Former Steelers CB Bryant McFadden Weighs In On Recent Release Of Eagles WR DeSean Jackson

By Josh Svetz

While “The Ike Taylor Show” may primarily be a Pittsburgh Steelers discussion show, host Ike Taylor likes to touch on all sports topics, including controversies.

On Tuesday’s edition of the show, Taylor and fill-in co-host, former Steelers cornerback Bryant McFadden, did just that as they discussed the recent release of former Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver, DeSean Jackson.

“That (Jackson) situation came out of left field,” said McFadden. “All of last year, when everything was going smooth I did not hear any reports about his work ethic or anything negative about him.”

McFadden continued.

“When I heard there was a possibility of letting him go because of his work ethic and his difficulties with Chip (Kelly), I said to myself, ‘Where was this coming from?’ If it was such an issue, this should have been something that was talked about once the season was over.”

McFadden does have a valid point there. Jackson has been praised in the locker room by his teammates and I also have never seen a report about troubles with his work ethic, as he’s been very consistent in the NFL so far.

McFadden then delved into the gang aspect of the reports.

“Then the gang related articles about him being affiliated with gangs in California, where did this come from? Then the Eagles agreed with the articles (about his gang affiliation), it was just surprising. Me, personally, I think the Eagles were just trying to justify him being released.

“He (Jackson) is a Pro Bowl player and a top five receiver in the league; obviously they needed a reason to release him. These problems should have been talked about during and right after the season. The one thing about the NFL is they will find the ins and outs about any player they want to, especially with the Aaron Hernandez situation going on.”

While “top five receiver” may be stretching it, Jackson was very productive for the Eagles and has gone to multiple Pro Bowls, most recently last season.

McFadden then gave his take on why Jackson was released.

“With that being said, it kind of put me on the thought process that they (Philadelphia Eagles) were being unfair to DeSean, because every person has their faults. I think it was his salary that caused his release.”

McFadden wrapped his thoughts up with an interesting point made concerning Eagles receiver Riley Cooper.

“I think Riley Cooper re-signing with the team led to Jackson’s release as well,” said McFadden. It’s funny, Riley Cooper uses the N-word, plays well and does some counseling, and gets a new contract, while DeSean apparently has a bad work ethic and gets released. That doesn’t make any sense to me.”

This point made by McFadden I have personally not heard before and while salary could have something to do with the situation, Cooper‘s performance seemingly may have made it easier for the Eagles to make the call.

As for Cooper’s problems compared to Jackson’s, salary difference possibly affected the Eagles decision, but it is difficult to say for sure. Whatever the case, McFadden seemed to bring up some good points about a prevalent issue in sports right now.

  • Brandon James

    Very good points. Nothing is better than hearing the perspective of an actual player. They are the ones in the locker room who hear more than any of us, even reports.

  • steeltown

    A lot of it came down to his salary, which he was again complaining about and wanting more money, again. He was already counting for over 12MIL in cap next season. If he and Kelly had any issues internally it doesn’t come as any surprise to me that he was released.

    Im sorry, but he willfully signed that new deal just two yrs ago, now after actually playing a full 16game season and by all accounts having a stellar year he wants a new deal again.. I wouldn’t want a player like that in my locker room either.

  • SteelCurtN

    Can you really use “he willfully signed that new deal just two yrs ago…” as defense for not wanting him in the locker room when they too willingly signed him to that new deal just two years ago?

  • steeltown

    Im not defending anything, simply pointing out that he (again) was not happy with the deal that he himself signed

  • blackandgoldBullion

    If he did want a new contract then it’s obviously his fault that he ended up being cut. Imagine if he had a year like a couple of years ago where he was injured and could not help much. He would not be asking for more money then. He should be more concerned with winning championships than making more money.

    However, the team went about this the wrong way. They should have simply shopped him around and then cut him because he wanted more money. Never mind the buddies he hangs with occasionally and all that digging up dirt stuff.

    Both sides seem to have taken the wrong approach.

  • cencalsteeler

    Jackson didn’t show up for his post season exit interview.

  • steeltown

    I agree with that, im not trying to sound like im defending the Eagles Org, especially not knowing exactly what went down

  • Hand clapping, it was complete crap. All they had to say “We decided to go in a different direction, and we are excited about the group we have moving forward”

  • Ike Evans

    If a guy wanting more money was a distraction for players then every team would be distracted…a lot of them want more ….so would I….so would you….shit, so does Brett kiesel….if my contract wasn’t guaranteed I’m getting as much as I can for as long as I can…..I mean its a business move from the eagles side but I don’t infer a bunch of stuff about the kid cuz he wants more money

  • steeltown

    Yea but Keisel is a FA he played out his contract agreement, whereas DJax just signed a huge deal in ’12 then went on to miss 5games and score a measly 2TDs that year, now after actually playing a full season in 2013 he wants more money… I know what you’re saying but, that’s not the only way he’s a distraction

  • Douglas Andrews

    Seems like most NFL WR’s diva’s or diva like. The Steelers chose not to resign one a couple of years ago (Wallace) and before that there was S. Holmes to deal with who’s played his last game as a NY Jet. Getting back to D Jackson I’d want him on my team he’s a baller but you just have to keep in mind all of the other stuff that comes with it. Him having a gang affiliation didn’t make a lick of sense to me and the fact that he’s asking for more money or he’s tardy for meetings aren’t new problems he’s been with the team for 6 seasons now. I have to agree with B Mac because it did seem a bit odd that they would wait until now to get rid of him. I would’ve thought they would hold off and use him for a draft day trade instead of outright cutting him. All I can say is that a lot of production to just let walk right into the arms of a division rival.

