A Look At The 7.5 Sacks In 2013 By Oregon State DE/OLB Scott Crichton

The Pittsburgh Steelers brought Oregon State defensive end Scott Crichton in for a pre draft visit a few weeks ago and they’re likely looking at him as an outside linebacker prospect. Here is a quick and dirty break down of his 7.5 sacks from last season along with a few more thoughts I have on him after watching several games.

Crichton has a little inside-out move here that gains him the edge against Hawaii for his first sack of the season. There’s little bit of bend at the end, but not much. If you watch closely, he beats the tackle off the snap.

Crichton gets credited for a half sack here, but allows himself to get carried all the way around the pocket by the tackle. Look how bad of footwork and balance the tackle has here. Yes, it’s a half sack, but not an impressive one.

Nice use of the hands here by Crichton for this sack against Arizona State. The spin back inside ensures he gets the sack. Notice this is on the right side of the line as he can play both sides.

Nice use of the arms again here and he unsticks quickly. However, while he gets off the ball quickly, notice that the tackle is still in his stance with the football halfway back to the quarterback.


Even more good use of the hands here by Crichton even though he’s the last one on both sides of the football out of his stance. He still manages to make the left tackle look silly and causes a fumble to boot.

Nice fake to the outside here allows Crichton to easily cross the face of the Stanford right tackle and split the double team. He humbles the guard to his knees with power and gets the easy sack. Hands up right off the snap.

Uncontested off the right edge and the USC wide receiver that is lined up in the backfield wants no part of Crichton. This was ruled as a team sack and intentional grounding in the play by play but Crichton was credited with the stat. Those uniforms are hideous.

That inside-out move again causes the Boise State right tackle to flat back and lunge and Crichton swims him for the sack fumble.

While he was credited with 7.5 sacks, I really see only six. I really like Crichton and think he has upside as an outside linebacker. He doesn’t have much bend to him, however, but perhaps playing at around 260-265 at the next level will help with that.

Crichton plays the run well, but will have to get used to dropping and rushing from a standup position at the next level. I like his hand use and how he sets up his moves.

After watching a lot of tape of Crichton, I’m not so sure he’s a second round prospect. If he slides to round three, however, he will be tough for the Steelers to pass up.

  • Paddy

    Can they find an edge rusher that can beat a LT? Those seem to be very rare

  • grw1960

    I wish the steelers had a middle 3d round pick. Should be several players with future starting ability in the middle of the 3d.
    I have no doubt there with a few left at the 97th pick. But there will be fewer to choose from

  • Steelers12328882

    Yeah I agree. I don’t want to see the Steelers use a 2nd rd. pick on this guy. He seems like too much of a project. We can find one similar in the 4th-6th rds.

  • nicolaisim

    Sure they could find one but not similar. This guy is what we need when Worilds comes up short this year. I’d rather knock the table for this kid at #46 than Barr at #15

  • Steve

    Scott is quick and has good hands. Would make a good Pass Rusher off the edge. How is this guy dropping into coverage or picking up a back out of the back field? Is he good in run coverage to his side?

  • I would not mind it at # 46, imagine Him, Jones & Worilds on the field at the same time. Tomlin “Bring me the football”

  • Chad H

    I look at him gaining weight and becoming a DE for us. I don’t see a full skill set for an OLB in a 3-4 D.

  • cencalsteeler

    He seems to have a deep bag of technique tricks in his bag. If the Steelers sign him, maybe Jarvis can pick up on a few of them and add them to his skillset. It’s hard not to root for the guy after he confessed to being a Steeler fan.

  • Toddy Bravo

    Not a chance. His body type and style of play dictate that he’s a DE in a 4-3 or OLB in our 3-4. In his recent interview regarding his visit with the Steelers, he even acknowledges that he’d be an OLB here. He would only need to drop 5-10 lbs, if that. He has enough speed, burst and pass rushing ability to make the transition as is, so it’s really only a question of his ability to drop into coverage, which I understand is a little shaky.

  • Chad H

    I see what you are saying. I’m still unsure of his skill set. I think there is a few guys better than him in round 2.

  • Toddy Bravo

    I agree with that. I really like this guy, especially his love of the Steelers, but there are going to be a ton of great players available at our #46 pick (CBs, WRs, DEs, etc.). If they do want an OLB with #46, then Jeremiah Attaochu and Kyle Van Noy are also pretty good options.

  • Chad H

    This is was I have:
    1. Kyle Fuller, CB
    2. Jordan Matthews, WR
    3. Tyler Hart, DE

  • Weiss Chad

    If I were the steelers I’d seriously consider Jackson Jeffcoat at 3.33 or4.15

  • nicolaisim

    You are probably right on that! In a 4-3, he would look like a Greg Hardy in a few seasons, at least in my mind.
    I didn’t mean no disrespect by the way – I just think his talents as a pass rusher are great and with his athletisism, he shouldn’t be more of a project than Woodley or Worilds was.

  • Reg Sayhitodabadguy Hunt

    Im liking van noys game