Miami T Seantrel Henderson Reportedly Has A Pre Draft Visit Scheduled With Steelers

With tackle Marcus Gilbert now entering the final year of his rookie contract in 2014 and fellow tackle Mike Adams still trying to develop into a starter, it looks like the Pittsburgh Steelers are indeed very open to drafting another tackle this year.

On Thursday, Omar Kelly of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel reported on Twitter that University of Miami tackle Seantrel Henderson has a pre draft visit set up with the Steelers.

Henderson, who measured in at the 2014 NFL Scouting Combine at just over 6’7″, reportedly had a poor showing on Thursday at his Pro Day. Kelly also reports that Henderson was unable to finish his workout due him being dehydrated.

Many believe that Henderson will be drafted right around the fifth or sixth round come May and the Steelers were recently awarded a sixth round compensatory draft pick, so that’s worth noting.

  • Paddy

    Dehydrated? That’s on him, dumb

  • Jason Vancil

    He has a couple of off-field team violation issues in his past as well.

  • MailboxKid

    This is the guys I want as a project. Incredible potential. #1 OT out of high school. If we can use a 5th on him I would be very happy. This kid most likely will mature and with that growth as well as a good coach, he could be an All-Pro.

  • cp72

    He got worked at the senior bowl. There is major bust potential here.

  • pittsburghjoe

    WOODLEY says he needs to train harder. What a joke, he cant even finish his own pro day.

  • TrueSteelerForLife

    Mike Adams 2.0. Even smokes weed too!

  • Aric Brown

    Another story on Yahoo states that this kid just flat out quit because he was doing poorly at his pro day

  • harding36

    This kid can’t play. Pass.

  • Milliken Steeler

    You guys crack me up. Mike Adams will be and is a better R/T than Gilbert. Its not his fault he was put at L/T where Gilbert was and coming off of an injury. If Mike was put at L/T over Gilbert, was does that say about Gilbert?

    Gilbert is the weak link and who you should be worrying about. and Munchak will expose him if he comes into camp out of shape like he did last year,

  • steelster

    all college kids smoke weed.

  • Big White

    If he can’t show anything on his own pro day, he won’t show you anything on a visit. Spare the guy the jetlag, call him up and say no thanks bra.

  • MC

    If i were making the picks. I’d go defense heavy this year and not draft an OL, let Gilbert play out his final year. If he doesn’t do well, we go LT in the first round of next years draft and let Beachum and Adams batlle out for the RT spot.

  • The Fighting Ingies

    I think this validates Dave’s suggestion that team might have gone to the Michigan Pro Day to see Michael Schofield. I’ve seen Henderson and Schofield graded as 5th-6th round picks on a couple of sites.

  • tim

    I totally agree!

  • tim

    Mike Adams sucks….if he was better than Gilbert why didn’t he play right tackle? The only way he could get on the field was to play tight end in the Jumbo package in the run game.

  • Milliken Steeler

    I sure hope you aren’t a talent scout. He was put at left tackle. He didnt belong there and is a road grader at R/T.

    We will see if Mr Gilbert is even on the team next year. Munchak will sort it out.

  • tim

    Did you just call Adams a ” road grater”? LMAO oh ok…….
    Hes a ok run blocker whos getting better st it but…you said he was at RT…actually he got MOST of his snaps at TE cuz he….SUCKS…


    As do most college professors.

  • Milliken Steeler

    Stick to your day job Tim. seriously, you’re hurting yourself and Ill be back when Gilbert gets ko’d and make sure I point that out to you. Your football IQ is comical.

    Way to go to the spelling to somehow make your point. smh I havent seen your kind before.

    You keep right on reading articles though and passing on the stories.

  • Steve

    This guy watches too many defensive players run right by him in both the run and pass blocking. Yes he is big but just an average at best OT.

  • Luke Shabro

    Kids not even worth a compensatory pick. UDFA or nothing. Big but slow and lazy. He’s like Bryant McKinnie but a lot less talented. Rather take a small school prospect like Billy Turner

  • steelster

    Adams didn’t play RT because of his pass blocking isn’t very good. He is a good run blocker and that is why he was in at TE. If the steelers can establish a good run blocking RT next to decastro we will have a lot more success at running with Bell and Blount.

