Daniel Jeremiah Has Ohio State CB Bradley Roby Going To The Steelers In Latest Mock Draft

NFL Network draft analyst Daniel Jeremiah released his fifth version of a mock of the 2014 NFL Draft on Wednesday and he has a new player being selected by the Pittsburgh Steelers with 15th overall selection.

This time around, Jeremiah has Ohio State cornerback Bradley Roby as being the Steelers selection. In addition, Roby is now his second-rated cornerback behind Justin Gilbert of Oklahoma State.

Jeremiah writes:

Roby had an up-and-down season, but he has as much upside as any cornerback in the draft.

The Steelers recently had Roby in for a pre draft visit, so there is certainly some level of interest in him. As of late, Roby is slowly making his way up the mock draft boards of several of the major media draftniks.

Last season, Roby registered 13 pass breakups to go along with three interceptions. He also recorded 69 total tackles. At the 2014 NFL Scouting Combine, Roby measured in at 5112 and weighed 194 pounds. He also posted a 4.39 time in the 40-yard dash to go along with a 38.5″ vertical jump.

  • steeltown

    “Roby had an up and down season, but he has as much upside as any CB in the draft”…wow what an endorsement for a 15th overall selection… not

  • Lucus Rodriguez

    I wouldn’t mind this pick at all, for a while I was hoping he would be there in the 2nd round but after the combine that isn’t going to happen, you cant blast Jeremiah for slotting him here. I still want Benjamin in round 1, personally think he will be the 3rd best WR in this class but he would have been the top WR off the board last season so I can justify that pick at 15, he is definitely going to be a better pro than Tavon Austin and he went no 8 last year.

  • SteveM2

    I’m not seeing first-round quality cornerback play from Bradley Roby in this video. Second round? Perhaps.

  • Madi

    Ouch. I know trading back might not net us a TON of value, but if you’re going to take Roby, you might as well take what you can get.

  • Jason

    As a guy who watched every down of Buckeye football last season I will say if we select Roby at 15 I will cut my own eyes out just so I don’t have to see him play for the black and gold. And I’m a Buckeye fan. This guy is NOT a first round pick

  • Jason

    Well if we pick him remember you said you wouldn’t mind the pick beacause in time you will mind, I promise.

  • RW

    How is this guy ranked ahead of Dennard?

  • Matt Manzo

    This is the only pick that I hate! His measurables might be there but he’s missing an awareness and instinct I want in my CBs.

  • Eric MacLaurin


    Dennards a bit slow.

  • Eric MacLaurin

    How can we trust someone that threatens to cut their eyes out?

  • steeltown

    No idea

  • 2443scott

    if steelers are going to pick a cb in first round i hope its someone who is worthy of a first round and not a pick where they feel in time the guy they pick will be good the guy they choose should be ready to play right away ..ben only has a few years left nows the time to draft to win if they just cherry pick here there for guys then bens last few years will be wasted..i see this draft class of cbs taken by steelers very important for the team ..too many pass happy teams and nfl tamperings on offence to now have a bad draft

  • Jason

    Good point

  • Lucus Rodriguez

    Not rooting for the pick but the kid is fast makes plays on the ball and hits hard.

  • Lucus Rodriguez

    watch his tape vs Cal in 2012 you would understand where I am coming from.

  • Ike Evans


  • Eric MacLaurin


  • Ike Evans

    Daniel jerimiah and Charles davis are THE WORST

  • Jason

    LOL. Lucus I I live in Columbus and have watched every Buckeye game for as far back as I can remember so I don’t need to watch tape to tell you this guy isn’t worthy of a 1st round pick . Yes he has all the measurables but so so a lot of guys. In the game vs Wisconsin highlighted above Jared Abberderris(sp?) went for over 200 yds on him. NO, NO, NO!

  • Wayne Darby

    I don’t think there is a corner in this draft that is worthy of a #15 pick. Can get better value from a pick at a lower position. If they prove me wrong, I will be back for all of you to stone me. 🙂

  • Jason

    Dead on! Lots of fast guys out there but if you can’t cover you’re just a receiver with bad hands.

  • James Kling

    Yeah, while we’re at it, let’s just trade up into the top 10 for Roby, you jackass. This stuff is getting crazy.

  • steeltown

    I concur

  • Callentown

    The more tape I see, the less I think any of the CB’s in this draft should be picked with the 15th pick. Let’s take the BPA in round 1 and pick up CB’s in 2 – 5.

  • vacaciones

    Our 1st pick will be a LT this year

  • Whatever. I like Jeremiah more than some of the other major draft “gurus,” and I know we have to get through this long, drawn-out period before the draft with something, but all this idiosyncratic speculation is tiresome. I much prefer to hear from people who actually know what the Steelers might be thinking instead of just moving people around for vague reasons.

