Adam Schein Thinks The Browns Will Finish Ahead Of The Steelers In 2014

Syndicated radio talk show host and columnist Adam Schein has a history of being a hater of the Pittsburgh Steelers. On Tuesday, Schein made nine April Fools’ Day predictions for the 2014 season and the Steelers were the subject matter of one of them.

Schein, predicts that the Cleveland Browns will finish ahead of the Steelers in the AFC North in 2014.

“I already praised the Browns for their offseason overhaul,” wrote Schein. “They upgraded the coaching staff and front office, despite all the outrage from scores of Cleveland critics.

“Yes, the Browns still have to figure out their future at the game’s most important position, but they’re expected to draft a quarterback in May. Regardless, one thing sticks out to me: Cleveland has a better defense than Pittsburgh. New head coach Mike Pettine will further mold and maximize the unit.”

Being as the Browns currently look like they will enter 2014 with Brian Hoyer as their starting quarterback, that’s a pretty strong prediction by Schein. In addition, while Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon looks like he has a promising future ahead of him, who is going to play opposite him? Greg Little? A rookie?

As far as the Browns defense goes, they allowed an average of 25.4 points per game last season and have only really added safety Donte Whitner and linebacker Karlos Dansby during the offseason. Whitner, by the way, replaces T.J. Ward, who I consider to be a very good player.

The Browns haven’t won more than five games in a season since 2007 and now Schein thinks new head coach Mike Pettine will change that in just his first season? I think we can all see who the real fool in April is.

  • Joe Gulaskey

    Congrats the Browns for winning March?

  • Jason

    As they say “Haters gonna hate.” It’s so funny how all these “experts” call the Steelers old and slow and speak to how irrelevant we’ve become but every time a team like the Bengals or Browns play us they say they have to win this game to get over the “hump.” If the Steelers are so pitifull then stop acting like it’s the Super Bowl every time you play them. Bottom line is when the Steelers rebuild it’s an 8-8 season for Cleveland they’d be talking Super Bowl following such a year.

  • Jason

    I’m not even sure they won March. Who’d they pick up? Ben Tate, a system running back who couldn’t stay healthy despite being a back up. Donte Whitner, who I think is a downgrade from TJ Ward. This Schein guy is a tool much like Mark May hates on the Buckeyes because they beat Pitt by like 80 pts when he was there some people just can’t take emotions out of their “analysis.”

  • Rick Williams

    If you have listened to Schein on Sirius XM – he always picks against the Steelers. He is the Chris Collinsworth of radio.

  • Joe Gulaskey

    I agree with you, I find it funny. This is the same guy that thought Geno Smith was a slam dunk and Trent Richardson was going to have a huge year last year.

  • 20Stoney

    Really what difference does it make if you’re 3rd or 4th in the division anyway? It kind of speaks to the state of things that it’s even being discussed.

  • kev4heels

    Well, eventually Schein will get this right. He says it every year. He doesn’t really have a whole lot of analytical insight to back up any of his stuff. He is more of a talk show guy.

  • T R

    yeah how they win March.. they let one they best players leave T.J. Ward with all that Salary Camp and got older instead of younger. That sat on 4 times as much salary camp money then the Steelers and seem to not have brought noone in that was really a upgrade. They brought in Ben Tate, but hell they should never got read of Trent. And how much money they still sitting now and the FA is dry.. hell the Steelers spent all they could and grab a few pennys out the piggy bank to sign folks.

  • joed32

    And a poor one.

  • Daniel

    Brush up your grammar so we can understand you. I had no clue what your post was trying to say. And I’m hoping the salary camp is some kind of autocorrect.

  • steeltown

    A fool making Aril Fool’s Day predictions… classic

  • steeltown


  • steeltown

    That’s the one thing I recognize, they got older and of course, still do not have a QB

  • Wake me up when they have a QB, and not a backup pretending to be a starter.

  • Thanks, will never listen to him I hate Collinsworth

  • DannyZucco43

    Well if someone who knew something about football said it we should be concerned. But Adam Schein doesn’t know squat diddly about football. How do these guys get jobs? I mean really?

  • DB84

    Agreed. I have never ever heard him praise or pick the Steelers. What a tool

  • srdan

    There are book club and english language based websites to post on if you are tickled by grammar. Here its about content. Most of us post from our phone, i do my best thinking on teh porcelain.

  • Daniel

    Ok Tomlin! Wouldn’t it be a blast if one of the moderators decided to write an article with such grammar? And I think I acknowledged the fact that people post from their phones, hence the auto correct.

  • srdan

    Or people speak and text in more than one language and have it turned off.

    Did you get tickled by the “a” in my “than”?

  • son_zhu

    The main reason I dropped my SiriusXM subscription. Schein is so full of sh*t. He hated so much on the Steelers during the ’08 and ’10 Super Bowl runs that I had to stop listening to his show. I miss the Moving the Chains guys, though…

  • Virdin Barzey

    Bingo…Nuff said.

  • T R

    Thanks srdan typing from phone and iPad can be rough. And squeezing in time to read all post and comment. Be rushing to much to proof read.

  • Jeff

    How can you make such a bold prediction about a team that doesn’t know who their starting QB will be in 2014??? ….. just insane to me.

  • 2443scott

    keep dreaming adam ..maybe you can talk jim brown into comeing out retirement or better yet move the team to baltimore and have two teams to win a superbowl ..oh yeah you already done that …so do it again and move to calif if you move enough times you can have half nfl teams in league

  • JohnB


  • Duca422

    Adam Schein is a Jet fan, who dislikes winning organizations. His opinions/predictions are not impartial.

