Jury Now Deliberating In Case Of Three Men Accused Of Stabbing Steelers T Mike Adams

The trial for the three men accused of stabbing Pittsburgh Steelers tackle Mike Adams last summer is winding down.

According to Adam Brandolph of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, the case has now gone to the jury and the deliberation process has started.

During the trial, the defense claimed that Adams was the cause of the incident after he bumped into and knocked food out of one the defendant’s hands as he was stumbling around drunk after drinking at a Southside establishment.

Adams is also accused of changing his story several times since the incident took place in order to stay off shaky ground with the Steelers.

During the incident, Adams was seen getting punched in the side of his face by one witness, who did not see the subsequent stabbing that resulted in the Ohio State product needing emergency surgery.

Adams has claimed the three men attempted to carjack his truck and that is what led to his stabbing.

  • steeltown

    Regardless of whether he was drunk and stumbling around and/or bumped into someone and knocked food out their hands, the fact of the matter is he was stabbed. Since when does knocking food out of someones hands and being belligerent cause for stabbing. I would hope the jury has enough sense to realize this, he could’ve died from the incident.

  • Chad H

    You are right but he still should have not put himself into that situation. He should have been home sleeping after his bad character college career. Hopefully he has learned his lesson and works his butt off now.

  • steeltown

    No doubt.
    He was still very young although of legal drinking age and it was the offseason. Life is all a learning experience. Personal choices affect us in every way, every day. Hopefully he learned something from all of this.

  • Matt Manzo

    Any news on what the surveillance tapes showed?!

  • Steve

    It showed all the punks running away from what had happen. Have seen it a few times and it was evidence as to who was there and at what time.

  • Madi

    Bumping into someone and making them drop their food causes stabbings the same way cleavage causes rape. The stabbing was caused by the guy who stabbed him. The end.