Bouchette Thinks Oklahoma State CB Justin Gilbert Will Be Steelers Pick

Longtime Pittsburgh Steelers beat writer Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has spoken and thus made his first-round prediction for the black and gold.

After narrowing down the Steelers selection to the cornerback and wide receiver positions, Bouchette thinks that Oklahoma State cornerback Justin Gilbert will be the pick later tonight when the 2014 NFL Draft gets underway in New York City.

We will go with Gilbert as the Steelers pick at No. 15. He has the size and is the fastest of the bunch. It’s not that the other two are slow, but Gilbert has speed the others do not have. There is an old theory that you should not pick a slow or small player in the first round. If you start making exceptions, you wind up with a team that is small and slow.

Bouchette’s pick obviously means that he believes there’s a good chance that Gilbert will still be on the board come time for the Steelers selection and one would think that Virginia Tech’s Kyle Fuller would be as well. I can only imagine what the discussion in the Steelers war room would be like if indeed that were to be the case.

Measuring in at 6002 and boasting a 4.31 second 40-yard dash time, Gilbert is neither small, nor slow.

While Bouchette doesn’t mention it, Gilbert also has experience as a kick returner. In his four years at Oklahoma State, the speedy cornerback returned 102 kickoffs for 2,681 yards and six touchdowns. While he didn’t return punts during his final three years in college, he did get to field eight of them for 55 yards as a freshman.

Personally, I would rather Fuller be the Steelers selection, but if Gilbert winds up being the pick instead, I won’t be throwing anything at my television.

  • DB84

    Ed has been damn good with his mock picks over the past few years

  • Jeff

    I’d be ecstatic if we chose Gilbert… not a popular pick with Steeler nation b/c he doesn’t “fit the mold”, but I think that’s BS…

  • Biggie

    It’s a pretty safe bet CB is going to be the pick unless there is an odd run on CBs prior to our pick and/or someone jumps ahead of us to grab one. The only question will be out of Fuller/Dennard/Gilbert who is there at 15, then whoever is listed first on the Steelers board will be the pick. I’m fine with any of the three.

  • 804Stiller

    I wouldn’t be mad at this pick. I’d love to trade down if we could still get Fuller though……….

  • steeltown

    I’d prefer Dennard or Fuller but im perfectly fine with Gilbert, explosive player with size and speed and kick return capabilities.

  • taztroy43

    Only thing I hate about Gilbert is his tackling for his size….he looks like tarzan but plays like jayne….I hope if we do draft him he changes his ways…bit I doubt it

  • Jason Brant

    Same. I won’t complain if we get any of them, but I’d feel a bit more comfortable with Dennard or Fuller.

  • afrazier9

    Do you guys really think fuller is better than 6-2 4.3 gilbert really or is it because of the experts?

  • SteelersDepot
  • dkoy85

    He’s not 6’2″. He’s 6′. Watch his tape. He became my favorite player in the draft after watching him

  • steeltown

    I think tackling technique and the drive to, can be taught

  • afrazier9

    I know now looked it up after i posted sorry

  • afrazier9

    I still like his ball skills we would be a hole lot better if are corners new how to catch aka rock hands taylor

  • j m

    Gilbert is the best CB. Period.
    If he’s there, take him.

  • Matt Manzo

    I’m starting to feel like Gilbert’s ability to return kicks kinda balances out the no-tackling?
    As long as we get one of the three cbs at 1, the rest of the draft will fall into place. WR, DL, LB and another CB later. You could mix and match those positions from 2-5!
    I’d still choose Fuller, his highlights make him look like Troy at CB!

  • chris ward

    I wouldn’t mind it if the Steelers would draft one of the top 3 CB’s Dennard, Gilbert or Fuller, I just prefer Fuller. They need to draft a top tier CB in the first round IMO.

  • Tullydew

    Yes, Fuller is better and fits what the Steelers do on defense. It’s not even close.

  • Know where I will be @ 8pm, popcorn ready lets go!

  • WilliamSekinger

    It’s a good thing the Pens don’t play tonight!. Tomorrow I’ll be spamming the ‘previous’ button on the remote though πŸ™‚

  • Jacob Dixon

    I don’t care which corner as long if he plays good and creates turnovers

  • I don’t think you can go wrong with either, but I prefer Fuller.

  • Gilbert’s tackling is a concern.

  • I think you USED to be able to do that. With the new CBA and the ridiculously small amount of contact practices that can be held, I don’t think that is the case anymore. IMO, we already see the effects of that in poorer tackling league wide.

  • That was my first thought as well. Football is much more than size and speed.

  • Johnny Loose

    I want gilbert over all of them. I think improvement in his run support/tackling can be coached over time. He is a playmaker with elite speed/athleticism, yes please.

  • steeltown

    That is true to an extent. Don’t get me wrong, Dennard and Fuller are more Steeler-esk and I would prefer either of them

  • MC

    I’d be happy with this pick. Gilbert kinda reminds me of the poor mans Patrick Peterson.