Steelers GM Kevin Colbert Subpoenaed As Part Of Mike Adams’ Stabbing Incident

Pittsburgh Steelers General Manager Kevin Colbert has been served.

According to a Thursday post on Twitter by Adam Jennings of WPXI, Colbert has been issued a subpoena in regards to the early morning stabbing of tackle Mike Adams that took place in June of last year.


Jennings reports that defense attorneys want to see Adams’ personnel file that the Steelers have on file and one would think that they are trying to assassinate the character of the Ohio State product as part of their defense.

Adams was reportedly stabbed after three men attempted to carjack his truck after he left a restaurant on the Southside. The injuries he suffered during the altercation required emergency surgery and as a result he missed valuable practice time during the offseason.

A cell phone that was dropped at the scene of the crime by one of the accused was recovered and that led to the eventual arrest of three men.

  • James Kling


    5/24/13: I have a growing suspicion that Mike Adams wants to get himself stabbed, based on overhearing him say things like “Wooo, I could use a good stabbing tonight” and “Who’s up for stabbing me?”

    5/25/13: Ray Lewis has been hanging around the facility dressed as a UPS delivery man. What’s up with that?

    5/26/13: Confronted Mike over his recent stabbing comments. “Mike… do want to be stabbed or something?” His response? “Sure! You feel like stabbing me?”

    5/27/13: This stabbing business is getting weirder. Today one of the trainers informed me that Adams asked whether steak knives could be loaded into the JUGS machine.

    5/28/13: Adams’s behavior increasingly peculiar. Reported watching “The Shining” and now walks around repeating the phrase “Em bats, em bats, em bats…”

  • Jeff

    I’m sure Colbert is just thrilled right about now.

  • I am sure. What do they think they will see in there? Its not like at a job, they stabbed him, guilty case closed.

  • Iron Cadet

    Made my day

  • scott2443

    hurry and video tape the file and let the nfl investigate it so they can destroy it …it worked for new england …oh wait they like new england .

  • steelster

    Never understood why adams just didn’t walk away from the thugs.