Pittsburgh DT Aaron Donald Has Decided He’s Not Up For Bro Hugging Roger Goodell

When University of Pittsburgh defensive tackle Aaron Donald has his name called during the first round of the 2014 NFL Draft next month, he won’t be taking part in an uncomfortable-to-watch bro-hug with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell on the stage of Radio City Music Hall in New York City.

According to a Friday report by Jerry DiPaola of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Donald has decided to turn down an invitation to be present for the draft after praying about it.

“Aaron is so personal,” said Donald’ mother Anita Goggins. “He just didn’t want to go and have all those cameras in his face.

“He thought about it. He received a letter from (NFL Commissioner) Roger Goodell. One minute, he was going. The next minute he said, ‘I’m not going.’

“I told him to pray about it, just like when he wasn’t sure if he wanted to leave (Pitt) after his junior year. Last Friday (April 11), he made his choice.”

Donald, who will instead watch the draft at home in Pittsburgh with his family, won’t likely need to rely on prayer in order to get drafted early in the first round after having a tremendous 2013 season followed by a spectacular showing during the week of the Senior Bowl. From that point forward, he’s been speculated by many as being a near lock to be drafted somewhere in the top ten.

Since the inaugural draft in February 1936, the University of Pittsburgh has had a total of 24 players drafted in the first round with wide receiver Jonathan Baldwin being the last one when he was selected 26th overall by the Kansas City Chiefs in 2011.

The last Pittsburgh player to be drafted in the top ten was wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald when the Arizona Cardinals made him the third overall selection in 2004.

  • kman

    As if I didn’t like this kid enough already…

  • Jeff

    Hahahaha “Bro Hug”…. What ever happened to the traditional handshake?

  • Jeff

    It sort of seems the Steelers are targeting higher character guys these days in the draft… especially after they saw what happens when you have locker room pests…. Wallace, Mendy **cough cough**

  • frednash

    It’s a Obama thing!

  • I would chest bump him, and knock him off the stage. Who wouldn’t laugh. Cant get fined yet bro!

  • steeltown

    It is weird

  • SFIC

    I just hope Donald ends up hugging Tomlin….

  • Why? on another team maybe. He is not a scheme fit, great player but not at all a fit. Steelers usually like their DE’s at 6″4-6″5 295-310.

  • DannyZucco43

    I REALLY like this guy now. This is a man who is coming into the NFL that already knows Godell is an arse and he isn’t buying into his garbage agenda.

  • SFIC

    The need for the massive NT is a thing of the past now that over 50% (and rising) of the plays require sub-packages due to multiple WR sets and zone read systems. Donald is very stout for his weight and will do just fine against offenses with zone blocking schemes (Jernigan too). I would line him up like we do with McClendon in sub-packages. We would finally have a lethal pass rush up the middle. Kinda’ like Geno Atkins, he isn’t that great against the run either, but look what he does against the pass.

  • SFIC

    I would just add, NT’s are dead weight vs the zone read and the hurry-up and when we are in the nickel and dime

  • William Weaver

    I like that. Think outside the box. Don’t follow a tight script. If a player as good as he is happens to fall to you, take him!! Figure out how to use him later? I am not sure I would do it, depending on who else is there but I like your flexible thinking. Hate being tied into a certain rigid way.

  • Steven Vincent

    Suddenly, I like him even MORE. Screw “fitting into the system”. Draft him!

  • Kevin Gobleck

    This is a good enough reason for us to draft him in my book, we already have D-Line issues, just put him where the biggest hole is lol

  • Steve

    Donald reminds me of James Harrison, who never went to the White House after winning the Super bowl. James wanted to be with his family, just like Donald would rather be home with his Mom.

  • patrick Mayfield



    I was thinking it looks more like a Karl Rove thing i.e his embarrassing attempt at rapping.

  • scott2443

    well if he feels that way he better become a steeler because as a team they feel same way about goodell and his lackys …seems he fit right in and with the steeler nation having his back.

  • This division is and has always been and will be based on effectively running the football.