  • steelster

    The steelers could use some pot smoking cheerleaders. However, they might all be fat because of the munchies.

  • tim

    Just because you put Steelers in you name doesn’t mean you know football….im going on tape and facts….fact IS, Adams played more as the 3rd TE than at OT….look it up and feel FREE to save this and email again when your wrong. .

  • Milliken Steeler

    That’s a brilliant observation too Tim. Must be another go to item for you like capitalizing suck. You’re going on tape and facts. lol Oh and feel free to point out spelling errors, I know it makes you feel better.

    So you have watched Gilbert commit the most penalties allow the most hurries etc right? I’m not new to this game son and I’m not impressed. I know what I see also as this isn’t something I spend little time on. smh Offer your ” expert” advice to a newbie kid, I’m sure he’ll be easily fooled by your drivel.

    Coached back up and put in his right place at R/T will make Gilbert gone or signed for less than a mill a year as a back up in 2015.

    Just because Steeler is in my name huh? Good one Tim.. way to bring a spork to a knife fight. Now move along as you bore me.

  • tim

    In a way, you JUST made my point….Gilbert was bad according to those stats and u are right……so if he was SO bad, why didnt Adams beat him out? Because we’d rather have the 2nd best OT on the field?? Im boring you because we arent talking about a sport you know, like soccer…who da hell keeps they better linemen on the bench?? Oh I know who….Coach Milliken Steeler…your kids soccer team is calling…

  • Milliken Steeler

    In a way, you just went back to my original point. If Gilbert was the L/T and so good, how in the world did Adams become the starting L/T? Coming off an injury and missing practice time no less?

    I suppose Redman being anointed the starting position from the tub was a good move also.

    You’re boring me because your lack of originality and football IQ are weak and yet…you continue on with your self amusing…well nothing. Move along skippy, this isn’t your strong point.

  • Milliken Steeler

    Maybe you could explain Gilbert collapsing in camp just trying to pass the basic conditioning test. Now that is the ultimate example of self discipline during the first year of the CBA off season work out program.

    Lets see what happens with Munchak here and I dare Gilbert to show up for camp again like that now.

  • pat

    Quick question if Mike Adams is a rt and is better than Gilbert at rt why did Gilbert get the rt job over Adams last yr Beachum played lt so the better of Gilbert and Adams played rt

  • tim

    Wtf are you talkinh about? ” If Gilbert was SO good” at LEAST he STARTED you big dummy! With the team playing poorly at the beginning of last year and coach making adjustments, if Adams was a better choice , a better OT etc please explain to me in your best soccer kick knowledge why he wouldn’t have taken over for Gilbert? Or…or why he couldn’t beat out the guy from football powerhouse SMU?

  • Milliken Steeler

    Read above Pat. Im not gonna expalin the whole scenario again, no offence

    If Redman was better than Dwyer, why was Redman cut after being the starter. Mistakes are made and decisions are not always the right ones.

    There is no doubt from me that Beach is the best L/T out of the three. My point is Adams is the better right tackle and this will play out soon I believe with Adams back where he belongs.

  • Milliken Steeler

    Keep capitalizing Tim. its really helping. If you dont understand my point, that’s part of your problem.

    Keep asking me the same stuff too. Are you a bit slow skippy? One more time, lets see what happens with Munchak making the line decisions.

    Please explain to me why you’re clueless and need the same thing written four times. Explain to me how you bringing soccer into to this somehow makes you a genius, Move along.

  • pat

    I agree I do think Beachum is the better L/T and I really like Adams great run blocker and should be the starting R/T this yr he has had bad luck the past 2 yrs with the stabbing and his rookie yr missing out do to the cba thing.

  • steelster

    You and Tim are making me think that Taylor Lewan might be a good first round pick.

  • pat

    But with saying that last yr Gilbert was the better Adams play was not that good last yr im hoping for Munchak to come in and change things

  • Milliken Steeler

    Agreed Pat and if you looked back at Adams, the L/T mistake shook his confidence. He was flat out getting worse instead of better and didn’t even know certain assignments.

    The unfair beating he is taking for being put out of position when he was showing promise at R/T is comical. He will be coached back up, regain his confidence and I believe regain his right tackle spot.

