2014 NFL Draft Player Profiles – TCU CB Jason Verrett

By Alex Kozora

Our focus has shifted to the offseason and for the next few months, I’ll be providing scouting reports on several draft prospects. Some of these players the Pittsburgh Steelers may look at and others will be top players that will be off the board before they select. All to make you as prepared as possible for the 2014 NFL Draft.

A breakdown of another top cornerback trying to sneak into the first round. TCU’s Jason Verrett.

Jason Verrett/CB TCU: 5’9/4 189

The Good

– Tremendous athlete

– Fluid hips, transitions from one phase to another with ease

– Lots of lower body strength for the position

– Explosive with fantastic ability to click/close on the ball

– Great cover corner

– Competitive

–  Tracks the ball in the air well, can play the pocket of the receiver, very aggressive

– Willing and adequate tackler who can support the run

– Experienced in playing man and zone, skillset will let him play in either

– Lots of starting experience

– Productive with numerous accolades and a great senior campaign

The Bad

– Undersized, lacking bulk and functional strength

– Tries to jam and be physical but too easily bullied by larger wide receivers

– Trusts self too much in coverage, over-aggressive, and doesn’t flip out of his pedal at times

– Doesn’t pack much of a punch in his tackles and cuts the ballcarrier as much as he tries to wrap

– May be too high in his backpedal

– Medical concerns, coming off surgery


– 34 career starts at TCU

– 2012 and 2013 All Big-12 First Team

– 2013 Big 12 Co-Defensive Player of the Year

– First Team All-American by at least one outlet in 2012 and 2012

– 2012 Third Team All-American by AP, 2nd Team in 2013

– 2012: Six interceptions, 16 breakups

– 2013: Two interceptions, 14 breakups

– Attended Santa Rose JUCO in 2011, intercepted five passes and returned two kicks for touchdowns

– Underwent surgery to repair torn labrum in shoulder March 17th, dealt with shoulder injury throughout 2013

Tape Breakdown

When you talk about Verrett, it starts with his athleticism. Ran a 4.38 and jumped 39 inches at the Combine. Apt in coverage. Similar to Darqueze Dennard but Verrett is definitely the better athlete. Much more explosive. Aggressive in coverage and repeatedly made plays on the ball.

In the clip below, Verrett is able to maintain speed while getting his head around, locates the ball, and swats it away.

Love this following play. Flips his hips almost immediately as the wide receiver chops into his break, has the lower body strength to quickly break on the ball, and shows the aggressiveness to dive in front of the route and knock the ball away. Verrett’s click and close is excellent and he rallies to the ball in a hurry. Really impressive.

Diving interception against Texas.

Although he isn’t a special or forceful tackler, he gets the job done. Don’t think I saw him miss one in the four games I looked at.

Brings down the listed 264 Blake Bell in the open field.

Biggest knock against him is an obvious one. He’s tiny. Like Victor Hampton, he wants to be physical but can get bullied and pushed around.

LSU receiver probably getting away with a push on this dig but has the strength to push Verrett away, making the catch.

Against Texas, he tries to press but is pushed away and is forced to recover. Has the recovery speed for moments like this but he looked more like a ragdoll than corner.




His aggressiveness is a blessing and curse. Allows him to make plays on the football but there are times where he opens the gate way too late and can get burned.

Cornerback at the top of the screen. Throw doesn’t come his way but he never opens his hips despite the receiver eating up his cushion. It’s Cover 1. There’s no help over the top. Have to flip and protect anything vertical.

Happened again later in the Texas game. This time, Verrett allows the catch. Gets caught peeking in the backfield the receiver blows past. Throw is on the money and there’s no way for Verrett to make a play on it because he’s trailing.

Could be picky here but times where I’ve seen his pedal too high. Perhaps trying to compensate for his lack of height.


Verrett attempted to avoid surgery and rehab his shoulder but ultimately went under the knife about a month after the Combine. The fact he was still able to work out and play through it most of 2013 shows it’s relatively minor. He will be sidelined for a little while but is in his best interests long-term.

His numbers may be slightly down from his junior year but it’s easily explained by teams throwing away from him after a stellar 2012. The fact he still recorded 14 breakups shows just how good in coverage he is. Chances were limited.

Verrett is a better fit than Dennard. He has the explosion and click/close that’s required for a cornerback under Dick LeBeau. That ability to break on the ball will be a huge asset breaking on underneath routes when protecting against the deep third.

He won’t get to be as physical but that aggressive mindset is what the Steelers are looking for. I’m not convinced the Steelers will take a cornerback in the first round but if they do, 15 is a tough spot to take the Hornfrog. Conventional wisdom says that’s too high and it’s doubtful that he will fall into round two. Trading back is a nice idea but easier said than done when seemingly every team wants to trade down and no one wants to move up.

Keep in mind this is without much study of the other top cornerbacks, Fuller/Gilbert, etc, but I’m usually of the mindset of going against that “convention” wisdom. Often times, what is the norm in the media and for teams are different. The media is always playing catch-up to what teams thinks. It’s not a change in opinions from teams as it is the media having to wade through the smokescreens.

