Steelers Bring In Louisville S Calvin Pryor For Pre Draft Visit

The pre draft visits are continuing this week as the Pittsburgh Steelers are hosting Louisville safety Calvin Pryor on Monday, according to Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Pryor’s visit is a bit curious being as the Steelers signed former Carolina Panthers free agent safety Mike Mitchell several weeks ago. He is considered by many to be one of the top two rated safeties in the draft this year with Alabama safety Ha Ha Clinton-Dix being the other.

At this point it would be very surprising if the Steelers drafted a safety in the first four rounds of the draft, but they’re doing their due diligence just the same.

  • JohnB

    It doesn’t hurt to get info on these guys no matter if we draft them or not. They also could be getting information from him about teammates or rivals that they intend on drafting or getting more information on.

  • SumnerYoung

    I’ll take stab outta left field: is it possible the Steelers view Shamarko as a long term solution at CB and not SS??? I find it unlikely, but I guess it’s possible.

  • Doesn’t hurt for down the road free agency files. But doubt very seriously that they will select him.

  • Eric MacLaurin

    I’m not sure we can say shamarko or mitchell are elite safeties. The whole idea behind filling all of your holes before the draft is so that you can take the best player available. Do we pass on a potential star because of those two?

  • You do not need elite safeties, just above average. They will not pass on a corner they like to take a safety who will be buried on the depth chart. Mitchell and Thomas can be potential stars as well. Unless you see the next Troy you pass.

  • Eric MacLaurin

    What do you base that on?

    My observations tell me the complete opposite.

  • steeltown

    That’s assuming Pryor will be an elite Safety, at this point he’s just another prospect. IMO I’d like to see how Mitchell and Thomas work out before we draft Safety in the 1st Rd

  • Shannon Stephenson

    Safety is becoming a valuable position and over the last several years we are seeing this position move up the ladder. I agree with Eric that it comes down more to picking the best guy regardless of who is on the team and what position they are playing.

  • James Kling

    Could be that the Steelers would draft a SS early, to groom Mitchell as FS, Pryer or other as SS, and keep Shamarko in sub-packages as sort of a CB/S tweener. Get the three best, fastest, hardest-hitting guys along with some zippier CBs.

  • No pass rush/limited pass rush will expose any secondary. You could have had Ronnie Lott & Rod Woodson back there and they still would have gotten torched. You can’t let any capable qb stand there and face no pressure. Thats on D Line & Backers.

    Positions of priority:

    1. DE
    2. CB
    3. WR
    4. NT
    5. ILB
    6. RB
    7. OL
    8. P

    199 S.

    You won’t see them draft a safety until 5th round if at all

  • srdan

    You should come back to center field lol

  • Kenneth Wilt

    This would surprise me, but if they feel he is the best player, he would be an upgrade potentially to W. Allen.

  • srdan

    I am always hesitant of plans that involve position changing. I think in our amateur eyes we often assume that it’s an easy task.

  • srdan

    I agree. This is just doing homework.

  • Jollyrob68

    I agree that Shark could always be the NB( he was last year) and I can see them Drafting Calvin Pryor as a future SS.

  • Jollyrob68

    However,Thomas was an effective NB with exception of being on Gronk but he still eld his own.

  • Jollyrob68

    OK but when have they ever had a DE draft in rd 1 and start? John Mitchel wants to strip them and then build them up. Cam should of been playing but they brought him along slowly. I’d like to see Kony or Tuitt if they trade back a few spots if Wr & Cb are gone.

  • James Kling

    Just to be clear, Mitchell played FS with the Panthers, so no position change needed; Shamarko played sub-packages for us last year, so he would continue to fill that role; are you talking about switching Pryor from FS, which he played at Louisville, to SS? I don’t think it’s that big a switch, and frankly he seems more suited to playing SS in the bigs: big hitter, not great long speed.

  • kev4heels

    ???? Don’t understand using one of your 30 visits on Pryor. Don’t get me wrong; I love the guys’ game. But, S is one position where we have depth and good young players.

