Video: Steelers CB Ike Taylor Talks About 2014 Team, Pay Cut

I meant to post this right when it came out, but wound up getting sidetracked. In case you missed it, Pittsburgh Steelers cornerback Ike Taylor was a guest Friday on PFT Live and he talked to Mike Florio about why he took a pay reduction this year. It’s really a great interview and only just shy of eight minutes long.

  • ilamarca

    “Congratulations on the new contract” LMAO. Ike is always a great interview.

  • alex

    taking a $4M pay cut, are you kidding me!

    is it me, or is this just an outstanding show of respect in a relationship from both parties…

    i just saw ‘Jerry Mcgwire’ again last week with my wife, and i poo-pooed it before, but then enjoyed it full, except for Zelwigers wired lips, afterwards…


  • StarSpangledSteeler

    Reasons why Ike Taylor is my favorite Steeler:

    1) He’s the fastest Steeler ever. (Yes even faster than Woodson.)

    I know he’s slowed down with age but in his prime it was just remarkable to watch him run.

    2) He’s an extremely hard worker (including the off season). He came into the NFL as basically an untouted nobody from a small school and worked his way up. Even though there are better players from a SKILLS standpoint, there are very few who work harder. That is a life lesson/example for many people today.

    3) He takes on the opponents #1 WR every game, no matter where he lines up (which is a huge challenge technique-wise). It also takes a lot of heart and confidence and competitiveness.

    4) He plays hurt. Football is a tough man’s game. When a player is durable, that doesn’t mean he never gets hurt. Everyone gets hurt. It means he plays through a tremendous amount of pain. Ike has been in the NFL for 10 years. In 8 of those years he played all 16 games. Every game for 7 years straight from 2005-2012.

    5) He is extremely loyal. He considers the Steelers his family. He has an emotional attachment to the owners, the coaches, the players, and the fans, that overrides money, which is almost unheard of in the NFL today. What athlete comes out and says “It’s either the Steelers or nobody. If they don’t want me I’ll retire.”

  • blackandgoldBullion

    Kudos to him, as he is very realistic. I would have cut him and let him retire, but it is a close call and they came to that decision because of the lack of depth. Absolutely have to give him credit, and I hope many young guys follow his lead and head down to train with him.

  • Reg Sayhitodabadguy Hunt

    Every body is giving ike credit for taking a pay cut im giving him credit for being smart he just sold the FO a lemon for three million dollars

  • Spencer Krick

    That mic is way too hot.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    Ike gets it. He said something that i thought was interesting and that was he was able to take a pay cut because he has made the money. Very humble guy