  • srdan

    Did he forget the defense on that long touchdown throw? Seems like the LB slid out to the same zone roby was playing.

  • Johnny Loose

    with the right organization and mentoring (which isn’t asking much) Roby could be a playmaker in the NFL. He’s got it. Remember, all these guys are kids. This particular kid has the skills to be a shutdown corner. He regressed this past season, lost focus, maybe because of the trouble he got it, but he could easily develop into a quality starter/shutdown guy as a CB

  • Johnny Loose

    i will add that 1-15 is a bit of a stretch. Worth a 2nd rounder to a team who is willing to mine the gold, and a team should jump on him in the 3rd. I’d be surprised to see him make it to the 4th. He will go no later than that though

  • Johnny Loose

    after watching the game above vs. Wisconsin you’d think Abrederis was be a good selection at 1-15. Yikes, that kid can ball and run good routes.

  • Steeldog22

    Agreed. Live in Columbus as well and saw all the games. He’s fast, but way too often receivers (and not great ones) got separation way too easy. A bit lost out there all year.

  • Jason

    He’s crafty but at 190 lbs only ran a 4.5 and did 4 reps @ 225. Better on this tape than most.

  • PoKey21

    Excellent pick at 47 not 15. I’m a diehard Bucks fan but this guy was apart of the worst pass D in OSU history. Scheme might of had a hand in it too, but don’t expect this guy jamming a WR off the line. Then somehow still getting beat downfield when he’s playing 5 yards off the line.

  • Guest

    The Steelers could probably trade back and get him

  • Shawn Sobehart

    The Steelers could probably trade down and still get him

  • Paul Barracliffe

    As a lifelong Steelers fan I am beating the table to pieces for AAron Donald to fulfill our 2 biggest needs: Gamechanger/5 tech defensive end. Will someone give me a good reason why we shouldn’t?

  • tim

    Wrong clip to play to show his upside, it was the ” Abbredris Show ” out there even if OSU DID win

  • tim

    And someone said he hits hard….? I saw him throw himself at a few tackles that he missed or barely assisted on…id like to see more tape on him

  • Steve

    You got my up vote, this is what I have been saying. Don’t go after any one player, but look at who is the best player available. Roby will be average in the NFL Should be taken in 3rd or 4th round at best, unless he gets a Great secondary coach.

  • Jason

    Save yourself the time and take my word on this. I’m far from a draft expert and I’m probably wrong as much as I’m right on many prospects but I’ve seen almost every down this guy played at OSU. Does he have the skill set to be a productive corner in the NFL? Yes. Does he come close to warranting a 15th overall selection? No.
    Just my opinion

  • dgh57

    We shouldn’t because he’s to short at 6’1″ to play 5 tech DE and also his arms are to short. He’s better suited to play inside maybe in a 4-3 defense like the Bears.

  • Reg Sayhitodabadguy Hunt

    I believe some had him as the #1 cb coming into 2013

  • Weiss Chad

    If it’s Lewan I could handle that..

  • Jason

    The 2013 season is what happened

  • Callentown

    I see CB as the biggest need, along with DE/NT, but don’t see them reaching for someone in the first.

    They will have a well-thoughtout pick when the time comes.

  • Steve

    Hope your right, that they don’t get a player in the 1st round they could have got latter on in the draft. This draft is loaded with WR and secondary guys. BPA is what we take. Needs to be a standout player in his position.

  • Callentown

    Starting to think it’s going to be a DE – maybe even Aaron Donald from Pitt. I mean, if we’re going to use a NT that does not fit LeBeau’s scheme, are there ways of using a 4-3 end as well?

  • Toddy Bravo

    He’s a great player, but probably not a good fit for a 3-4 DE. Colbert did an interview recently where he said the Steelers have a height requirement for their DEs. I assume that means they need to be in the 6’3″ – 6’6″ range.

  • Toddy Bravo

    If this was the pick at #15, I would throw my hands up and quit following draft coverage completely.

  • Rob Dove

    The steelers may be interested in this guy but I do not think he is their pick at 15. In the nfl this guy will be a penalty machine if his technique is not improved. He is fast but often seems to be in a hurry to go to the wrong spot. The receiver he was covering looked very good and got open a lot. This guy maybe a round two or even round three player.

  • Paul Barracliffe

    I could see that but I really believe that his talent transcends barriers like his height. How many d-lineman put up numbers in D-1 like him? But lets face it. I’m a homer and want the Pittsburgh guy to stay home. But beside that I really think he would thrive in any football system. He’d make us better on 3 downs and I know it.