Sports Illustrated’s Don Banks Thinks Steelers Go Cornerback In Round One

NFL draftnik Don Banks of Sports Illustrated weighed in on Monday with a one minute video draft preview for the Pittsburgh Steelers and he has them going defense in the first round.

Banks thinks that either Oklahoma State cornerback Justin Gilbert or Ohio State cornerback Bradley Roby will be the Steelers first round pick and he goes on to say that he thinks the wide receiver position will then be addressed at some point after that because of the depth this draft class has.

The only thing that Banks said that I really take issue with his comments on the age of the Steelers defense.

“In Pittsburgh, the Steelers defense is getting older by the minute,” said Banks. “Last year it showed real signs of wear and tear, and I think the first round has to be a defensive round for Pittsburgh this season.”

Banks must have missed the Steelers releasing linebackers LaMarr Woodley and Larry Foote this offseason. In addition, replacing safety Ryan Clark with Mike Mitchell was another youth movement that was made as was the signing of defensive lineman Cam Thomas.

This notion that the Steelers defense is still old has to stop. Yes, Ike Taylor and Troy Polamalu are both still on the team, but they’re the only two starters on defense right now over the age of 30.

  • dennisdoubleday

    Sadly, most national reporters just spout stuff they’ve heard, without really examining new information.

  • chris ward

    I would be fine if the Steelers pick one of the top 3 CB’s Fuller, Gilbert, or Dennard in round 1.

  • Paul Hoover

    Need to leave Roby ALONE !!!

  • chris ward

    The description of the Steelers defense as old is getting tiresome.

  • Smokin_Smiley

    wouldn’t mind if they traded back and still picked up one of those cb’s in the 20’s one will still be there and then we get extra . also tuitt in second would be sick

  • blackandgoldBullion

    With 7 of 11 starters gone on defense in the past 2 years, I believe these guys are showing us what they truly are: Complete and utter idiots! Be gone, fools!

  • Paul Hoover

    I’d like to see them pick up that Bucannon safety in the third after 1st CB / 2nd Tuitt / 3rd Bucannon .. That guy is a ball magnet !!! Then go WR/LB’s

  • He will not be there in the third or else I would be saying the same as you…especially since we pick late third.

  • Paul Hoover

    Hope we do get a shot to trade back !!!

  • kev4heels

    lol on the oldest defense schtick…Ike and Troy are the only guys left that are really up there in age. timmons is in his prime and heyward, mcclendon, cam thomas, cortez, shamarko, mike mitchell, vince williams (and spence) are all fairly young. when we add a cb in the draft, the only guy that will still be around is troy…and I think he retires soon. the defense hasn’t been what it once was, but you have to remember we have been gradually turning over players over the last 3 years. you can’t just cut half your defense b/c of age. that’s just a dumb way to do things.

  • Paul Hoover

    Your right … I was dreaming !! Would be awesome though !!!

  • Jacque Strappe


  • Jason

    I’ll stop watching if we take Roby in round 1 because regardless of what we do 2-7 wasting a pick on this guy would ruin my draft buzz.

  • Kenneth Wilt

    You can cut the age all at once, but you can’t be competitive and do that. I think you could argue that 8-8 the last 2 years might have been less painful with 4-12 followed by 8-8 last year. At least you get a true impact player in the draft.

  • 20Stoney

    They’re not old anymore. They’re just not very good!

  • You’re fighting the good fight for the truth, Dave, but it must feel like banging your head against the wall over and over again.

    Here’s yet another national “expert” who doesn’t seem to understand a damn thing. It’s easy to say the Steelers should take a CB, but we read these “experts” for their analysis, do we not? And yet the analysis is so often glaringly wrong — here’s just more evidence.

    Same with the CW that the Steelers have cap problems. It’s like these “experts” are constantly lagging behind reality and doing nothing to try to catch up.

  • chris ward

    They don’t have as much experience in years past, other than Timmons, Polamalu, and Taylor. See how they do this year, I wouldn’t say they’re not good, they have some quality young guys on defense, just a much younger group and definitely has areas that they need to fill.

  • Steelers@2010

    Well once you’ve been labeled as being something negative, sometimes it’s hard for people to perceive you of just that. The Steelers Defense isn’t as old as it was during this time last year. I’m sure they will go heavy on defense during next weeks draft as well. The only thing that concerns me is their philsophy/evaluation when it comes to selecting DB’s. I just hope they get it right this year in 2014, it could go a long way in determining their fate in 2014 and beyond.

  • Steelers@2010

    Dude, I couldn’t agree with you more; I’m sure LeBeau has been talking this kid up simply because he is from Ohio State. I hope they pass, he’s not worthy of a #15 pick.

  • Steelers@2010

    Very well said.

  • Darryl Battle

    I have 2 different mock draft scenarios. The 1st includes a possible trade with the 49ERS which to me in a perfect world the Steelers would p/u a 2nd, 4th, and 5th rd picks. The second scenario is if we stand pat with the 1:15 pick:
    1. Stephen Tuitt – DE
    2. Jordan Matthews – WR- I love this guy! (cuz of Jerry Rice) says a lot!
    2. Stanley Jean-Baptiste – CB
    3. Ross Cockrell – CB
    4. Christian Jones – ILB/OLB
    4. JuWaun James – OT
    5. Shaquille Barrett – OLB
    5. Quincy Enunwa – WR – Hines Ward 2.0 in the making.
    6. Rob Blanchflower – TE
    6. Daniel McCullers – NT
    7. Elhadji Ndiaye – OLB
    1. Kyle Fuller – CB
    2. Jordan Matthews – I told you I love this guy.
    3. Ross Cockrell – CB
    4. Christian Jones – ILB/OLB
    5. Ryan Carrethers – NT
    5. DeAndre Coleman – DE/NT
    6. Quincy Enunwa – WR – I love him too.
    6. Rob Blanchflower – TE/HB
    7. Ethan Wstbrook – OLB
    I know there is no COP back in neither of my mocks. I believe that because of the decrease of importance of the RB position, we can find one that can do that plus contribute on SP (KR/PR).

  • MarB

    Any corner that gets beat for over 200 yards by a wisconsin receiver (Jared abbrederis is one sick white boy tho) can not be a first round pick

  • Starbuck63

    Well said and it may be true but higher draft pics do not necessarily equate to impact players. Just ask Cleveland how the many top-10 picks they’ve had over the last 20+ years have panned out. 🙂

    Impact players are important but equally so is finding those surprising draft gems in later rounds (looking at you Antonio Brown,

    Brett Keisel and players like [shudder] Tom Brady) as well as solid back-ups.

  • Steelers@2010

    I’ve read were Roby does have discipline issues; I’ve also heard that Dennard’s physical play will not translate over to the NFL as well, he would possibly receive too many penalties. However, the only thing I’ve heard about Gilbert is that he’s not a great tackler. Excuse me, but isn’t it about time the F/O draft some CB’s that are superior at playing the pass? I’m sure they can coach the guy up to tackle. I’m just saying.

  • Johnny Loose

    actually getting younger by the minute.

  • 20Stoney

    Agree about the young guys, but they really have holes, and that is before the inevitable injuries. We’ll see how it plays out on the field. I don’t see a dominating defense unless a whole lot of things fall into place though.

  • Steelers@2010

    Please! Please don’t let LeBeau talk Colbert into drafting this kid with the 1st pick.