Now Is The Time For Terrelle Pryor To Seriously Consider A Position Change

The Oakland Raiders will reportedly release quarterback Terrelle Pryor on Monday after failed attempts to trade him and you have to wonder if the Ohio State product would now be willing to make a position change in order to make himself more marketable to other teams.

In the 15 games that he played in Oakland, Pryor completed 170 of 302 pass attempts for 1,953 yards with nine touchdowns to go along with 12 interceptions. While there might be a team or two willing to add Pryor as a camp arm to compete for a backup quarterback job, now is the perfect time for the 6-foot-5, 230-plus pound speedster to seriously consider converting to wide receiver.

At his 2011 Pro Day workout, Pryor reportedly ran a 4.36 40-yard dash time, which would have been the fourth-fastest at the combine that year. With that kind of size and speed, you would have to think he’d have a lot of teams willing to take him to training camp with them if he was willing to change positions.

As far as the Pittsburgh Steelers go, Pryor said last season that head coach Mike Tomlin had interest in selecting him in the supplemental draft, but the Jeannette, Pa., native thought it was in his best interest to get out of the area instead.

“Mike said, ‘Hey, I’ll draft you if you want to play here,’ ” Pryor said in an interview last season before the Raiders game against the Steelers. “But he gave me a story about when he was down in Tampa Bay about a quarterback (Shaun King) that was there, and he ended up being in the same hometown. It was just hard for him; he ended up cutting out because of all the distractions.”

The last thing the Steelers need right now is developmental quarterback with accuracy issues. They could, however, use a developmental wide receiver with size and speed, and that’s exactly how Pryor would best fit in Pittsburgh. There’s no guarantee that Pryor would be able to make the position change this far along in his career, but being as he has a ton of athleticism, if any player could pull it off, it would be him.

  • Matt Manzo

    That would be interesting to see! I’ve always wanted to give him a shot behind Ben but I don’t think he has the head to make the switch to WR. I hope he does, cuz it’d be pretty cool if it worked out!

  • Couldn’t hurt

  • JohnB

    I’d like to see if he could make the transition to TE/WR here and maybe be used in a gadget play here and there a la Randle El.

  • Kenneth Wilt

    QB….don’t bother. WR….I’d give him a shot.

  • Kenneth Wilt

    Doesn’t have the head to be a WR? Shouldn’t it be easier to be a WR than a QB when it comes to the “head” part of the game. You don’t need to know all 4/5 routes, you need to know your own. For a QB, lets say in a 3 WR with TE and RB on the field scenario where all 5 go out into the pattern, he has to know where every single guy is going to go and if the guy has options based on what the D gives him. At WR…he has to know his own only.

  • srdan

    If he could come in ego-less I think most teams would give him a shot to see where he fits in.

    His body build obviously translates well to a redzone receiving threat on paper, but I think that is something that players develop for years, not overnight. I never played football, but the RZ to me is like rebounding in basketball. You have to have will and wits to get boards. There are plenty of taller people that get outrebounded.

  • Michael Pearce

    Love to see him come in as a WR in Pittsburgh, especially since it looks like we will miss out on the top big WR’s in the draft. I would still take one of the top WR’s at 6′ or above but also have Pryor come in to play WR too. With that size and speed it would be very intriguing.

  • Johnny Loose

    He was a great HS basketball player if that helps, lol. Probably a long shot but I’d be excited to hear the Steelers are bringing him into camp as a WR. Even if they brought him in as an extra arm at QB to start with, there would still be that opportunity to make the transition to WR while he’s here.

  • William Weaver

    With that size and speed make him a 3rd down back option/h-back. Can you imagine a linebacker trying to cover him on a route out of the backfield? Or give him a few toss sweeps with a run pass option? Could be a deadly slash type player. Sign him! Would he take a shot at kick returner in pre-season?

  • Derrick Rikki Dunson

    Noooooooooooo! He is a head case. Last thing the Steelers need is a WR project.

  • Jacque Strappe


  • Maimonidesvii


  • Jacque Strappe

    Or whiff by Woodley (or Timmons if you believe his explanation) and a 93yd jaunt to the house.
    With a draft full of WR talent, I see no reason to spend the man hours trying to convert the kid.

  • srdan

    man hours are infinite to an NFL team, draft picks are not. He is certainly a better prospect than Moye or Brown.

  • tim

    Now going from a QB to a TE IS a BIT of a stretch, to say the LEAST. .

  • Eric MacLaurin

    A little time as an NFL qb might actually help him as a receiver

  • Jacque Strappe

    Based on what exactly?

  • srdan

    Yeah, you are probably right. Potential? But thats worth nothing….plenty of potential walking around without

  • frednash

    I’ve always thought he’d be great as a free safety

    I watched him play hs football

    he was terrible throwing the ball

    but on defense with his size and speed

    he had all-pro written all over!

    totally disruptive. .

  • Jacque Strappe

    So, you think he’s worth a spot on the 53 man roster as a project. Ok, he’s gonna have to contribute on special teams. He gonna cover kicks? Return them?

  • srdan

    Honestly, if he came in ego-less there is probably a spot that could be carved out for him. And with enough patienece he could provide a good solution as a backup. Although I am not a big fan of switching styles for the backup. I liked Dixon but our team switched 100% when he played and not ben. And it’s true that you then force the other team to prepare for that, but your team has to prepare just the same.

    I don’t see him playing gunner, and we could use an upgrade at returning kicks…but that goes bck to being ego-less. I don’t see it happening.

    So receiver is the next position. He is the size of moye or brown but a lot more athletically gifted. If neither of them is really taking the steps to be on the team, pryor could replace them as a one year project and see where we are.

    And completely out of left field, if we are switching his position….can he cover athletic tightends? Crazy, but people with his athleticism can do a lot. Although that is prob asking too much of him.

    I don’t know, but I will say that if I heard we cut moye or brown for pryor today, i would go home a little happier than I arrived at work. But I can’t tell you exactly

  • shawn

    ya that would be interesting to see … good article !

  • Robert R Moon

    As some raider fans can remember there was a time when the raiders tried to connvert a Q B to a wide reciever and the results were questionable. Usually Q B only want to run the show and it is hard to change that attitude. It was 1968 when the Raiders drafted Eldridge Reno Dickey in 1st round as the 25th overall pick. then they picked Stabler in the second round. Many thought Dickey out played Stabler but the Raiders decided to go with stabler and convert Dickey to W R. he never shined as a wideout as he did as a Q B. In his case his heart just wasn’t in it and it showed on the field. Pryor certainity has the ability to do the job if he wanted to but it harder for a Q B to change than most other position.