Know Thy AFC North Enemy: A Look At The Ravens 2014 Draft Class

We have already dissected the Pittsburgh Steelers 2014 draft class pretty good, so now it’s time to look at what the other teams in the AFC North did. We’ll start this short series off with a quick overview of the Baltimore Ravens 2014 draft class.

1 – 17(17) – C.J. Mosley – ILB – Alabama

The addition of Mosley by the Ravens was a need if I ever saw one. He is a three down player that very well could crack the starting lineup come Week 1.

2 – 16(48) – Timmy Jernigan – DT – Florida State

Jernigan is a solid fit for what the Ravens do defensively and it shouldn’t take him long to work into their rotation up front.

3 – 15(79) – Terrence Brooks – FS – Florida State

Like Mosley, the addition of Brooks fills another immediate need. He is versatile and figures to be roaming the deep part of the Ravens secondary along with Matt Elam for several years to come.

3 – 35(99) – Crockett Gillmore – TE – Colorado State

Gillmore should easily make the Ravens roster as a third tight end behind Dennis Pitta and Owen Daniels. He kind of reminds you of a taller Dallas Clark.

4 – 34(134) – Brent Urban – DT – Virginia

This is the fourth player on this list that would have been a good fit for the Steelers and I will be surprised if he doesn’t stick on their final 53 man roster.

4 – 38(138) – Lorenzo Taliaferro – RB – Coastal Carolina

Yet another position of need filled by the Ravens. He can catch out of the backfield as well. There’s a good chance he succeeds Ray Rice as the starter.

5 – 35(175) – John Urschel – G – Penn State

Yet again the Ravens fill a depth need. Marshal Yanda is another year older and Urschel should be an upgrade over backups A.Q. Shipley and Gino Gradkowski.

6 – 18(194) – Keith Wenning – QB – Ball State

With Tyrod Taylor entering his final year under contract, it was no secret that the Ravens would be looking for another quarterback to groom to be the backup to Joe Flacco.

7 – 3(218) – Michael Campanaro – WR – Wake Forest

Campanaro might very well wind up being the Ravens only draft pick that doesn’t make their final 53 man roster.

As much as it pains me to say it, I really think the Ravens had a very nice three day haul. They addressed several needs and three of these players I mocked as going to the Steelers at some point during the four that I did.

What do you think of the Ravens 2014 draft?

  • letownia

    That’s a nice defensive haul for the ravens. Maybe a better draft than the Steelers, but no matter how good their defence is – their offence is going to hold them back. We should be the better team next year due to our balance.

  • srdan

    offense holding them back=flacco lol

  • Dave Lammers

    nice three team race too start season

  • srdan

    I have to say that if we chose Mosely and they go Shazier, today I would be a little upset. Mosely will probably be the more complete player for the next couple years, but not for long. Athleticism wins in this league and Shazier got him beat there. I’m glad the cards fell the way they did.

    The Jernigan pick was a head scratcher for me. The FS was a nice pickup. TEs always make sense in Baltimore and they are good at bringing them in.

    I’d still have to give the good guys the better grade in this years class, but not by much. What tipped the scale for me is Tuitt. I think having him paired with Hayward could really make our LBs shine like stars once again.

  • Jesse Murray

    I dont. CJ Mosely weighs less than Shazier, is far slower, played on a D filled with stars and has big time injury question marks. I wouldnt have touched him with a barge pole until late 2nd. I watched Auburn, Oklahoma, LSU and A & M games I honestly do not get the hype around Mosely. He was contantly on the ground, blocked out of plays by TEs, lacked explosion and only looked good with a free run at players. Shazier had 23.5 TFL (more than Mosely’s last 3 seasons combined), is far more explosive and played behind a woeful D front at Ohio St. Mosely had less production than Rolando Mcclain. He was also slower and less explosive than Mcclain despite weighing less. I also dont get the hype with Jernigan. Firstly he isnt a scheme fit (4-3 NT), has serious character flaws (yes failing a test you know the answer to is a huge red flag). Additionally he also played on a D laden with talent. The only pick I truly like is Brooks.

  • Jesse Murray

    Mosely had 21 TFL over 3 seasons
    Shazier had 23.5 last season
    Mosely had 1 sack maybe (differing reports) in last 2 seasons
    Shazier had 12 in past 2 seasons and showed genuine ability to bend and get the edge.
    Mosely had 1 FF last season
    Shazier had 4 FF last season
    Mosely beat Shazier with PDs (1 more) and Ints (1 more last season)

    Shazier is stronger, faster and has less injury issues. I realize stats dont always tell the story but production combined with workout numbers make it hard for anyone to argue Mosely is a better prospect.

  • cencalsteeler

    I’m not gonna lie…. a little jealous of some of those picks. I tip my hat to Ozzie over there, he did a nice job. Not looking forward to seeing Jernigan twice a year.

  • srdan

    I’m pretty sure that most mocks had him Mosely>shazier. There as some talk of mosely to pgh, but rarely shazier. But you are right, stats and WO numbers tell a different story.

    Either way, I’m glad we have the OSU guy.

