Steelers DE Cameron Heyward Puts Team Goals First

Pittsburgh Steelers defensive end Cameron Heyward certainly had a breakout year in 2013 and he’ll look to improve on that performance in 2014. For Heyward, however, his biggest concern is helping the Steelers get back to the playoffs after back to back 8-8 season above everything else.

“I don’t have individual goals,” Heyward told Michael Boytim of the Altoona Mirror over the weekend. “My main goals are getting this team to the playoffs and then not just being happy making the playoffs. I think if you reach team goals, the individual goals take care of themselves.”
The Steelers lost free agent defensive linemen Ziggy Hood and Al Woods to other teams during the early portion of the free agent signing period, but they signed former San Diego Chargers defensive lineman Cam Thomas to help with those losses. By the sound of things, Heyward has already been in contact with Thomas in addition to a few other free agents the Steelers have signed this offseason.

“You know there’s been texts where we got to reach out to guys,” Heyward said in an interview with WTAJ-TV. “Everybody seems like a good guy. And everybody just wants to win. Everybody comes to this organization with one goal – to win. And what better organization than the Steelers?”

The first phase of the Steelers offseason gets underway this week in Pittsburgh and one would think it will be Heyward’s first chance to meet some of his new teammates face to face. With the status of veteran free agent defensive end Brett Keisel still up in the air, Heyward recognizes and accepts the fact that he’s now one of the leaders on the defensive side of the football.

“I’ll have a lot more responsibility, and I’m looking forward to a little bit more on my plate,” Heyward said. “I’ve had the chance to start, and I’m looking forward to what I can do to help this team.”

  • Jacque Strappe

    He will be a ProBowler this season. Callin’ it.

  • srdan

    Cam is what this team has been missing. A person on the field to hold people accountable. The great signature defenses have someone that holds everyone else to a higher standard. EG Mean Joe, Ray Lewis.

    He was screaming at Jarvis in week 16 vs the browns that he is not a rookie anymore. That is how you lead, and hold people accountable to a higher standard. It’s different hearing it from someone in the trenches iwth oyu, not standing on a sideline with a clipboard.

  • Jeff

    It’s a fact – It’s impossible to dislike anything about Cam Heyward.

  • srdan

    Depends on who you root for lol

  • Jason

    Tough for a DE in our scheme to make the Pro Bowl. Think about what an amazing player Aaron Smith was for us and I think he went one time. Granted we seem to be asking a little more of our ends as far as putting pressure on the qb goes but I’ll be surprised if he makes it. Besides the Pro Bowl is just a popularity contest. My hope is all-pro team. Hope you’re right though

  • PA2AK

    I wonder if the prevalence of 3-4’s in the NFL will change that. Good point though. Aaron Smith was simply dominant and never even had a mention outside of Pittsburgh (and OCs’ gameplan notes lol).

  • Rosco

    Just as long as he proves it to us that hes a probowler.. heck hopefully we make it to the superbowl and none of our players would even have to play in the ,probowl!!!

  • Jeff


  • shawn

    def looks that way

  • shawn

    i say before its all done he eclipses Aaron by a lot … and i know that is saying something !

  • Jason

    Lofty statement for a guy who’s shown flashes during half a season but I hope you’re right. I think this guy has all the tools and intangibles to be a cornerstone type guy in Pittsburgh. Hard not to love this guy.

  • shawn

    it is definitely a leap to say that but sometimes out there he just looks like a man child and has the ability to take over games … couple that with his excellent attitude, hard work and will to win and i think it adds up to one heck of a player in the near future !