Mel Kiper Jr. Sticks With Odell Beckham Jr. And Louis Nix III For The Steelers In Latest Mock Draft

In his Grade A draft for each team that he released earlier this month, ESPN draftnik Mel Kiper Jr. had LSU wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. and Notre Dame nose tackle Louis Nix III tabbed as the top two picks for the Pittsburgh Steelers. In his latest two round mock of the 2014 NFL Draft that he released on Thursday, Kiper has decided to stand pat on those selections for the Steelers.

As for the selection of Beckham by the Steelers with the 15th overall pick, Kiper writes:

Markus Wheaton, whom the Steelers got in last year’s draft, can develop into a good player, but he’s also the No. 2 wide receiver on this team as of today, and that can change if the Steelers grab Beckham. An explosive mover, Beckham can run by defenders, but also does a great job of creating space underneath. He’s also the kind of player who becomes extremely dangerous and hard to cover when Ben Roethlisberger extends plays.

It’s hard for me to argue with Kiper’s choice of Beckham for the Steelers as that’s exactly who I have them selecting in the first round of my latest mock draft and especially if the top 14 picks plays out exactly as he has them.

As for the Steelers selecting Nix in the second round, Kiper writes:

Nix is more talented than his 2013 tape showed, and working with Dick LeBeau in Pittsburgh’s system could turn him into a steal at this point. He has rare size and just needs to learn how to utilize his strengths more consistently.

If Nix does indeed last that long, it will likely be hard for the Steelers to pass him up and especially if things play out exactly the way Kiper has them. I must admit, however, that Washington tight end Austin Seferian-Jenkins sure does look attractive at that spot based on Kiper’s board, but he does have a few character flaws that really need to be explored. I’m sure the Steelers have done that, but he hasn’t been brought in for a pre draft visit as of yet.

So, how would you feel if this is the way things played out for the Steelers in the first two rounds? Keep in mind that Kiper has the top three tackles (Robinson, Lewan, Matthews), top two wide receivers (Watkins, Evans) and top two cornerbacks (Gilbert, Dennard) already off the board when the Steelers pick in round one.

  • Rod Hedrick

    Being in Florida, I get all SEC football all the time. That being said I have always liked Beckham. He isn’t tall like Evans, but that kid was always open.

  • CuldesacBill

    I still think they need a CB in the first two rounds, either Fuller or Verrett. They have no depth for the future at CB.

  • Geoff Cordner

    I’m okay with Beckham, considering it would be unusual for the Steelers to draft CB in the early rounds. As for Nix, if what Kiper says is true I wouldn’t necessarily mind beefing up the DL – but 2nd round seems way to early for my tastes when the Steelers could still pick up a very talented CB, no?

  • Caesar

    Here’s my big takeaway from Kiper’s mock and from others I have been seeing. If we want a CB worth a damn, we better take him in round 1 or 2. By the time the Steelers’ comp pick rolls around in rd. 3 most of the upper tier prospects are going to be long gone.

  • John Foltz

    IF Tuitt and Nix were both still on the board when we pick in rd 2, who would you take?

  • Bill Sechrengost

    I think I would have to take Tuitt. He would be a three-down player with size. You just don’t find guys with his overall talent in the second round.

  • I would rather have Tuitt if both are there. Could be a good D-line in a year.

  • Jason Brant

    Yes, please.

  • steeltown

    Tuitt without a 2nd thought

  • steeltown

    I’d be ok with this, Seferian-Jenkins would be hard to pass up but I don’t see us going Offense twice that early

  • Callentown

    Interesting… Dave said those of us who are suggesting that Mac may move to DE are “delusional”.

    Here Mel Kiper, probably the most popular draft guru of all time, suggests they pick a NT in round 2.

    Do you believe they would play Nix at DE since we’re already set at NT?

    Curiouser and curiouser..

  • dgh57

    Come on Kiper at least a CB by round. 2!!

    Kiper has us sticking with the same formula of ignoring the CB position until the mid rounds. I seriously doubt this problem can be solved by sticking with the same formula that got us in this situation to begin with! That’s the same formula that has landed us players like Joe Burnett, Crezdon Butler, Curtis Brown, and Terry Hawthorne since 2009. Then we compound the problem by letting K. Lewis go!

  • Biggie

    Beckham is a huge reach at #15, would prefer one of the corners out of Gilbert or Dennard. I can’t see Nix lasting till 2nd round let alone till our pick in the 2nd, if so that would be the steal oft he draft, but then it’s Kiper’s projection for the Steelers and he rarely is even close unless it’s obvious to everyone. Nix would give us the ability to let McClendon and Thomas compete to start outside at DE opposite Heyward fixing the DL.

  • RyanW

    I dont have a insider account but in round 1 I guess I could live with the Beckham pick if that how it shook out but round 2 was Kyle Fuller off the board? As food as Nix could be Fuller would be a beast at CB for us.

  • Toddy Bravo

    Well, Beckham is only a slight reach at #15, but I agree that he shouldn’t be the pick.

    I also don’t believe for one minute that the top 2 CBs, top 2 WRs and top 3 OTs will all be off the board. That’s 7 players. Nobody can tell me that one or more of those guys won’t drop to us. I’m just doing the math. There are 14 spots ahead of us. Figure in that Clowney, 2-3 QBs, Barr and Mack will be gone (definite 5-6 players). Add to the equation that there will most likely be a couple of surprises taken ahead of us, maybe Aaron Donald, Dee Ford, CJ Mosely and/or one of the safeties. I would put a C-Note on it that either Evans, Lewan or one of the CBs is there for us. My guess is it will be Dennard. Go home Kiper…you’re drunk.

  • steelster

    Lewan and maybe dennard. At least 3 teams ahead of the steelers have cb needs. Lions, rams and titans.

  • steelster

    The more tape I watch on beckham the more I like him. This guy has the good traits of hines ward, mike Wallace and santonio holmes all in him. He is good on broken down plays where the qb extends the play he gets open(ward), Wallace speed,(beckham ran a 4.31 40 at the combine) and his open field vision and running is amazing just like holmes. He also has better leaping ability than any of the 3 I mentioned. So yes he would be a good pick at 15.

  • Ahmad

    If Ebron is not that there at 15 I would be ecstatic to take Beckham.

  • SFIC


  • SFIC

    Taking a CB early probably won’t happen if there’s value available.
    Steeler CB’s are only as good as the pass rush provided. Truth is most teams will admit to this.

  • SFIC

    I don’t feel Beckham is a reach at 15 at all. I have him rated higher than both Evans and Benjamin because both need to improve their route running significantly to avoid being labelled a bust. Beckham has as high a ceiling as them and more importantly a higher floor.
    That said, I personally feel we should wait until 2 or 3 until we take a WR because there are a lot of solid picks later. I would much rather take a pass rushing DT like Donald or Jernigan, both of whom could play inside on sub packages. Having a Geno Atkins type pass rush coming up the middle would improve the performance of our CB’s without having to draft one early.