Bryant McFadden, Ike Taylor Believe Patrick Peterson Will Be First $100 Million Cornerback

By Josh Svetz

Original predictions backed with analysis are something professional sports analysts strive to create. Likewise, this holds true for both current Steelers cornerback Ike Taylor and former cornerback Bryant McFadden.

McFadden has pursued a career in radio since his retirement and Taylor has his own radio show on Trib Live Radio.

While Taylor still hasn’t completed his playing days, McFadden has and seems to have grown comfortable on radio.

So comfortable in fact, that he is bold enough to say Arizona Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson will be the first 100 million dollar player at his position on the Tuesday edition of The Ike Taylor Show.

Taylor initially posed the question, saying that Peterson would be the first 100 million cornerback in NFL history. Backing up his prediction, Taylor stated that Peterson was the face of the franchise and his early Pro Bowl success, coupled by his work ethic and athleticism would lead Peterson to this milestone.

Before letting McFadden give his thoughts, Taylor mentioned that Peterson is McFadden‘s cousin, but McFadden made it clear that blood ties had no effect on his stance.

“I agree with you, he hasn’t even reached his peak yet at only 23 years of age and will continue to improve,” said McFadden. “I’m not letting the fact that he’s family get in the way, I really believe Pat is the real deal.

“I think Pat will be on the level of Charles Woodson and Darrelle Revis in their primes, just more athletic.”

McFadden went on to talk about why Peterson has a good chance of being the first 100 million player at his position, excluding talent from his argument.

“Look at the (Arizona) Cardinals roster, they will be able to pay him and lock him up to a long term deal,” said McFadden. “Revis got 16 million for one year, so looking at Pat, I think he can lock up a 6 year deal or longer, close to the total money Revis received for one year.”

Interesting thoughts posed by McFadden and Taylor. While any cornerback being paid a 100 million dollar contract seems unlikely due to the demand of paying the quarterback and other skill positions first, Peterson has showed flashes of that next great one at his position.

Whatever the case, McFadden and Taylor really believe in Peterson’s ability and think he is the next big thing on defense. Time will tell if they are right, but there’s no denying Peterson’s ability.

Though a 100 million dollar cornerback may have been a pipe dream just a few years ago, it is now in the realm of possibility and of the new crop of cornerbacks, Peterson may be the one who does it.

  • frednash

    That’s a lot of money

    for a shutdown

    who never produces points

    cause nobody in their right mind would ever

    throw his way!

  • dgh57

    I don’t know about Peterson because I haven’t followed his career but the day of $100M contracts will be commonplace in the not so distant future. Just look at what salaries were 20 years ago.

  • Rob H

    I think that’s why the Steelers rarely draft one in the first, if they do pan out you know you’re going to have to pay them major dollars for that second contract. Combine that with the fact that LeBeaus defense relies mainly on pressure to create turnovers and help the secondary, and you can see why they generally wait until the third round.
    That being said, I still like Fuller this year, I think he will become a solid number one corner (borderline probowler), without looking to wreck your cap with ridiculous contract demands like Revis.

  • Bill Molinaro

    How many games will a shutdown corner win for you? These are views of two corners who just don’t get the fact that the salary cap rules! If you pay a corner 100 Mill then you’ll be paying the QB 400mil because he’s gong to win a lot more games for you than a corner. Revis was great but how did the Jets fare when he was there? To me people who put immediate and consistent pressure on the quarterback are more valuable that corners; they make the secondary look good. The cap isn’t going to increase enough to allow this sort of extravagance! If your this careless with contracts, half of the other players will be making the league minimum. Think you’ll win a championship that way?

  • Steve

    A Great corner can run back an Interception. Play special teams and run a punt in for a TD. They can also blanket the other teams best player causing havoc. Troy is making decent $$$ and is past his prime. Dennard will be a good CB, he shut out WR this year.

  • tim

    But MOST great cb’s aren’t going to do ALL those things you said…maybe D and one return team but D, punts and KR…maybe another team but if AB is limited to punts don’t you think we’d do the same with any other starter? Just a thought…

  • Steve

    Why not? Deon played WR and Corner, but tackling was not his Forte. He also played baseball and ran back a few punts for TD’s, but not many players can run a 40 in 4.27. If the player is a playmaker he will want to be in their to show off his talents and worth.

  • Rod Hedrick

    LeBeau’s defense used to get pressure, but we haven’t seen that in a few years. lets get that shutdown cb.

  • tim

    Deion didnt play every down on O and D ether. …his plays were limited. ….he also was late getting to the football team because of baseball so not asmuch wear and tear on his body….and we also talking about a H o F’er so hard to compare..

  • Pete Johnson

    They are on drugs, a corner has a hard time getting 50m these days much less double that. This isn’t MLB salaries don’t jump that much year to year, maybe Ike is getting senile in his old age.