  • tim

    Ya see how others are wondering why too douche? Yes, he got stabbed but when put at LT he stunk up the place. Don’t get me wrong MS, I think Golbert sucks TOO but I called it with adams coming out of college, hes not that good. Please keep this and we can bet on whos where in the fall if youd like…cuz I bet ya adaams cant evrn bet out Beacham…now go stock those soccer balls on the shelves where you work….Millinken Steeler indeed! Lol

  • Milliken Steeler

    LOL. I hear you Steelster. I’m keeping it clean for the most part and Im actually surprised it has been discussed this long 🙂

  • Milliken Steeler

    You have multiple people telling you he was the better run blocker and belonged at R/T and your rain man routine just keeps you flapping away. lol

    You can talk about soccer, golf or whatever direction the medication takes you in however, the bottom line is Adams doesnt suck and was incorrectly moved to L/T last year.

    Now slow down as those meds are kicking in and as you like to point out, spelling is becoming and issue. Now hug that snuggy Tim and call it a night.

  • steelster

    just stop, be the better person.

  • Milliken Steeler

    I agree however, I think his confidence was shaken and he should be fine once he is coached up again.

    The guy should not have been moved to R/T

  • Milliken Steeler


  • SteelersDepot

    You two need to knock it off. I have no patience for this crap.


    In my best Homer Simpson voice…..”mmmmm….pot smoking cheerleaders.”

  • MailboxKid

    He’s a project. Right now he is far below the line but as for potential, he has the capabilities and make up to be much better than average.

  • Toddy Bravo


  • PA2AK

    anyone have insight to UCLA’s Darius Bell? Saw somewhere that he likes to compare himself to Hines. I know…doesn’t mean much, but there are some similarities i guess.


    This guy has the physical talent but is a head case – we should avoid him at all costs unless we want a physically gifted, but inconsistent performer. His quitting halfway through his pro day is all I need to know about him.

  • steeltown

    He’ll slip.. might provide good value if he falls to the 7th

  • Steve

    What kind of weed you been smokin (Could be All Pro)? Seantrel makes Adams and Gilbert look like All Pro. DId you watch the video above, cause I seen a whole different person than you did? Seantrel is a long shot to even be drafted.

  • 243546

    The Steelers may only have a small window to win another championship with Ben, and Gilbert, Adams, and Beachum all have contracts that expire over the next two years. If the team has a shot at an OT that they really like, there’s no reason not to pull the trigger.

    The team doesn’t have a real NFL caliber LT. I was happy with the job that Beachum did last year, but a lot of his success was the result of Haley game planning around his weaknesses. Beachum didn’t block other players, as much as he got in their way. He’s able to hold up his man long enough for a quick pass from shotgun, or a three step drop, but he has a hard time holding up in situations where the play needs time to develop. He’s also a liability as a run blocker.

  • Milliken Steeler

    Dave, can you delete the long winded conversation of mine at least from last night? Ridiculous that it even happened and embarrassing. smh

  • Steve

    The only thing that will prove who is the better player is on the field. Bullshit walks, on the field talks. Nuff said.

  • wdhammer

    if Lewan is there grab him .let Mike M turn him into an all pro. Then D,D,D,D,D,

  • srdan

    If i had to guess, 75% or more of tackles or any player in the lockeroom smoke weed. Just like the people around you, it’s everywhere.

  • steelerfreak1976

    Henderson failed to finish his pro day workout and is considering retiring. The Steelers would be wise to cancel his scheduled visit and use it on someone else.

  • So I guess if a player went to a small school they aren’t good? Guess that Antonio Brown guy sucks, Ben too.

  • tim

    Where is Adams the starting LT??? Beach started at LT…….are you watching the games? Most of Adams playing time came at TE last year…omg why am I even talking to you??

  • tim

    We’re talking about LT, not RB….this doesn’t make your point at ALL…now you are saying ” I believe Adams will be back”….
    So you tried making a point on ” what YOU believe”?? LMAO GREAT. ..thank God you dont work for the Steelers, but you MAY be working for the Browns w ith your reasoning……one thing you said right…mistakes are made…you’re right and it was when they drafted Adams…

  • tim

    Too bad the guy was drafted to PLAY LT….lol