Steelers 2014 Draft: Final Major Media Mock Draft Tracker

The 2014 NFL Draft is almost here and the major media draftniks look like they’ve submitted their final mocks of the first round.

Below is an updated mock draft tracker featuring 15 major media draftniks as it relates to who they believe the Pittsburgh Steelers will be selecting in the first round.

Rob RangCBS Sports5/8/2014MSU CB Darqueze DennardThe once-proud Pittsburgh defense has fallen off in recent years and reinforcements are needed at all three levels. Given his polish, aggression and schematic fit, Dennard would make a lot of sense.
Dane BruglerCBS Sports5/5/2014MSU CB Darqueze DennardThe current cornerback talent in Pittsburgh isn’t going to scare any opposing offense and in a division with Josh Gordon and A.J. Green, a physical, aggressive cornerback like Dennard could change that.
Pat KirwanCBS Sports5/7/2014MSU CB Darqueze DennardMichigan State plays a very similar scheme to the Steelers, and this guy is very aggressive and a quality person. He starts from opening day.
Mel Kiper Jr.ESPN5/8/2014MSU CB Darqueze DennardDennard is precisely the player you might pick out of a lineup if you asked which guy in this draft would be a great fit in a Dick LeBeau defense. He can cover, is physical against the run, has great versatility, and will even come off the edge and succeed as a blitzer. I could see him going to either Detroit or Chicago, too. I wouldn’t put WR out of the question here, but the Steelers have done well targeting that position much later in recent years.
Todd McShayESPN5/8/2014Virginia Tech CB Kyle FullerCornerback is one of the Steelers’ top needs, as they really need to get younger in the secondary. Fuller is a good fit because he is willing and capable in run support in addition to having exceptional ball skills and very good instincts. He isn’t a reach here, either, as he’s the No. 15-ranked player on our board.
Mike MayockNFL.com5/7/2014Virginia Tech CB Kyle FullerThe Steelers could trade down, but if they don’t, Fuller is their guy. Ike Taylor is 34; Fuller can play inside or outside, press or off.
Daniel JeremiahNFL.com5/8/2014Virginia Tech CB Kyle FullerThe Steelers would be bypassing several outstanding WRs in this scenario but they can circle back for a pass catcher in a later round.
Charles DavisNFL.com5/6/2014LSU WR Odell Beckham Jr.Could be a CB here, but Steelers “throw” Big Ben a speedy target.
Bucky BrooksNFL.com5/1/2014LSU WR Odell Beckham Jr.The Steelers need another playmaker on the perimeter to alleviate the pressure on Antonio Brown to carry the passing game.
Don BanksSports Illustrated CNN4/22/2014OSU CB Justin GilbertThe Steelers could turn in the card for a receiver like LSU’s Odell Beckham Jr. or Southern Cal’s Marqise Lee, but that wouldn’t be very Pittsburgh-like. The Steelers usually find their receivers after the first round. I presume the run on defensive backs continues with Pittsburgh getting a prospect who could immediately upgrade the secondary, and lend a hand as a dangerous kick return man. Gilbert has strong ball skills and he plays physically enough to fit into coordinator Dick LeBeau’s scheme.
Nate DavisUSA Today5/7/2014LSU WR Odell Beckham Jr.Antonio Brown needs a wingman who can make this offense more dangerous. Beckham, also a good return man, would be up to the challenge.
Greg A. BedardSports Illustrated MMQB5/6/2014OSU CB Justin GilbertThe AARP secondary needs some talented new blood. Gilbert is the top-rated corner at this spot. Don’t overthink it.
Peter KingSports Illustrated MMQB5/6/2014Virginia Tech CB Kyle FullerThe Steelers are desperate to rebuild their cornerback depth chart, and this four-year starter in the ACC is a good way to begin. He’s physical too, the kind of player Mike Tomlin demands in the defensive backfield.
Peter SchragerFox Sports5/8/2014Virginia Tech CB Kyle FullerFuller’s rocketed up draft boards in recent weeks and could go as high as the top 15. A Virginia Tech standout, he’s got good NFL size and can make an impact right off the bat. Comes from an NFL family (brothers Vincent and Corey) and can contribute on special teams. Good fit for a cornerback group that could use some more depth.
Mike FlorioPro Football Talk5/7/2014LSU WR Odell Beckham Jr.Whether it’s Beckham or another receiver, the Steelers need to replace Mike Wallace, Emmanuel Sanders, and Jerricho Cotchery. They could be tempted by Eric Ebron in this spot.

