelers need. If he can’t run one professional route and drops the occasional pass I am willing to let that slide. He is 6’5″ 240 lbs. You can put these quote “big” corners on him and they will be giving up around 5 inches and 40 lbs.

    Our best chance to win is surround our best player (Roethlisberger) with a variety of talent. Benjamin may be the most unique talent in this draft class. If there is a quarterback in the league that can exploit what Benjamin is good at it’s Ben. I think the two of them are a perfect match.

  • Doug Sawyer

    Steelers will trade down and draft Benjamin …too much CB talent in the 2nd 3rd to pass on this rare specimen …mark my words…this is a done deal when a Rooney shows up

  • Doug Sawyer

    I could not agree more…this kid will develop into a monster on the next level…the Steelers could simply run him down the side line and it is automatically going to merit a CB and S in coverage…Making Brown more deadly and leaving Wheaton or Miller in a mismatch every down…not to mention anything he runs over the middle will draw away from the run D opening up lanes for Bell…he is the final piece to Steelers O

  • Matt Manzo

    Telvin Smith! Telvin Smith! Telvin Smith! He’s a bigger Polamalu and just as fast!

  • Doug Sawyer

    Benjamin and Joyner

  • steelster

    when was the last time the steelers traded down

  • steelster

    Benjamin finished in the bottom 10 for wr’s in all of his combine events. He has questionable hands and is nowhere near a 15th pick talent wise. Taller doesn’t mean better. I can think of 5 wide receivers I would take ahead of this guy.

  • RedCarpetDefense

    I agree…which is why they drafted Gilbert and Adams to “protect” Ben thus ensuring his ability to play a long and illustrious career…lol. I kid but you have a good point about these two being a good match.

  • steelster

    where would that leave shark?

  • Doug Sawyer

    when we drafted Eric Green

  • Doug Sawyer

    yeah well this flop of a receiver as you have him had dinner with the whole FOH of the Steelers …same thing they did with Bell last year

  • steelster

    wow, good memory. I would like to see them trade down but it will be difficult because teams aren’t going to give up picks in a draft with so much talent.

  • cp72

    It’s all relative though. Brandin Cooks is 5’10 189 lbs. That’s 7 inches shorter and 51 lbs lighter. What’s more impressive a 4.33 at 189 lbs or a 4.59 at 240 lbs? He is so much different than other receivers you have to take his size into consideration. Even Mike Evans is 15 lbs lighter than Benjamin.

  • steelster

    means nothing

  • Matt Manzo

    It’d be tricky but he could be a LB that plays like a Saftey. Like the opposite of Troy last year?
    Thomas will start when Troys gone, I think!
    Smith could be a good 3rd safety or back up ILB or OLB.

  • Doug Sawyer

    according to who?

  • steelster

    yes, size can be good. Why not take coleman from Rutgers in the 3rd round. He is faster than Benjamin and one inch taller. That way we can spend the first 2 picks on defense. We finished 10th in passing last year.

  • sean mcmartin

    I wish the damn draft was today..last year’s 1st rounder didn’t help much, hopefully they sign someone who can play this season and has talent to be worthy of playing.

  • Melly

    u see him vs Michigan this past year?? he used his height!!!

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    You make some decent points. But here’s the thing about drops. It does matter what TYPES of passes he’s dropping.

    Crossing routes? Low throws? Early downs? Middle of the field? Okay. But I’ll tell you what he’s not dropping…

    Touchdowns. He scored 15 TDs last year. One of which won the national championship game. That tells me he’s able to focus in high pressure situations.

    There is a stat that many people overlook. A stat that is difficult to quantify, but may be the most important stat of all. It’s called “clutch”. Hines Ward had it. And I believe Kelvin Benjamin has it as well.

  • dave

    steelster- exactly right – Everybody acts like we can just magically trade down and pick up an extra pick – there has to be a trading partner who wants to move up…….. Also, just fyi- when we traded down for Eric Green – the player taken with our original pick was Emmitt Smith….

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