Steelers Sign P Adam Podlesh

The Pittsburgh Steelers added another punter to their offseason roster on Tuesday as Adam Podlesh has been signed to a one-year contract.

Podlesh, who was originally drafted by the Jacksonville Jaguars in the fourth-round of the 2007 NFL Draft out of Maryland, was released by the Chicago Bears last month

Podlesh had a gross average of 42.3 yards on 238 punts during his three seasons with the Bears. He hit 82 punts inside the opponents’ 20-yard line with just 12 touchbacks, one blocked punt and a net average of 39.4 yards.

As Bob Labriola of Steelers Digest reports, of Podlesh’s 467 career NFL punts, only 190 were returned for 1,124 yds (5.9 avg). None of those were returned for touchdowns.

Podlesh will presumably challenge Brad Wing in training camp.

  • Well, at least we wont be wasting another pick on a punter.

  • steeltown


  • CW

    Let the much anticipated Battle of the Offseason Punters begin!

    Sarcasm aside, Podlesh looks like he could be a decent veteran punter if WIng turns back into the headcase he’s been or turns out to not have the skill for the Pro game.

  • steeltown

    Ok seriously, lookup Adam Podlesh on Wikipedia and read the first line, woah haters much

  • CW

    From Wiki “Adam Podlesh (born August 11, 1983) is an American football punter who currently plays for the Pittsburgh Steelers and will most likely play well for them because he’s a Steeler”

    If only that were automatically true.

  • steeltown

    They changed it… it originally said, “never play well them because lets face it… he’s a Steelers punter”

  • Scott B

    Was thinking the same exact thing.

  • srdan

    I saw it as well. Anyone can post on Wiki. I do it all the time but I’m more sensible that that.

  • CW

    It’s funny any way it’s written. Good because he’s a Steeler when he’s never taken a single snap for the Steelers or bad because he’s a Steelers punter because Steelers punters are always bad.

    It’s silly.

  • Sabbie

    We need to find a diamond in the rough.

  • mlc43

    Woohoo! Is it wrong that I’m so football starved this news was exciting.

  • dennisdoubleday

    The Bears have always had excellent special teams, so his return stats probably benefited from that to some extent.

  • Jason Vancil

    Nothing gets me “jonesing” for some football more than the signing of a punter!

  • The best is Guy Whimper “Guy played extensively against the Baltimore Ravens on October 20, and in the face of much skepticism, played well” #hismomwroteit

  • The worst was Berger & Ernster-when we alternated punters every week.

  • T R

    yeah he signed but he really ain’t even made the team yet..

  • Dr. Funkenstein

    Hey!! News! Sweet deal!

  • James Kling

    Super Bowl!

  • frednash

    Does he go against cap?

  • John C

    Steelers have been with Punters as the Browns are with QB’s!!

  • gene mann

    signed a good punter no risk price and we needed a second punter anyway no risk like the Bey signing

  • Iron Cadet

    He was the worst punter in the nfl last year, why we brought him in is a head scratcher

  • steeltown

    Yea but he had some sort of hip injury ’12 and then struggled last year, before that he was ranked near the top of the League

    At the very least he’ll push Wing, but, maybe he finds his groove again

  • Yes, probably qualifying contract 65k signing bonus. They should be around 300K under.

  • And RB’s,Coaches, Gm’s lol

  • Shannon Stephenson

    Podlesh is a very accurate punter and when healthy is very good but we saw how that was last year when we signed what looked to be a decent punter that played for the pats.

  • Iron Cadet

    Aw man you changed your pic. I liked the illusion of talking to keisel haha

  • steeltown

    Haha yea, if they re-sign him after the draft I’ll rock Keisel again, atleast for a few weeks