Steelers Sign Former Texans CB Brice McCain

Monday evening, free agent cornerback Brice McCain posted on Twitter that he was flying to Pittsburgh and while he didn’t say specifically that he was meeting with the Pittsburgh Steelers, it was easy to speculate that was indeed his intentions. It’s now being reported on Tuesday that McCain is indeed in town for a visit and that he has been signed.

McCain, who was originally drafted by the Houston Texans in the sixth round of the 2009 NFL Draft out of Utah, has played in 72 games since coming into the league and most of his snaps with the Texans came as a nickel cornerback. He has five career interceptions and 124 total tackles to his credit over a five year span.

The Steelers are thin depth-wise at the cornerback position heading into the 2014 NFL Draft and while they will be addressing the position in May, they could use another experienced body.

McCain also played special teams for the Texans over the course of his career and his best fit for them was at the gunner position.


  • Carlos

    So that kind of shakes the board for a CB on 1st round, you can take one on later round and polish him for a year … so DE or WR?

  • dkoy85

    Good deal. The more the merrier IMO.

  • steeltown

    Added camp depth

  • dkoy85

    He wouldn’t be a starter and more than likely a camp body with experience. I wouldn’t rule out CB round 1.

  • T R

    no it doesnt shake nothing, he is a camp body and is there for depth unless he has the same effects from spanish that Popeye does and eats it this offseason and can be Brutus… LOL

  • steeltown

    No, I wouldn’t think this move has anything to do with their draft plans.

  • SteelersDepot

    Means nothing as far as the draft goes.

  • srdan

    I think we are within my salary as a 16 year old at Wendy’s to the cap limit.

  • CW

    Could be a reclamation project the way Farrior was when the Steelers signed him. But the same can be said of Cam Thomas as well.

  • CW

    Facing facts the Steelers have a huge number of inexperienced and potentially only camp body cornerbacks with Antwon Blake, Isaiah Green, Devin Smith, and Ross Ventrone. So I’m not sure McCain is simply a camp body. He probably would make the final roster before the draft if the roster had to be finalized today.

    Brice McCain potentially could beat out anyone of those four for the fourth overall cornerback spot before the draft and might even be an improvement at the number 3 spot over anyone else if either Gay regresses or Allen gets hurt or Ike Taylor falls apart.

    Hopefully the Steelers take two or three cornerbacks, maybe even four, in this year’s draft and rookie free agency afterwards because the team needs a infusion of young blood in the secondary.

  • Madi

    No way do we take Gilbert now just to watch him sit behind McCain for 3 years.

  • Iron Cadet

    McCain is a special teamer and a camp body. He had an awful season last year which isn’t really different from the rest of his career. Think Curtis browns role

  • steeltown

    Valid point. Before the draft yes he’d easily be the #4 or #5, but post draft will be a different story. That said, he and Antwon Blake will be battling it out for special teams duties.. and Blake is no slouch on special teams

    I think this move all but assures there will be no Curtis Brown reunion

  • Jason

    I appreciate your sarcasm

  • Alexander Sebastian Heath

    We already ruled out 1st round cornerback, easily. McCain is Curtis Brown’s replacement. His contribution will be special team and depth, simple as that. Regardless of potential early round signing, I love how we sign and fill roster up before draft day, give us more competitions.

  • Jollyrob68

    An experienced cb is good to have especially with an aging Ike Taylor in his last year. Doesn’t alter the draft at all.

  • chris ward

    McClain is a depth/camp body at CB. Will have to compete to get a spot on the roster, can be a quality guy on special teams. Steelers still looking for a stud CB in the draft to take over the reins once Ike hangs the cleats up.

  • Don’t read into this they are just masking their intentions, glorified tackling dummy

  • Jeff Anoble

    Rated as the absolute worst CB in football last year. Not one of the worst. The worst. If he is on the final roster it means they have failed in the draft on finding two good corners. Has a hell of an agent though, as hr found the worst CB in the league a home, and also convinced the Steelers to give his other client Cam Thomas a 2 mil per year deal for a guy who was benched at quite frankly to this point, stinks.

  • Relax, 2 mil is backup $, and they need bodies or would you prefer they just throw an orange cone out there? And the CB is not guaranteed anything. They had 3 corners under contract, 3 you need bodies to get through camp.

  • srdan

    Man, that’s good news. Most posters said that “the worst corner” last year was already in black and gold. lol

  • steelersfan

    not a really big deal but there had to have been better options at the same price…why him?

  • steeltown

    They must see something in him, everything I read says he’s a good athlete and has elite speed. Obviously he is a slot/nickel CB so maybe they are trying to upgrade the current depth there, maybe they don’t have much confidence in Isaiah Green or Devon Smith…

  • Melly

    hopefully not the same thing they saw in hawthorne, c. brown, or DVD?!?

