Steelers Bring LB Ryan Shazier, LB Jordan Zumwalt, S Deone Bucannon In For Pre Draft Visits

The Pittsburgh Steelers have a few more draft hopefuls in town on Thursday and all three play on the defensive side of the football.

Ohio State linebacker Ryan Shazier headlines the list and is a prospect that very well could hear his name called in the first round of the 2014 NFL Draft. Shazier best fits the Steelers as an inside linebacker and he’s certainly a three down player.

UCLA linebacker Jordan Zumwalt and Washington safety Deone Bucannon are also in town on Thursday.

Zumwalt is another inside linebacker prospect, but unlike Shazier, he is more of a two down player as he didn’t play much in sub packages at UCLA.

Bucannon is a downhill strong safety prospect that isn’t afraid to hit. He was a finalist for the Jim Thorpe Award last season and led the Pac-12 in tackles.

  • harding36

    I’ve said this before, but man, Shazier would look good in a Steeler uniform. After Kelvin Benjamin, he’s my choice at 1.15.

  • We would have probably the fastest ILB duo in the NFL.

  • harding36

    Right. And Shazier is good enough to be used in lots of different ways on 3rd down, whether that be rushing or droping into space. You could even line him up in the slot against TE’s. His combine numbers and college production are actually a little better than Patrick Willis’ were.

  • Brendan

    Freakin love Zumwalt. He outplayed Anthony Barr in their bowl game, was all over the field. And that hit on Logan Thomas was vicious.

  • Bill Sechrengost

    I’m glad to see all of these defensive players come in. I’d like to see a few more DL come in. It’s a definite need.

  • Matt Manzo

    I’ll take all three please!

  • steeltown

    3 good prospects right there

  • patrick Mayfield

    Have to wonder with these Safety visits if they aren’t thinking that Shamarko might project to slot corner in a couple years and maybe they’re looking for a replacement for Troy. Even if not the case Shamarko doubles as a corner now already so you could carry 5 safeties. Projecting that Allen and Troy don’t have a long term future might not be a bad idea.

  • srdan

    4.3s forty linebacker. Craziness.

  • steeltown

    Yea you have to figure W.Allen is year to year with the Team, Polamalu is of course getting older and Golden looks like nothing more than a special teams demon.. Mitchell and Thomas are the only long term players on roster with upside at the Safety position.

  • Ike Evans

    Anybody ever notice shazier has that charlie villenueva no eyebrows thing? Makes him look vicious….like a cyborg…very cool

  • Johnny Loose

    Ryan Shazier is an animal. Even at 1-15, say Gilbert and a few of the most coveted guys are gone, I think think Shazier is a rare athlete that you really have to consider with this pick. I know that we might technically have what we need at ILB “in-house”, but you gotta think a guy like Shazier would sure up that position for years to come. Could become pretty much the best ILB tandem in the game.

  • cp72

    Zumwalt was beastly in his bowl game against Virginia Tech. If you get a chance Google his hit on Logan Thomas. I watched it live and it was impressive.

  • cp72

    It would allow us to blitz Timmons more if we had another guy to cover. I remember when they use to stack him and Harrison on the same side…how’d you like to be that offensive tackle?

  • steeltown

    Just watched it… dammmmn

  • cp72

    This is the answer on how you stop Jimmy Graham, Vernon Davis, etc. I think the inside backer position is evolving into almost a hybrid SS/LB spot.

    Shazier reminds me a lot of Lavonte David who might be the best defensive player in the NFL that hardly anyone knows about. He’s fast and hit like a guy 20 lbs heavier.

    You could easily convince that this is the BPA at 15. The downside is you our ignoring your consensus top three or four needs by picking him.

  • Wing t

    I like zumwalt a lot. I think he would fit in at inside with Timmons.

  • srdan

    makes him more aerodynamic

  • Callentown

    Ryan Shazier: 144 tackles (102 solo), 23.5 for loss, 7 sacks, 4 passes defended and 4 forced fumbles.

    Um, wow.

  • RW

    Dreaming of a fall to 2.15… If only…

  • MC

    I like Shazier. Plays with intelligence and intensity and looks like a leader. Would look great in the black and gold. And should Jarvis Jones not take that step forward in the pass rush department, Shazier will provide some nice pressure up the middle.

  • gene mann

    I agree Zumwalt a hitter would look good as would Borland. But do you take Shazier at 15

  • Callentown

    No way (like I know, ha). Not with a sub 4.4 time at LB.

    I dunno. Maybe that’s just the pick at 1.15! Probably not, but if they can’t trade back. And you never know, he could go the pick after 15 for all we know.

  • RW

    Too hard to tell. Who saw Aaron Rodgers dropping the way he did, or the Broncos taking Tebow in the first? The draft is crazy and there are a lot of dumb GMs out there. I wouldn’t count it out completely, but it’s unlikely he’ll fall to 2.15

  • Callentown

    Who do you like in the first for us?

  • ergomesh

    This all hinges on Spence health if he is good to go we don’t need shazier. but if spence is done we definitely do. We have solid run stuffed in Williams but need a real 3 down backer for all of the no huddle and passing teams we play. Goto keep Troy as safety not backer.

  • Brendan

    Honestly, I’m still hoping CJ Mosley falls to 15. There’s no reason he should fall past the giants at 12, but if he does he could fall right into our laps.

  • RW

    I think they might take a serious look at Lewin unless they trade down. I just don’t think that any of the other elite athletes will be there, and I’m not the biggest Mosely fan (mostly because of injury red flags), although if he can stay healthy he can be great in the NFL. My preference is Gilbert, but he’ll likely be gone. We’ll see.

  • Cody Younkin

    Zumwalt destroyed my high school team. One of the most intense players ive ever personally seen. Kid flat out goes and gets his. What he lacks in natural athleticism, he makes up for in instinct and intensity. would be a good 2-3 day pick up

  • Callentown

    I wouldn’t be displeased with Lewan because I think the lines are very important to success and we don’t have a ‘true’ LT, or a RT for that matter.

    But since the defense is in such disarray, I guess I’m hoping for an impact player there. Either an ILB (Mosley or Shazier) or whatever Dlineman they think is a good fit. Saw Aaron Donald in a recent mock going to us even though he’s more 4-3.

  • Weiss Chad

    Stock is dropping.Gms are worried about his knees.Might fall out of first rd

  • Brendan

    Where are you getting this?

  • wdhammer

    Get as much D as possible with the picks we have .. hitters,maulers, tough SOB . guys who will spit in your face and flat out call your ass out if you don’t do the same