  • Matt Manzo

    Wow! Any coach is an upgrade, and they don’t even have a QB? These guys better not make more than Dave!

  • alevin16

    You are so right!

  • Kareem Daniels

    They pick everyone but the Steelers to win the division every season. Even the Super Bowl season.

  • Dan

    Remember when the Browns were going to win the AFC North in 2008? They finished 4-12 and the Steelers won the Super Bowl. LOL

  • Dan

    Speaking of age, do these morons even realize that the Steelers only have eight players under contract who have already celebrated their 30th birthdays? That,s right, eight. Two offense, four defense, two special teams. Eight. “Aging team” my ass.

  • Dan

    For that matter, wake me up when the Steelers don’t have the best QB in the division.

  • mlc43

    Every stinking year!!! Eventually this prediction will come true. Could it happen? Sure. Do I think it will happen this year? Probably not. I hate to play the if game, but IF….Worilds plays like he does last year, we improve the DL and DB in the draft, Jarvis improves and everyone plays like they are capable, well, then, they only way the Browns finish ahead of us is if they win the division.

  • Jason

    Kinda like calling us a smash mouth team all the time when we’ve had an offense led by our Qb for 10 years. They never let facts get in the way of a good story.

  • Jay Jaber

    We are not old and slow in the last three years we let Hines ward, Aaron smith, Casey Hampton, James farior, James Harrison, Ryan clark, Bret Keisel, and Lamar woodly(not really old) go. How the hell are we still old and slow the only old guys are Ike Taylor Troy and Ben that’s three players over 31 this is why I hate watching these nfl “analysts” they think they what they are talking about but they don’t know shit about the steelers. Especially Steven a smith doesn’t know shit besides basketball he shouldn’t be allowed to talk about the steelers ever again

  • Dan

    Or the fact that the second half of last season was the first time our running game has been worth a shit since 2007.

  • Dan

    Here are the Steelers listed by age and unit…


    32 – Ben Roethlisberger
    31 – Heath Miller
    31 – Bruce Gradkowski
    30 – Lance Moore
    30 – Matt Spaeth
    29 – Cody Wallace
    28 – Ramon Foster
    27 – LeGarrette Blount
    27 – Darrius Heyward-Bey
    26 – Marcus Gilbert
    25 – Derek Moye
    25 – Antonio Brown
    25 – David Paulson
    24 – Landry Jones
    24 – Kelvin Beachum
    24 – Maurkice Pouncey
    24 – Jonathan Dwyer
    24 – David DeCastro
    24 – Mike Adams
    23 – Markus Wheaton
    23 – Justin Brown
    22 – Le’Veon Bell


    33 – Ike Taylor
    32 – Troy Polamalu
    31 – Will Allen
    31 – Ryan Moats
    29 – William Gay
    28 – Steve McLendon
    27 – Lawrence Timmons
    27 – Brice McCain
    26 – Jason Worilds
    26 – Mike Mitchell
    25 – Cortez Allen
    24 – Chris Carter
    24 – Cameron Heyward
    24 – Jarvis Jones
    24 – Vince Williams
    24 – Nick Williams
    23 – Sean Spence
    23 – Robert Golden
    23 – Terence Garvin
    23 – Shamarko Thomas

    Special teams

    32 – Greg Warren
    32 – Shaun Suisham

    Looks like a pretty young team to me.

  • treeher

    He’s still smarting from losing a fumble at the 5 yard line in SB XVI which probably cost Cinci the game against SF.

  • srdan

    Nice post. I didn’t realize Moats was 31, i thought he was a yongster.

  • srdan

    Dont forget we get Pouncey back and I am thinking that Munchak will do wonders early with teh borderline pro bowl guard. With the two bulls running and the fast receivers we acquired will make our offense more threatening next year. But again, we have to finish drives.

  • Josh Knepshield

    I understood what he was trying to say…maybe its just…hmmmm…you?

  • steelster

    I’m more concerned about the browns drafting Sammy Watkins. Watkins and Gordon could become the best wr duo in the nfl and they won’t need a great qb. I could see the browns improving by 2 games and finishing 6-10. While the steelers may go 7-9, so the browns would only be 1 game behind. I see the browns as more of a long term cocern than the ravens.

  • Rick Hankey

    I think you mean Arthur Moats (not Ryan) and he is 26.

  • MC

    He would get along with Warren Sapp.

  • shawn

    i could see it going either way … its definitely not out of the question that cleveland ends up with a similar or better record than us …. I’m not very optimistic at us improving our record over the last couple years … possible and very likely but if a few bad things happen early it could also be a very ugly season once again !

  • steelster

    Yes 2014 could be ugly, however I like the direction the steelers are headed for 2015 and beyond because of the young talent. I looked ahead at the 2015 draft class and it looks like another strong year in the wr class and really strong at cb. Which makes you think about Ebron a little more.

  • PoKey21

    Ill probably get hammered for this but excluding the QB position from top to bottom I do believe the Brownies have a more talented roster. And their roster can only get better after the draft given all their picks this year and the depth of this class. But like I said that’s excluding the most important position on the field. The thing that seperates the Browns and Steelers though is simple: STABILITY. If the Browns ever find a QB and a coach the rest of the North better look out.

  • Louis Goetz

    What do you expect? This is the same guy who picked the Houston Texans and the Atlanta Falcons to be in the Superbowl last year. Houston was the worst team in the AFC and Atlanta was the 2nd worst team in the NFC. Other than picking Washington (who’s QB was coming off ACL surgery) over the Falcons, he literally could not have gotten it more wrong. Why this Dolt has a job writing about football is something the world may never know.