  • Nolrog

    Is Fuller a reach at 15? Can we trade down to maybe 20, pick up another 3rd round pick and still draft him?

  • Ken

    I don’t know, we will have a chance to get the best punter in this years draft at 15…

  • JayBirdDC

    This is awesome. Thanks Dave.

  • Madi

    2 months ago one could guarantee he’d still be there at #20. He’s on the rise. He might be there at #20, but he could easily be gone.

    I don’t think he’s a reach at #15 (and I believe that’s the consensus now), but even if he was… no one is a reach at #15 but NOT a reach at #20. That’s tunnel vision. You get the guy you want.

    An extra 3rd would be nice, but if Dennard and Gilbert are already gone, I wouldn’t make that trade. I’d just take him.

  • Madi

    I’d just like to point out, that for all the crap we like to give Kiper, his analysis here makes Mike Florio’s look pretty stupid.

  • steeltown

    Im surprised by all the Fuller votes… I like it, just surprised

  • frednash

    trade down
    pick nd’s nix

    corners are a dime a dozen

    nose tackles aren’t

  • SFIC

    NT’s are becoming less and less important with teams passing more, playing zone-read and no-huddle. Plus Nix is really overrated. I watched him a lot over the last two years. Would be a wasted pick, like Terrence Cody was.

  • Bob Francis

    Some mocks now actually have Fuller going ahead of the Steelers (I’ve seen 2 with him going to the Bears at 14), so now I just hope he’s there at 15!

  • Big White

    I can’t believe the push for Odell Beckham. The guy may turn out to be a hall of famer for all i know, but how could anyone ever guess it? What evidence would we have up until this point to make this guy a top 15 pick? Cause he’s fast? Renaldo Neimiah was fast.

  • Big White

    please draft CJ Mosley if he’s there. Worilds, Timmons, Mosley, and Jarvis would be a nasty foursome.

  • SFIC

    Thanks Dave. Not too surprising. Those 3 CB’s along with Beckham have pretty much been the consensus here. I think it will be a CB, probably Fuller. There will still be a slew of WR’s available in 2 or 3. Amaro (who I label a WR) could be there in 2.
    My hope is still Donald at 15.

  • Kenneth Wilt

    Go back and look at the snap counts from last year on D and tell me that a NT has a larger impact than a CB does on a defense. We had 1,070 snaps last year on D. NT combined for….361 snaps played. Our top 3 corners….1,046, 910, and 701. Special talent at the NT position may be different, but there isn’t that in this draft and when your starter only plays 33% of the plays on D and your 3rd string at CB played 66%, maybe the CB is more important to your D.

  • Kenneth Wilt

    I think if the 3 top CBs are gone, the Steelers trade back. I don’t see them being in love with Beckham. I just don’t.

  • SFIC

    I think if no more than 1 QB is taken in the top 8, we will get an offer to trade down that is too good to refuse.

  • Agustin-ARG

    First option Fuller
    2nd Gilbert
    3rd Dennard
    4. Beckham
    5. Mosley
    6. trade back!!

  • Biggie

    Fuller, Dennard, Gilbert, Barr or Mosley if you please. Rd 2 Robinson, Matthews or Lattimer

  • Jon Crissinger

    In Peter King’s we trade back with Philadelphia for their 2nd round pick to 22 before taking Kyle Fuller. I want this.


    Maybe, he’s solid all around guy. I don’t see him as a big playmaker though. Who knows.


    a NT will not prevent New England from putting up another 50-berger on us. Or Detroit putting up 300 yards in a quarter. NT the least of our problems.


    Not just speed. It’s his all around game. He compares to Santonio Holmes(with more speed), so yeah 15 may be a little high but he’s a 1st round guy.

  • Nolrog

    Ineresting. Thanks for the info.

  • Big White

    I think Robinson or Benjamin may be there at our #2 pick and both may be better than Beckham. Whomever the Steelers draft in the first round HAS to start Day 1. Any exception would be an admission of a bad pick.

  • Weiss Chad

    Not to shabby of a list.I would be comfortable w any of these guys