DE Stephon Tuitt To Do It In No. 91 For Steelers

A lot is expected of Pittsburgh Steelers second round draft pick defensive end Stephon Tuitt and on Tuesday, those expectations perhaps increased even more as he’s announced that he has been issued No. 91.

The great Aaron Smith of course wore No. 91 from 1999-2011 and it sounds like Tuitt was given a good history lesson about the number based on his recent Instagram post.

“The long wait is over my jersey number is going to be 91. Can’t wait to represent this Number with pride and respect for my organization!!!!! #STEELERNATION#DOITTUITT

Tuitt started 29-of-35 games at Notre Dame and he finished his career with 127 tackles (59 solos), 21.5 sacks for minus 163 yards, 25.0 stops for losses of 176 yards and 27 quarter-back pressures.

Former Steelers Players Who Have Worn No. 91

Aaron Smith (99-08)

Israel Raybon (96)

Kevin Greene (93-95)

Craig Veasey (91)

Jerrol Williams (89),

Gregg Carr (85-88)

Dan McBride (56)

  • steeltown

    Doesn’t Nick Williams wear #91… guess it doesn’t matter at this point, N.Williams hasn’t actually played a meaningful snap, yet

  • Jeff

    That guy Aaron Smith was pretty good.

  • Ike Evans

    I have a serious Jersey decision to make and ive been putting it off… i wanted a jarvis jones jersey but im waiting to see lol….Le’veon bell maybe but I feel like i would be doing my Jerome Bettis jersey a disservice….Ben isnt going to be there much longer…..I would only get a Shamarko Thomas jersey if it said SHARK on the back lol…im seriously considering this Cam Heyward jersey….maybe marcus wheaton if he breaks out…Antonio Brown’s just seems so dull to me….decisions decisions

  • Steve

    Like having the rug pulled out from under ya (HA)!

  • Iron Cadet

    haha i would wait if you’re buying anyone’s jersey from last year’s draft. Just because you never know.

  • dennisdoubleday

    Wait….who has #7? 🙂

  • Steve

    Ben – Duh!

  • Steelers12328882

    Yeah that’s weird. Maybe they worked out a deal. Only # in the 90s available is Keisel’s #99.

  • Sonny-James

    Just seeing that number on the field again will bring back good memories. Hope he can fill such big shoes.

  • RedCarpetDefense

    Yeah he was alright… DE wasn’t it? Lol

  • Lucus Rodriguez

    Brown or Heyward. Two examples of hard work

  • Matt Manzo

    Wasn’t Corbin Bryant 91?

  • Iron Cadet

    i think he was 71. not that he was here long enough to count

  • Weiss Chad

    I think this was overwhelmingly the consensus number one guy in steeler nations eyes in the second round.

  • I’m leaning toward DeCastro myself.

  • Rosco

    I think Polamalu is gonna pass the torch to Shazier!! He has the look just hope he lets everybody know ” who ride”

  • cencalsteeler

    Ahhhhh…..Kevin Greens old jersey. Sure would like to bring him on board to the coaching staff as well. Great player and a great guy!

  • dave

    Bad week for Nick Williams – first the Steelers take Tuitt in the draft, then sign Josh Mauro, then take away his jersey number.

  • Matt Manzo

    I wanna see Lloyd coaching too! Could you imagine Lloyd, Greene and Porter coaching our guys?!

  • AzheDraven

    I really want a Bell, or Brown jersey to be my first, but the only ones they sell in mexico are Ben, Polamalu, Mike wallace and James harrison (lol)
    I wanted a Keisel also. Just for the good ol’ times

  • blue

    This guy is gonna be an animal.

  • srdan

    hahaha the goat

  • srdan

    Be careful kid! Those are big shoes to fill!!

  • steeltown

    Yea and Arnfelts been wearing #69 which is kind of strange, that seems like more of an OLine number

  • Ellwood Davis

    He will surpass Aaron Smith in time. Look at his play in college, and I saw Aaron when he first came to the Steelers, and Tuitt is far ahead of him due to his size and strength.

  • Matt Manzo

    Ya?! How did that happen? Do u lose your number when u go on IR? Did they really just take it from him?