Rod Woodson Predicts The Steelers Will Go 11-5 In 2014

Following the Wednesday evening release of the Pittsburgh Steelers 2014 schedule, Rod Woodson was asked to break it down game by game on the NFL Network.

“This schedule looks very taunting for the Pittsburgh Steelers,” said Woodson. “You’ve got to think, they have not had three losing seasons in back-to-back-to-back years since 1969 through 1971.

“This is a critical time for them. 8-8 the last two years, not going to the post seasons, they got to get some wins. They got to win at home and you got to win in the division.”

As for Woodson’s game by game prediction for the Steelers, he has them going 1-2 in the first three games to start the season, but then has them winning seven of their next eight with the only loss during that stretch coming at home against the Indianapolis Colts.

After back-to-back losses to the New Orleans Saints and Cincinnati Bengals, however, Woodson has the Steelers closing out the 2014 regular-season with three straight wins to finish the year at 11-5.

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Rod Woodson Predicts Steelers 2014 Schedule Game By Game

1Sun, Sep 7 @ 1:00 PM ETCleveland BrownsW
2Thu, Sep 11 @ 8:25 PM ETat Baltimore RavensL
3Sun, Sep 21 @ 8:30 PM ETat Carolina PanthersL
4Sun, Sep 28 @ 1:00 PM ETTampa Bay BuccaneersW
5Sun, Oct 5 @ 1:00 PM ETat Jacksonville JaguarsW
6Sun, Oct 12 @ 1:00 PM ETat Cleveland BrownsW
7Mon, Oct 20 @ 8:30 PM ETHouston TexansW
8Sun, Oct 26 @ 4:25 PM ETIndianapolis ColtsL
9Sun, Nov 2 @ 8:30 PM ETBaltimore RavensW
10Sun, Nov 9 @ 1:00 PM ETat New York JetsW
11Mon, Nov 17 @ 8:30 PM ETat Tennessee TitansW
13Sun, Nov 30 @ 1:00 PM ETNew Orleans SaintsL
14Sun, Dec 7 @ 1:00 PM ETat Cincinnati BengalsL
15Sun, Dec 14 @ 1:00 PM ETat Atlanta FalconsW
16Sun, Dec 21 @ 1:00 PM ETKansas City ChiefsW
17Sun, Dec 28 @ 1:00 PM ETCincinnati BengalsW

  • James Miles

    I love Rod Woodson but he is underestimating the Steelers. I see them going 13-3.

  • Matt Smith

    I love Rod as well, but even if they have a losing record this year, it won’t their third in a row.

  • Dan Mari

    I think people are missing one important factor in handing us a loss to the Saints. They have a week 6 bye and then the fun begins. They have to play, IN A ROW, Lions, Packers, Panthers, 49ers…and then they get 3 straight weeks of AFC North teams: Cincy, Baltimore , and then Pittsburgh. The Saints are going to have a grinder of a schedule against those defenses. Seriously, if they make it through that and come into Heinz Field and beat us, then they truly deserve it. That’s a tough road to hoe.

  • Superdriller316

    Wonder if Hot Rod is coming back for another internship this year?

  • Matt Manzo

    Why is everyone saying a loss to Carolina is for sure? They have no WRs.

  • Steelers@2010

    I think predicting the Steelers will go 11-5 is pretty generous. To be honest with you, I see them going 9-7 or 8-8 again. This will be a young team in 2014, I’m not expecting much at all. However, in 2015 I can see the Steelers going back to the playoffs, possibly SuperBowl. The team will be young, experience and primed for another run.

  • Crazy Bone

    Sorry Rod, the roster is weaker now than last year. The team lost two of its top three receivers and doesn’t have a defensive line to speak of…11 wins is a pipe dream.

    Hopefully this owner has finally realized that Arians was never the problem. The team is lacking in talent and the personnel decision makers need to be changed. I am hoping for the end of the Tomlin/Colbert era after this season.