The specific point being Verrett could “shoot up” the boards in the next few weeks, making 15 an acceptable selection.

The talent is sure more than acceptable.

Projection: Late First Round (25-32)

Games Watched: at LSU, at Oklahoma, vs Texas, vs Baylor

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About the Author

Alex Kozora

Full-time blogger from mom’s basement. Marrying tape and statistics. Chidi Iwuoma is my favorite Steeler of all-time.

  • kev4heels

    Love Verrett. Best all-around CB in the draft IMO. IF he were 3″ taller, he would be the first CB off the board. I think he drops to us in the 2nd. JMO

  • Steelers12328882

    While the 1st rd will be all about who do we reach for, the 2nd rd will be all about who do we hope drops to us, and I think Verrett’s part of the latter.

  • dkoy85

    Whisenhunt said they won’t be drafting a CB round 1. Maybe, just maybe, Gilbert falls.

  • Steelman72

    Looks great in coverage. Instincts, closing speed, and a great set of hands! Unfortunately, Verrett is undersized, those legs look like pencils. Hey, if he can cover Josh Gordon, I guess we wouldn’t complain.

  • Doug Sawyer

    I actually think he falls to Pittsburgh in the second because of his height issue

  • Doug Sawyer

    would rather have Fuller or Varrett

  • dkoy85

    Honestly I foolishly went against my beliefs in height and wrote off Varrett originally and Fuller is my favorite CB in the draft but I’d be happy with Gilbert. Either way, all 3 might be on the board when we draft.

    Kinda stuck in purgatory at 1.15. A lot of good players available on both ends of the 1st round and a lot of good players that will fit the Steelers well in the 20’s so I think(Unless somebody falls like Gilbert) whoever we take at 1.15 will be considered a “reach” by a lot of the fan base and media. I for one would be happy to see a player like Benjamin, Fuller, Varrett(much rather have Fuller), even Tuitt grabbed at 1.15 if we can’t trade back.

  • Matt Manzo

    He’s got the awareness and aggressive instinct that Roby is missing.
    CBs kinda like WR this year, so much depth it’s gonna be hard to reach for one.
    Another player that seems to be similar to Verrett is Rashad Reynolds and he can be had in mid/later rounds.

  • steeltown

    Im actually in disagreement with the majority here… I think Verrett and Roby are both climbing the draft boards in recent weeks, neither will fall to the 2nd Rd IMO I think they both are taken ahead of Fuller

  • Jason

    If Verrett was 6’0 I think he’d be rated #1. Roby sucks

  • steeltown

    I don’t want either, not in the 1st Rd

  • Jason

    No me neither. I’d do backflips for Verrett in the 2nd but he’ll be long gone by then. 15 is too early for both.

  • Doug Sawyer

    as Fuller is mine too …and could not agree more on the fans crying about reach,but those are the same people who are mesmerized by Ebron over a guy like Benjamin
    which makes no sense on any level…In the real world Benjamin will be there at 15 and Varrett will be there for us in the second and I could not be happier than those as the top two picks…a Guy like P.Gaines can be the “big” CB draft pick that follows after

  • Doug Sawyer

    Verrett will fall to us in the second

  • dkoy85

    If it played out like that I’d be a happy camper.

  • steeltown

    I saw a mock that had us taking Dennard in the 1st and Tuitt falling to us in the 2nd Rd…. wow, THAT would be nice

  • dkoy85

    Man that would be sweet! All I know is that this is going to be an exciting draft for Steelers fans. Somebody we covet is going to fall to us in the 2nd round- I just have a feeling. Now if they could just trade back in the first round and stock the D…

  • Jason

    Man I sure hope you’re right.

  • Doug Sawyer

    the trend of the draft will determine this once a few players start going off the board…there always tends to be a dash to gobble up a position…I’m thinking LB’s and DL start going early 2nd round leaving the deep CB and WR class to start picking up by mid 2nd

  • Doug Sawyer

    also have to believe that RB’s will start coming off the boards in the top of the second as well

  • srdan

    If any defensive player in the entire draft were three inches taller, they would be drafted in the first round.

  • srdan

    I think anyone in the first that is being disucssed and Tuitt in the second would make me happy.

  • Guest

    man srdan, how did we ever survive without your type of keen insight?

  • kev4heels

    man srdan, how did we all survive with your keen insight?

    seriously, your response doesn’t make sense.

  • srdan


    Sure it does. What you are saying is give Verrett 3 more inches and keep his athleticism and he is a top ten pick. Let’s apply this to (EG) T. Jerrnigan, Roby, or any of the DBs on the article from yesterday from small schools.

    THink about it, if you say make any player 3 inches taller, and same athleticism, how many of those specimens would immediatly get first round grades?

    logic, not insight.

  • srdan

    I am not sure I was offering any insight there. That was more me just stating what would make me happy.

  • kev4heels

    Wrong. You said ANY player in this draft with 3 extra inches would be a first rounder. That is simply not true. Remember – there are only 32 picks per round. Everyone wants to say this guy is a first rounder…and this guy is a first rounder. There can only be 32 guys.

  • srdan

    I said any, not every. lol