  • srdan

    I know that SHark can play corner, but I don’t think he can do it for 8 years. He is a safety.

  • Eric MacLaurin

    Of course it assumes he will be an elite safety. The point was that you don’t dismiss the possibility of a safety and that you look into anyone that might be an elite player when considering that first round selection.

    What do you mean you would like to see Mitchell and Thomas work out before the draft? Who are you and how are you more qualified than the people that signed and coach the team now?

  • Eric MacLaurin

    My mistake. I meant the value of a safety which you didn’t address.

  • steeltown

    I meant I would like to see how Thomas and Mitchell work out or how they pan out or how successful they can be before drafting a Safety in the 1st Rd. I don’t need to see them actually ‘workout’…

    It was my opinion, hence the “IMO”

    How can you just assume that Pryor is elite, who are you and how are you qualified? Ha! see we can all play that little game too.

  • Matt Manzo

    Sounds like they might be preparing for no one to trade down with? If they’re stuck at 15 they’re weighing all the options!
    Who would you reach for at 15?
    Benjamin, Pryor, Tuitt, Fuller?

  • Does not matter about starting, and if the player can do it they will ala Casey Hampton. Rookie or no Rookie if the player is the best available option they play. And right know they do not have a capable long term answer at RDE.

  • Melly

    great question. I’d prob go Benjamin, Fuller, Tuitt, Pryor!?!

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    Kudos, Sumner. I was thinking the same exact thing a couple days ago.

    At 5’9″, 213 pounds, with a 4.37 forty, quick feet, and good change of direction, Sharmako would make a very unique hybrid CB. Plus he’s a great tackler, which allows him to contain the edge on run plays.

    Remember, LeBeau’s new dime package basically puts 3 safeties on the field in many instances. Shazier or Pryor could fit nicely as SS/LB hybrids, while Shamarko was placed more in coverage.

    Another instance where trading down with the 49ers (1.30) or Browns (1.26) could get very interesting.

  • moderatelysane

    I would have absolutely no problem with them drafting Pryor at 1.15 if the top two corners and Mike Evans are off the board. As fans, we all seem to think WR is a top priority for a round 1 pick, but I’m not convinced. We drafted Wheaton higher than Thomas last year, so don’t tell me that we’re any more set at safety than at WR. All expectations are that a WR we draft would be #3, meaning on the field less than 50% of snaps. At safety we have Troy, Mitchell, then Thomas. We don’t have any better sense that Thomas is a star than Wheaton. Why not get the next safety if that’s what the draft brings us?

  • moderatelysane

    Here’s what I expect the process looks like right now. Most likely they have a 1st round grade on Dennard, he’s a consensus 1st rounder. They’re probably deciding whether Roby and Verrett get 1st round grades. They’re probably deciding whether Benjamin gets a first round grade. We don’t know about Evans or Gilbert, b/c there have been no links to the Steelers. Other 1st rounders they’ve brought in include Barr, Lewan, Pryor. If the players on our 1st round board aren’t available and we can’t trade down, we damn well better know who the best player available is. Seems like they’re doing that by evaluating Lewan, Pryor, Barr.

    The one surprise I have thus far is that Gilbert and Evans haven’t visited. I would fully expect them to.

    At any rate, they are giving serious consideration to anyone who comes for a predraft. Steelers aren’t a goofy enough organization to bring someone in only for a smoke screen.

    I’d personally love to see Pryor in black and gold, just not if Dennard, Evans, or Gilbert are still on the board. I’d also take Pryor over Benjamin.

  • moderatelysane

    Pryor first. Then fuller, then benjamin, then tuitt.

  • They are very valuable, and they just addressed that, Mike Mitchell and 2013 with Shamarko that will be your starting tandem maybe as early as 2015.

  • With as many holes as this team has, you don’t spend a 1st round pick on a depth player. This is not Oakland.

  • Eric MacLaurin

    You said that elite safeties don’t matter and that all you need as above average.