  • mlc43

    Change isn’t always a bad thing. Lets see how everyone meshes together before we doom them. While I agree about the DL, I don’t think the WR loss is as critical as some believe.

  • Zach Bolen

    I agree with you. Cotchery is a good third option but the only reason he had that much production is because of Brown,Sander’s , Bell , and Miller with out solid weapons around to take the heat away he will be good but not as good.

  • Iron Cadet

    How? You see us beating the saints, colts, panthers? We aren’t Super Bowl ready right now, they are,

  • AzheDraven

    Yeah, maybe, but they are not unbeatable. Brees sucks outside, Carolina took a lot of steps back, and the colts as of right now, have no running game. We’ll see how things turn out, but at least I’m thinking they can beat Carolina because their roster makeover and it’s just week 3 so they may not be 100% coordinated. I expect Cam to suffer what Brady went though last season. Lol.
    Maybe the colts find a running back. Maybe Atlanta recovers from an awful season.
    I’m still seeing more than 10 wins, but who knows. I just want to see football now and not until September.

  • RedCarpetDefense

    Hey Dave you should definitely repost this article when the season is nearing its end just for giggles if anything.

  • RedCarpetDefense

    There are probably the same amount of reasons as to why this team is gonna be better this year as there are why they could regress.
    I am making the mental preparation for another 8-8 season if they do better then great I’ll be pleasantly surprised. If it’s to be 8-8 then I guess that makes me somewhat of (dare I say) a genius. However, should this season go straight down the toilet I won’t be terribly disappointed as I’ll be keeping my expectations tempered. I am excited though just as any to see them trotting out onto the field again soon…hideous throwback jerseys and all..!! Go Steelers..!!

  • RedCarpetDefense

    “We only watch one football team in this house. Isn’t that right Rudy?”
    “Yes sir”
    “And what team is that?”
    “Why it’s the Pittsburgh Steelers…!!…Duh..!!”
    “Thaaaaaat’s right…!! The Pittsssburrrrgh Steeelerrrrs..!!”

  • toonasteel

    If you really, truly think this team is going 13-3, I want to smoke some of the stuff that you’re smoking. The homer glasses are strong on you

  • James Miles

    I think we will take 2 if not all 3. I don’t think people realize yet the potential of the Steelers O or believe that the Steeler D will be a lot better this year but I think people are going t have their eye’s opened. Go Stillers!!!!!!!

  • DB84

    Haha I don’t think they are going 13-3 but who knows, no one predicted the Texans getting the first pick or Carolina getting a bye. Every year is different. At least thats my optimist coming out.


    …and we have an extra long week to prepare for them…Go Steelers

  • James Kling

    Cam Newton. He’s so fast he can throw the ball to himself 40 yards downfield.

  • James Kling

    Saints are also noted for playing well outside. Hoping for a snowy 11/30!

  • Iron Cadet

    We have a ways to go before we can beat all 3. We lost to the raiders and the vikings last season.

  • letownia

    This is such in depth analysis from Rod Woodson. “I’m going to give them a win here, and give them a win there”… bla bla bla. I just wish it could be NFL season already!!

  • JohnB

    saints at home at the end of Nov after a bye week. i’ll take those odds.

  • StrengthOfVictory

    I think it’s more likely that we lose to Atlanta than Carolina, but 11-5 (by way of splitting with the Bengals and Ravens) seems about right.

  • rizzo29

    Don,t forget pitt has lost the last 2games against the titans,that,s not an easy game for them

  • pat

    We got Big Ben a good oline that can be great this yr 2 studs at rb a top 5 wr a great te and alot of talent on the defensive side heyward mclendon worilds timmons troy allen id say we are better than most ppl are thinking 12-4

  • Iron Cadet

    Which just proves my point even more

  • george

    The only way they go 13-3 is if the offense can average 31 points per game.

  • george

    The Colts have a running back-Trent Richardson

  • 412 Central

    I love you dave but why would u type the description before the video???

  • AzheDraven

    Sorry, I forgot about him. Thats because he sucked lol