  • 243546

    It shouldn’t do anything to the board. The Steelers have a lot of holes to fill, and will most likely draft for value, not need. All this does is eliminate the need to reach for a CB, and ensures that they have some depth at the position.

  • Matt Manzo

    I think, but I’m not sure, that Dave said he was bad last year but the year before he had great year? Maybe there’s something there?
    He’s gotta be better than CBrown?

  • Matt Manzo

    Did u at least get free Frostees?!

  • 243546

    I know that the players belong to a union, but I’ve never seen any rules about seniority. Players compete for their spot on the depth chart.

  • 243546

    This! I think this ultimately comes down to competition. After back to back 8-8 seasons, no one should feel like their position on the depth chart is guaranteed. I honestly don’t think there’s a guarantee that all of last years CB’s make the final roster.

  • joed32

    Guy Whimper was rated as the worst O lineman by the same people and he was OK when he was forced to play. They resigned him already, you never know. If the guys making these ratings were all that good they would be working in the NFL.

  • Jason White

    The only position that was likely effected by the free agent signings is free safety since they signed a starter. The rest are all depth/special teams signings.

  • PA2AK

    the only thing it miiiiiiight change is them using two pick on the position. even that is still likely though. it’s a deep draft and they have some picks to work with.

  • Madi

    ^^ Best response.

  • John C

    Agreed….They are still going to draft a CB in first 2 rounds and probably another one somewhere further down. McCain is a Nickel/Dime DB brought in for veteran depth plus 5 INTs in 5 years as a part time player isn’t bad for a depth guy at league minimum when IKE has had 6 playing full time in that same period.

  • wilsonmjw

    He has speed. No major injury hx and he’s young.

    Good signing IMO.

  • ergomesh

    5 foot 9 inches ouch! Our secondary isn’t big as it is don’t care how fast you are can’t cover 6 4 receivers with over 1/2 foot on you let alone TE. Camp body for sure with experience which we need. He could cover lance moore 🙂

  • son_zhu

    Decent depth signing. Re: Draft, I think the Steelers are positoning themselves to move down. No Mack/Gilbert/Evans at 15? Trade down for Denard/Fluker/Benjamin/Bryant/Lee…. pick up an extra 3rd round pick and play with house money?


    Yes, really – this guy changes nothing!!!


    I think it’s important to remember that this guy may not even make the team, so it really has no bearing on ANYTHING, who we draft, how many we draft, etc etc. This guy is at best a special teamer.

  • charles

    When there is no pressure on the qb, NO secondary can be expected to hold coverages. We don’t need secondary we need someone who can get pressure. Pressure is where heros are born in the secondary.

  • mlc43

    I don’t know. The Steelers can do whatever they want to prepare to move down, they would still need someone wanting to move up. Not something you can count on. Also, how far down do you think we can go and still pick up Dennard? A lot of mocks have both Gilbert and Dennard off the board before us, and then a lot have us taking one of them, lol.

  • charles

    Good comment. PFF is like the vote for most likely to succeed in high school.

  • cencalsteeler

    This looks like a signing to bolster up special teams play.

  • He’s a depth/ST signing, not a top 3 CB. Size is a minor factor.

  • MC

    An upgrade over Curtis Brown

  • CW

    I agree that the Steelers also need to take some solid defensive lineman and linebacker prospects. But adding talent in the secondary is also needed.

  • MC

    A trade down and still getting Dennard would be the best case scenario but i think Dennard will go around just before or after the 15th pick.

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    Remember that when people keep asking for Darqueze Dennard.

  • Richard Edlin


  • Henry

    that’s freakin hilarious!

  • shawn

    they will definitely take at least 2 CBs still … wouldnt be too surprised if they picked 3

  • shawn

    i really would like to see more of green … i think he could possibly be an upgrade to Gay … but admittedly need to see much more of him to be confident

  • CrazyTerry

    Guy WHimper only looked OK because we expected him to be atrocious. He was barely OK. When you play corner, that won’t cut it.

  • CrazyTerry

    They could have paid someone better for what they are paying for Ike and this guy combined and gotten a rookie to provide depth.

  • Brendon Glad

    Probably true. They’d still take Gilbert if he’s there…he won’t be….They still shouldn’t take Dennard because he is a press corner, not an off-corner imo….and I trust them that they won’t…so they will be drafting from a CB pool of guys who are more “raw”. (Hopefully Gaines or Cockrell will be in that mix). And those guys will probably need a year or 2 even if they turn out well. So an experienced guy to push Gay and/or replace Brown on ST is probably needed. But yeah, I’m praying that the CB’s we draft pass mcCain quickly or they blew it again on drafting CB’s.

  • steeltown

    I think he needs to improve his play on special teams, otherwise I like him, very fast