    I disagreed saying that an elite safety makes a very big difference based on what I have observed.

    Do you have anything to support your statement about the value of an elite safety?

  • Eric MacLaurin

    No one is saying anything about drafting a depth player in the first. What I am saying is that I wouldn’t pass up an elite safety if he was comfortably the best player available just because we have a few other players who may or may not be able to play safety very well in 2015.

  • AndyR34

    What makes you think that a fourth round draft choice is going to stick around for 8 years? That happens quite seldom with the Steelers…at least under Colbert. Ike and L. Foote (if you ignore the year he left) are the only ones.

  • AndyR34

    That might think so highly of Davis & Gilbert that they don’t need to bring them in…that has happened before.

  • srdan

    Nothing, but he is more likely to do it at his position, agree?

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    Mod-sane… You make some interesting points. The Steelers are not a big smokescreen team. Especially lately under Tomlin. It seems they would rather be accurate than sneaky, which I generally agree with.

    This is an odd draft in that there’s a whole slew of prospect between about picks 15 to 35 who are very hard to rank. Some have measurables, others have tape, others have scheme fit. A lot are underclassmen which means you have to weigh upside and potential.

    I agree with a lot of your prospect values. I personally have Benjamin above Pryor because I think he can potentially have a greater effect on the score of the game. As well as the way the opposition defends us.

    But the point is, this year the Steelers had better get their trade down/up values precise. Because if the 49ers want to trade up (which in my opinion is very likely this year) you have to know what combo of players you can get at 1.30 + 2.24, over the player you can get at 1.15.

  • Weiss Chad

    IMO u have to draft Tuitt .We can get a wr later in draft.we desperately need a dt more than any position.i can’t see how they don’t draft him.I could be way off but that’s who I’d put my money on..

  • Matt Manzo

    If we were gonna reach it’s between Tuitt and Benjamin for me, I lean towards Tuitt cuz of the depth at WR. We could still land a great CB in 2 and a good WR in 3!

  • Matt Manzo

    Is it May, yet!!!!! I’m gonna close my eyes for 5 weeks!


    He has similar speed to Ed Reed, when he came out. What he has that you can’t teach is instincts.

  • MC

    It’s not a need but I wouldn’t be upset if they drafted him. He’s my fav DB in this draft. Doubt it would happen though. Would be good to see Pryor and Thomas handle the third level for years to come.


    Especially when he won’t start until year 4. We extend Troy when we have an inexpensive replacement ready to go.

  • Weiss Chad

    I agree.The wr class is deep ,put that w the recent signings of Moore and bey and Wheaton still unknown I don’t see a “rookie”wr coming in and being as big of need.I’d like to see what Wheaton can do before I blow a number would be great if dennard was there ,than u choose him..He has reevis written all over him.I would have to pull the trigger on a trade for Tuitt then.this yrs two and four and next years two would do it.I hate to get rid of picks (hate it) but we need a dt.I believe defense needs much more help than offense.

  • steelster

    Maybe the steelers think they can convert Mitchell to Cb, I know that sounds crazy.

  • How many elite safeties are there in the NFL right now, name 2

  • I mocked Justin Gilbert to them, With Torrey Smith, Josh Gordon, AJ Green, Mohammed Sanu, they need a corner they can leave on an island. Imagine what this defense could do if Allen plays up to his potential, and a shut down corner on the other side.

  • Eric MacLaurin

    I’ll take that as a no.

    Pretty odd to have someone make a statement and refuse to support it. Even stranger to respond with such a stupid question. Do you think your response makes any sense?

  • It was a very valid response, there are no elite safties right now in the NFL. Very good ones but none that are truly elite. So obviously as long as you have a good front 7 you don’t need one.

  • Eric MacLaurin

    It’s completely invalid because you aren’t answering the question I asked about your statement and are instead trying to change the subject from an elite safety not being important to how many elite safeties there are in the NFL.

    I don’t care to discuss the number but still wonder why you don’t think an elite safety makes a difference.