Dri Archer To The Pro Bowl In 2014? One NFL Network Analyst Wouldn’t Be Shocked

The selection Friday evening of Kent State running back/wide receiver/kick returner Dri Archer in the third-round of the 2014 NFL Draft might have a few fans shaking their heads, but one esteemed NFL Network draft analyst thinks the diminutive “Slash” could have 2014 post season honors in his future.

Early Saturday morning, Daniel Jeremiah, a former NFL scout, took to Twitter to somewhat voice his approval of the Steelers 97th overall selection.

“Wouldn’t be shocked if Dri Archer made the pro bowl next year,” tweeted Jeremiah.

While that’s certainly not a Babe Ruth-like point to the fence, it’s worth writing down and favoriting on your Twitter account.

Assuming that Jeremiah’s semi prediction winds up happening, one could easily speculate that the only way Archer makes it to the Pro Bowl would be as a kick returner.

During his college career, Archer returned 51 kickoffs for 1,436 yards and four touchdowns. However, while his 28.16 yards per return average is pretty impressive, it should be pointed out that he only returned two kickoffs for 128 yards in 2013.

Perhaps Jeremiah believes that Archer will have a significant role in the Steelers offense as a rookie as well. If so, that would come as a huge surprise if it played out that way being as Archer would be lucky to see the field seven snaps a game on average. Yes, he can lineup in the backfield, out wide and in the slot, but outside of some third down work and occasionally spelling starter Le’Veon Bell for a series, he’s not likely to see the field all that much.

Being as the Steelers spent a third-round pick on the speed merchant, however, one would think that an attempt would be made to get the ball in his hands at least a few times a game outside of him returning kickoffs, which we all hope is only once or twice a game at the most.

Pro Bowl? Yeah, I would bet against that happening.

  • shawn

    Wouldnt surprise me at all … as u can all see from my posts I’m extremely high on him and from the sounds of it the steelers are as well !!

    His only limitation next year in my opinion is Haley’s imagination … sky is the limit for this kid !!!

  • cp72

    “It should be pointed out that he had only two kick returns for 128 yards”. That’s a pretty nice 64 YARD AVERAGE on the two he did return.

  • John21

    Not a good pick. It is a luxury pick that we simply could not afford. This team has to be re-built.That comes from every down type players and not ancillary ones. Nothing against Archer- just not a fan of the selection.

  • shawn

    he fills much more holes than u realise … or maybe u are not a fan of field position ??? i can’t think of another player at that pick that would come close to the impact that he can have … take a look watch some tape … its hard not to be a fan after seeing him ….

  • dgh57

    I don’t know about any Pro Bowls but we were needing a change of pace back with speed so hopefully we got ourselves a faster version of Dexter McCluster? He should give LSH plenty of competition!

  • Jason

    I think LSH is a memory. He’s not even under contract is he?

  • steeltown


  • dgh57

    You are right, now the decision on whether we resign him, which is doubtful.

  • steeltown

    Yes and no, most of the starters (besides DE, ILB, Punter and kick returner) are already set. We’re not exactly rebuilding, the first 3 picks so far have the potential to start THIS season, but say a 3rd Rd CB or “tall WR” would have no guarantee of starting at all and most likely wouldnt see the significant field time till next season (barring significant injuries)

  • Steel PAul


    The Steelers are drafting him as a fourth receiver – to line up in various places – and a third down back on the field with Bell at times.

    That would be interesting!

  • cencalsteeler

    I have to disagree. Field position is a key element in football. Archer provides us the opportunity to start the offense off in small fields. This opens up the play book more and in one or two possessions puts you at least in field goal range. A definite upgrade over Jones and Dwyer.

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    Last year, Tavon Austin was drafted #11 overall. HIs rookie sats were:

    40 receptions for 418 yards, (10.5 yard average) and 4 TD’s.
    9 rushes for 151 yards, (16.8 yard average) and 1 TD.
    He returned 33 punts for 280 yards (8.5 yard average) and 1 TD.
    He returned 18 kick offs for 398 yards (22.1 yard average) and 0 TDs.

    I would expect Archer’s stats to be somewhat similar. Maybe a little more rushes, and a little less receptions.

  • Ike Evans

    there are so many damn CBs left im not even tripping…i dont know why guys are mad

  • Ike Evans

    ah man…that just made me super sad

  • Brendon Glad

    I whined for about 5 minutes…then I went on youtube and watched his 6 minute highlight tape….yep 6 minutes and I didn’t even see repeats….and I hopped on with both feet. Possibly the fastest player in pads i’ve ever seen. And is not just a straight-line guy… he blew me away, so i’m extremely excited about him now.