Steelers 2014 Preseason Schedule To Be Announced Wednesday Afternoon

The Pittsburgh Steelers will announce their 2014 preseason schedule Wednesday afternoon.

While we are only speculating, there’s a good chance that the Steelers final of the four exhibition games will be at home against the Carolina Panthers. If that is indeed winds up being the case, then the Steelers will more than likely open the preseason on the road.

There is a lot of speculation that the Steelers will play the Buffalo Bills during the preseason this year being as the two teams are expected to hold joint practices together during training camp.

The Steelers were 0-4 last year during the preseason.

  • chris ward

    Nice, been waiting to see when the pre-schedule would be released. Yeah I would be surprised if the Steelers don’t play the Panthers in their common pre-season finale.

  • Callentown

    Eesh.. This just brought back memories of last year’s 0-4 preseason, followed by 0-4 to begin the regular season.

    Perhaps my most painful Steelers memory to this point. Not sure..

  • Rosco

    Colts Redskins Bills Panthers

  • Paddy

    Hoping for Browns Bengals Ravens and Eagles

  • T R

    Week 1: at Giants
    Week 2: Bills
    Week 3: at Eagles
    Aug. 28: Panthers

  • Scott B

    How’d you find that out? Or are you just guessing?

  • T R

    They annouced preseason schedule for all teams at 3:15 today

  • Scott B

    Thanks. Do you know when regular schedule comes out?

  • T R

    in comes out the later this month, probably 20 or so since draft was pushed into may