Steelers Fans Should Probably Hope Johnny Manziel Goes Early

By Michael K. Reynolds

Will the Pittsburgh Steelers have a good draft…or a great draft? The ball may very well be in the hands of Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel.

Because if Johnny Football ends up being one of the first four picks in the draft it could be the perfect domino to set off a quarterback run that would produce a dream scenario for Pittsburgh. Since Blake Bortles is expected to go early as well, the disappearance of these two quarterbacks could put Teddy Bridgewater into early play as quarterback needy teams begin to panic.

Why does this matter? Because if these three picks come before the Steelers anticipated 15th selection it gives general manager Kevin Colbert a deck full of wild cards since there will be rich talent still on the board.

He’ll either be able to swoop in on a top ten athlete, or perhaps even better, be able to trade down for an additional second rounder via a first round swap. The level of talent that would still be available would make this a probable opportunity.

In this highly vaunted draft, having a first rounder and two second rounders would likely be the equivalent of three first rounders when compared to other years.

This would allow the Steelers to plug some serious holes in their cornerback and wide receiver positions while still retaining many quality picks to round out their draft.

There have been so many smoke screens put up by teams in the days leading up to the 2014 NFL Draft it’s difficult to know if Manziel will be high fiving his agent or chomping on pretzels while peering sadly into the ESPN cameras.

But for the Black and Gold faithful his happiness is in our best interest.

So as the decidedly New York slanted crowds at Radio City Music Hall holler out J-E-T-S ad nauseum, Steelers fans will be wise to have a cheer of their own:

Go Johnny go!

About the Author

Michael K. Reynolds

Longtime Pittsburgh Steelers fanatic and author of the acclaimed Heirs of
Ireland series.

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  • Steelers12328882

    Regardless of where Manziel or the other top QBs go, I think the Steelers will have a good group of players to choose from at pick 15, so it’s all about choosing the right one. The 2nd round is where things will get very interesting. So many good players in that area that one originally projected for rd. 1 could easily fall to pick 46.

  • pittsburghsteelerz

    (puts on tinfoil hat)

    Are the Steelers leaking Dallas will take JM at 16?

    It puts a premium of their #15 for a team looking to leapfrog Dallas.

    (removes tinfoil hat)

  • srdan

    Jerry jones in a knucklehead, there is a possibility he would do something that stupid.


    15 & 46 are good spots this year, but it does get considerably better @ 15 if QBs go early…I think Colbert needs to hit on his top 4 slots or somehow get 4 productive players from this draft.