The Terrible Podcast – Talking Steelers Signing Mike Mitchell, Free Agency Loses & More Episode


Season 4, Episode 85 of The Terrible Podcast is up and co-host David Todd and I get busy talking about what has gone on with the Pittsburgh Steelers since the start of free agency on Tuesday. This of course means we talk about the signing of safety Mike Mitchell for starters and how he’ll fit in on defense.

The Steelers have lost several of their own unrestricted free agents over the course of the last few days and we break down every last one of the losses along with taking a look at the three players they have re-signed so far.

Buffalo Bills free agent defensive end Alex Carrington is visiting the Steelers soon, so we preview that and also look at where the team currently sits salary cap wise.

Several other Steelers talking points are also discussed along the way.

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Please sit back and enjoy Episode 85 of Season 4 now of The Terrible Podcast.


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  • srdan

    Dave, thank you for saying that there is two sides to every contract. I think people often blame the FO for not signing players and assume that no effort was made. If I were woods or ziggy i wanted to see what other teams think, especially ziggy in a 4/3.


    My thoughts so far:

    We were looking so good early this off-season with the restructuring of Antonio Brown’s and Troy Polamalu’s contracts (assuring Polamalu would retire with the Steelers) and with the re-signing Will Allen as well. We also started to look pretty good while dabbling early in the free agency market (with the signing of Mike Mitchell), but all that ‘looking good’ ended soon after that with the loss of RB Johnathan Dwyer and DL Al Woods to free agency. Also, with Brett Keisel and Ziggy Hood looking elsewhere for bigger contracts than the Steelers are willing to offer them, as of now, leaving Cameron Heyward as pretty much the only decent defensive lineman on the team, once again the Steelers may get the short-end of the stick when all is said and done with free agency in 2014. The Steelers normally don’t go for too many players from the free agency market, but this year they may have to do just that and do it soon.

    This is the ‘thinnest’ the Steelers been in a while as far as linebackers and defensive linemen are concerned. They are in much need of depth on the defensive side of the ball as the Steelers will surely incure injuries in 2014 as all teams in the league will. With hardly no true starters that can really anchor the defensive line, it will be another year of shifting guys around in and out of position. Shifting guys around is something the Steelers have done well over the years when injuries come into play, but that was also back when they had great depth at those positions.

    Again, with the loss of Dwyer from the offense, they are becoming thinner there as well. We’d better hope the draft treats us well or we could be looking at another losing season. Not only do the Steelers need to get lucky in the draft with at least one great pick for our defensive line and one great pick for our secondary, but now, we need a great pick at the RB possition just to add depth there behind LeVeon Bell. Johnathan Dwyer had experience and was a real work-horse. Now, if the Steelers can’t get a polished RB through free agency, they’ll have to settle with trying to get a RB through the draft with a pick that could have better been used for a defensive player. A young RB through the draft with no prior experience in the NFL? A young kid who will be forced to step-in and learn the ropes as a starter should Bell get injured? Not good.

    Who knows what will happen between now and the free agency deadline, but the quality players are going fast, folks. We need to make drastic moves and we need to make them quickly. As always, money will be the issue. That’s never a good thing when it concerns the Steelers.

    – Wes

  • Eric MacLaurin

    If worlds wants 9 or more per on a long term deal there is no reason to sign him until the end of next year and lots of reasons not to sign him now. He wasn’t worth 9 per when they tagged him but they were forced to overpay because they waited until the last second. That doesn’t establish a floor for long term value. It showed his value absent any long term commitment.

    The panic about not having a lot of depth now is hard to buy. I think they jumped quickly to fill a need at a good price before the market was clearly established but now they either need to overpay or let the market settle a bit.

  • Eric MacLaurin

    Woods and hood were decent lineman but McClendon isn’t? You don’t think we’ll get comparable players for what they were paid?

  • shawn

    judging by Verner’s and Carroll’s contract they surely overpaid for Mitchell


    Our biggest worry right now is definitely depth. Especially on the defensive line and linebacking crew. I won’t say it again. I shouldn’t have to. Facts are facts. The draft is the draft and rookies are rookies. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

  • Russ Ruffing

    No reason at all to fret over signing a running back. It is the most de-valued position in football and Dwyer was “just a guy.” They will fill that hole easy. I’d rather see them get a corner via free agency so that they can really focus on a beast WR in the draft. D-line will be fine when they sign Carrington tonight.


    The absolute worse move we made was getting rid of Dwyer. If Bell gets hurt, He (Dwyer) would have been the ultimate fill-in for us. That’s my opinion.


    Our absolute biggest mistake was getting rid of Dwyer. If Bell gets hurt, he (Dwyer) could have been a starter without a doubt!