Witness Says Steelers T Mike Adams Asked Defendants To Hit Him Prior To Stabbing

According to WTAE-TV, a “surprise witness” took the stand Monday in the trial of three men accused of stabbing Steelers offensive tackle Mike Adams during an incident last summer and her testimony corroborated claims last week by the defense that Adams may have started the incident.

The witness, Shariea Cox, testified Monday that Adams was “drunk and aggressive” prior to being stabbed. In addition, she told the jury that she heard the three accused men request that Adams pay for food to which he responded, “I’m not paying for anything. Hit me. I want you to hit me. Do you know who I am?”

While Cox said she didn’t see the stabbing take place, she did say that she saw one of the accused punch Adams in the face.

Earlier in the trial, the defense said Adams was drunk and obnoxious, and that he knocked into one of the men, causing him to drop his food and cell phone, prompting a fight among the men.

This trial really is starting to get good. Last week, there was a report that video of the incident from surveillance cameras from nearby businesses would be introduced as evidence, but there have yet to be any reports of that actually taking place.

  • mlc43

    Obviously this is a lie. Adams doesn’t knock into people. They flow around him with ease!

  • SteelersDepot


  • Matt Manzo

    I still think being drunk and obnoxious isn’t a good reason to stab someone.

  • wdhammer

    Lewan #1 pick.

  • gene mann

    even if he asked for a fight still he was stabbed people

  • gene mann

    with his rep that would be a hugh suprise

  • mlc43

    He’s been linked to the Steelers in the past. I’m not so much concerned about his rep as I am about other more glaring holes in the team. We’ll go CB I’m sure if there is a worthy one available.

  • Steve

    Why would this women lie? What does she have to loose or gain? Adams was drunk and when your drunk you say things you normally would not. If he inticed the men into a fight and got punched then he deserved to get punched, but this does not mean to get stabbed. These are thugs Adams was messing with, who showed him a gun. He was in the wrong place and said the wrong thing to these punks. He was lucky they didn’t shoot him. Not saying it would be right, but these guys were thugs you don’t mess with people like this Drunk or not drunk.

  • mlc43

    Who knows what really happened. People lie all the time for no reason, though, I’m not saying she is. Still, without him actually attacking the men, I don’t see how they get away with stabbing someone. If everyone stabbed drunk belligerent people, all the bars would close down.

  • Kevin Gobleck

    If it were a good reason, there would be massacres at some of the Browns games

  • gene mann

    I don;t think Lewan is the best LT and hope they pass on him

  • Steelers@2010

    The only people that really know what happened is the individuals that were involved. I just hope Mike Adams focuses on playing football for a change, pay some dividends back to the Organization for selecting his Fat #$% in the second round two yrs ago. This kid hasn’t lived up to being a 2nd rd pick, the same goes for Gilbert.

  • cp72

    Kiper is saying no way he gets out of the top six picks.

  • nicolaisim

    You don’t derserve to get punched or stabbed for being harrased and talking back. If you’re trying to justify that then you’re a moron! Those guys are low-life thugs and he’s the victim.
    Get off his back. He’s a young guy who works hard, gets along with his teammates and has great potential.

  • steeltown

    I don’t care IF he “asked” to be hit… they hit him AND stabbed him. That’s not legal

  • steeltown


  • PA2AK

    Dummies…think of all the free food they could have got out of the Steelers if they just took some video of him being an idiot! Missed opportunity right there…

  • scott2443

    so if she only over heard about the food and didnt see the stabbing how does she know he wasnt stabbed while they were trying to take his truck….i found one thing interesting in what she said where she claimed he said you know who i am …he was a rookie who does he think he was knute rockne it just shows you how these guys see them selfs when they come into nfl ..if there is video it cant be in the guys favor or they would never been charged

  • Lizard72

    She seems to have seen a lot, except the stabbing. Guess he did that to himself.

  • Steve

    The Video shows the guys running away, nothing more.

  • walter mason

    I never believed the (they tried to steal my truck) story. This sounds more plausible. Still no reason to stab someone over food.