  • sean mcmartin

    Its just like the at-will employers in the real world. They can find any reason to let you go when they want to replace you with cheaper employees. wahhh I got treated like a normal citizen..

  • Aric Brown

    completely disagree… Jackson will butt heads with every coach he will ever have and he is affiliated with several very well known gang members… couple that with his piss poor attitude and Philly didn’t have to say anything.. .theres a reason people werent standing in line to sign this guy

  • Brian Miller

    Sorry, you don’t get to request a new contract after every good year…just like you don’t lose money after every poor year…he has complained about wanting a new contract several times already…just saying…

  • Brian Miller

    How would Bryant McFadden know anything about the Eagle’s locker room? Answer, unless he has several friends in there, or he was in there himself, he wouldn’t. There is NO way the Eagles release a big time play-maker like that with no compensation unless there are other circumstances that we do not know about…and I highly doubt it is just a “doesn’t get along with the coach” scenario. There have been multiple reports from “unnamed sources” that he was a headache in the locker room for the last couple of years, and don’t forget, his former coach took a pass on him in Kansas City…and don’t give me the salary cap argument, because if they really REALLY wanted to sign him, they could have found a way…Good Lord, how many people did we bring in with less than $1 in cap space left?

  • Ike Evans

    Why not? I want more money from my boss RIGHT NOW if I had leverage to negotiate that…I would, you wouldn’t? And you can lose money after a poor year…it happens all the time….guys get cut and lose money

  • tim

    probably not a far stretch to think that he may have a couple friends in the Eagles locker room

  • Steve

    Whoever them friends are, they didn’t come to his rescue.

  • Brian Miller

    Doesn’t matter what you want really, just what someone wants to pay you. So what if you want to make more money, we all do. That doesn’t give you the right to ask for money every year, and then lower moral in the locker room. If what you are suggesting was reality, everyone would have a 1 year contract, and your salary would change annually.

  • Brian Miller

    why, because they are football players? If he had sources telling him that, I bet he would have said that in the interview…or at least said “unnamed players”…it’s the same old players stick together with other players…he can have his opinion, but really, I will not feel sorry for DeSean Jackson, and the Eagles have every right to cut any player they damn well want to, just like our employers can fire us, and they don’t have to tell anyone their reasons for doing so.

  • Ike Evans

    Yes bro…I have the right…you have the right….desean Jackson has the right…..THIS IS AMERICA…. Free market economy….capitalism…pursuit of money of business is our trademark..,this isn’t China this isn’t cold war USSR this isn’t Cuba….I have the right as an american to get paid what the market bares if I provide a profitable service or product. Period. Whether ppl choose to/have the ability to act on that right or not is irrelevant we all have the RIGHT in this country….desean is in a position of leverage so he decided to see if the market would bare…it didn’t…he was cut…end of story…all this other stuff is guys on a high horse or living in a moral wonderland….this is reality…guys gotta keep their kids in private school lol they’re going for the money…nobody is going to miss a tackle or be distracted watching game tape because another player is trying to get his money and it leaked….stop it….not just him…get over it

  • Bill Molinaro

    I am amazed that people don’t really know the real story on Jackson so here it is. Jackson wanted a new contract and he wanted guaranteed money. Everyone talks about the year he had last year and it was great. However, the year before he wanted a new contract and didn’t get it and anyone who was aware of Eagles football knew he did not play up to his level of ability. That year he was the 56th rated receiver in the league. In the NFL of today, a team must be very wary of giving a bundle of guaranteed money to a 28 year old player especially in light of his performance in 2012. If teams give too much money to older players they will probably end up in cap hell like the Steelers. Make no mistake; after the quarterback the most important consideration is the cap. Overpay a few skill players and you won’t be able to surround you QB with the talent needed to make him successful. Also, I don’t think the coach owes any explanation to the fans. You don’t run a football team in the media.

  • Brian Miller

    You obviously don’t fully understand what I have said…I don’t hate him, my wife loves the Eagles (her favorite team) and I have probably paid more attention to Philly info then to Pittsburgh info over the last couple of years. Do me a favor and don’t get on YOUR high horse explaining where we live and his rights…I get it, we are a free country…my POINT, is he does not have the right to demand a new contract after every year that he has a good year, when he obviously won’t lower his contract after a bad year. Which to an extent he has done, demanding new contracts 3 times that I know of. And if you really don’t think he can affect a locker room with a poor attitude, then you are delusional. Have you never worked with a disgruntled co-worker? Look, I respect your opinion, I guess I will just have to agree to disagree.


    The bottom line is he is an IDIOT! Even though I don’t particularly care for the Eagles, I applaud any team that has the courage to get rid of the bad seeds….

  • Prove it, taking pictures means nothing. I grew up next door to gang members and would talk to them on my way home. Doesn’t make me one.

  • KC has 4 million in cap space, he got 16 million guaranteed.

  • Aric Brown

    Nobody said he was a gang member.. they said he’s affiliated with gang members.. just as you were when you were you were growing up

  • Saying hello is not an affiliation, motard!

  • Aric Brown

    synonyms of affiliation – to have a relationship with, association with, connection to, link to, tie to, fellowship to….. in easier terms for you to understand.. your friends are your affiliates.. you are affiliated with your friends.. u are friends with gang members then you are affiliated with gang members…. Desean Jackson doesn’t play for the Steelers so I’m having trouble understanding the blind homerism towards him

  • Brian Miller

    I know, I’m just stating that if KC really REALLY wanted him, they could have worked something out. Where there is a will, there is a way. You can always give a huge signing bonus but have the initial cap hit very small.