Former Steelers LB Larry Foote Wants To Play In 2014, But Not For The Veteran Minimum

Former Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Larry Foote wants to play a 13th season in the NFL, but he’s only willing to do so if a team pays him what he thinks that he’s worth.

“I got a couple offers,” Foote said in a Thursday morning interview on 93.7 The Fan. “I don’t want to come off stupid, but I just don’t want to play for the league minimum. So I’m hoping, summertime or whatever after the draft, that they can up the ante a little bit, and I’ll play. I’m not going to play for the league minimum.”

Foote, who tore his biceps in the Steelers 2013 season opener, wasn’t willing to name the teams that have shown interest in him, however. He did say that while he’s still working out as if he’s playing in 2014, he’s has had people approach him about coaching.

“I have to really sit down and put some thought in, if I want to coach on that level,” said Foote. “Ideally, I would love to coach high school.”

While Foote said that he and his agent really believed that he’d be back with the Steelers in 2014, he has no hard feelings towards head coach Mike Tomlin or the organization for cutting ties with him last month. Now that he’s a street free agent and coming off of a season enduing injury, he knows he’ll have to sit back and hope for the best.

“I know I’m on deck,” Foote said. “I’ve been on deck the last three or four years, but that batter that’s in the batter’s box- it’s a full count. Hopefully, (there’s a) rain delay or he starts fouling some balls away to preserve my career.”

We will have to see how this all plays out for Foote, but being as he will turn 34 in June, it will be hard for him to find a team willing to pay him more than the veteran league minimum.

  • Kenneth Wilt

    Hmmm….doesn’t that sound an AWFUL lot like what Keisel is saying?

  • 20Stoney

    He could do a lot of good as a high school coach/mentor to kids.

  • PA2AK

    There are some teams that might pay him more than min….then again, there might not be. Would he play for min., with incentives? While teams could change their perspective after the draft, I’d bet that he changes his stance first. I’m not sure about Keisel though…his family/young kids/hometown/etc seem like they play a large role in his decision. Who knows. Glad they were a part of the Steelers and really liked what they brought to the table over the years…hopefully we don’t need either of them!

  • Matt Manzo

    I don’t understand. He said he hated playing on the Lions. I don’t see him just going for the most money, I think he wants to play for an immediate winner, someone he can help.
    It’s getting weird with the old guys, shouldn’t James Harrison’s situation make these guys think twice about stretching out their careers. A new team, new city, new play book just to be cut the next year? I’d go straight to coaching high school if that’s what he really wants to do.
    I understand the competiveness but injuries and side effects nowadays, they should walk away when they can. He’s got his rings, he should be proud!

  • Matt Manzo

    I love the new Black n Gold site, btw!!!

  • Jeff

    HAHA.. gotta love Larry

  • Shannon Stephenson

    Who does Larry…I do not know one person who feels they are over paid!!!

  • Brain George

    Let this moron and others in the NFL get a real job, think Foote is qualified in ANY profession to earn a salary of $750,000 ? LMFAO

  • tim

    And Mendy and Chi-town’s former LB etc?

  • steelster

    Wow, straight to the point I like it.

  • shawn

    AMAZING …. how so few players realise when to hang it up … its a shame … they almost all to a “T” overvalue their worth late in their careers … just for ONCE i would love to hear somebody say they have no problem with playing for what their market rate is because they LOVE the game of football … not just for a pay check !

  • Dewayne Braxton

    Here is a guy that should have been out of league after Detroit let the bumb go. Steeler fans and media talked about how valuable Foote is but NOBODY wants him. And nobody wanted when he came back. Foote robbed the steelers for good money. He was never a 3mil per year player. Never a starter. We got over with him just like we did with suspect o-lines when Ben was young. Go coach Larry!

  • Do you know what qualifies him to make that money? The people that buy game tickets and watch on TV…

  • Yeah, he seems like he’d be a good coach as well. Especially at the HS level.

  • Kenneth Wilt

    That is really hard to ask of these guys. That is basically what Ryan Clark did in order to get a contract. Once you are a vet who has played a while, you were among the best at your position. That is a hard pill to swallow to know that you are now depth. In addition, they really put their body through a lot and it is hard to want to take that abuse for what is looked at as a low-ball offer.

  • wdhammer

    I want to play too ,but unfortunately I’m too old . We all get old Stallion

  • shawn

    i understand not wanting to going thru the punishment .. but i can’t excuse the ego … they act like little kids pure and simple … and if they really really loved the game of football they would play for whatever money was offered granted they are healthy enough and still have love for the game …

    my personal opinion is that they need the money as they have gotten use to the life style and have increased their needs as their pay checks have increased … but lets be honest 90%+ of the players will not come close to getting the league min amount with their next jobs/careers after football …

    so if they are just about the money they should take whatever they can get !

  • Mike Minnehan

    I think Foote has another year or two in him he still played at a high level before he got hurt and can still sniff the ball out with the best of them . I would like to see him as a backup on our team to help with some of the younger guys , he would be great to step in when needed and you know what you have with him already ! I have a lot of respect for him he has gave us many great years and memories.!! Good luck Larry Foote in what ever you do !!!