  • Reg Sayhitodabadguy Hunt

    Of course they had a great draft because for a couple of yrs now they get players that we seem to be targeting it just so happens this yr they picked behind us and chose almost the same couple of positions we did like they be using our draft board

  • Ike Evans

    Bro…..that’s a good draft….the campanaro kid….mark my words is going to give us headaches in a year or two…save this comment, I love brent urban…I been saying for 4 months him, hart from Oregon, and Ben Gardner/Mauro from Stanford would fit perfect at our 5 tech in the late rounds. I’m not a huge cj Mosley guy so whatever….are they gonna play Timmy at DE or Nose? Is bmore still a 3-4 team anymore? …and the Terrance brooks pick was clutch…perfect fit with Elam…..god I hate the ravens….

  • Ike Evans

    Speaking of know thy enemy…browns just picked up miles Austin……come up

  • DoctorNoah

    Their draft is nearly identical to ours, yet inferior across the board. That is why they suck. Also, Joe Flacco is a fraud. That is all. 🙂

  • Matt Manzo

    My thoughts exactly! I am scared a little bit by a taller Dallas Clark!

  • Is he taking out a loan for two new pair of hamstrings?

  • They had a good draft, I am surprised they passed on Dix & Pryor.

  • Ike Evans

    Maybe….heard the interest rates arent too bad

  • Aric Brown

    The ravens had a good draft, but I’m much more worried with the Bengals and (to a lesser extent ) the Browns than the Ravens

  • You’re right, it was a great draft for them, and it was painful to watch while it was happening, not least as we blew our third-round pick (in my view), struggled to find a CB, and ended up with a couple of questionable picks later on.

    There’s really nothing flashy here, but it’s solid from start to finish. I especially like the Urban and Gillmore picks.

    But we’ll see. I like our first two picks more than their first two picks.

  • Jason Brant

    They had a very solid draft, same as last year. Their defense, like ours, is getting young and fast.

    The best rivalry in football continues.

  • Crazy Bone

    Of course they had a good draft. Newsome knows what he is doing. Their defense is being rebuilt and will be better than ours this year. The Steelers have a third place roster. The draft didn’t change that.

  • Paddy

    We’ll see they have had several failures with draft picks the last 5 years, especially on the lines and in the secondary

  • Hard Row

    Solid but nothing special. Mosely will start but he’s not a potential game changer like Shazier. That’s the theme of their draft. The got some contributors but nobody who scares me.

    If they drafted a guy like Benjamin from FSU, he has some bust potential but I’d be concerned because he also has potential to be a game changer, especially with Flacco and his jump balls.

    I thought the Ravens biggest needs were a big playmaking WR, pass rush, and improve the OL. I don’t think they improved any of those areas that much.

  • Jesse Murray

    Really they know what they’re doing? Ozzie hasnt drafted a pro bowl player in last 5 drafts. Only 3 other teams in same timeframe own that dubious distinction. Ozzie nails FA but his drafts lately have not come close to the reputation.

  • WilliamSekinger

    +1 just for the Flacco comment 🙂

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    Nice post Jesse. I have always been a borderline Mosely hater. Nothing personal against him. But I think he was HIGHLY overrated. IMO he has no business being drafted in the 1st round (and I know that goes against what many scouts think.)

    He has some SERIOUS injury history. And he’s playing a very physical position. He lacks strength and speed. And in my opinion, will not dominate against NFL sized athletes.

    Take the name “Alabama” off his jersey and he’s a 2nd or 3rd round prospect. I couldn’t believe so many sites had him rated above Shazier. Luckily the Steelers did not.

  • Brian Tollini

    I think the Ravens did very well, Ozzie Newsome does his normal, excellent job.

  • Luis Grove


  • MC

    Excellent points my man, couldn’t of said it better.
    Love the Shazier pick.

  • MC

    When you have a look at the fact that Shazier was picked one pick before Mosely, it certainly makes the Mosely pick look like a bit of a reach in comparison.
    One of the best things about Shazier is that he improved dramtically with each year, lets hope that continues in the NFL, he certainly has the physical tools and mentality to do it.

  • SFIC

    Jernigan is going to give our interior OLinemen fits. Much like Atkins does.

  • Reg Sayhitodabadguy Hunt

    Lol so have we

  • Reg Sayhitodabadguy Hunt

    Yes sir we have to face gilbert and dessir which i think will have problems with our wide outs this yr

  • Aric Brown

    The Browns almost always play us tough… now they have a few playmakers that could be the difference in some of those ugly games we play against them

  • Aric Brown

    Just for giggles open two tabs.. one with Mark Sanchez stats and the other with Joe Flaccos… scroll down where you can only see the numbers and try to guess whos who

  • Gautama Om

    Um you do know that most mock drafts on the internet are WAY WAY behind what the actual professional NFL scouts have known all along. Example, two teams (Cowboys and another team I forgot) drafting right after us were licking their chops, hoping to draft Shazier if we had passed on him. Clearly the “internet draft experts” don’t know *** And of course almost all internet draft experts never had a clue about Shazier at all, some mocking him in the 2nd round. And of course ourselves the fans “surprised” by it as well.

  • James Kling

    If AB can take it to the highest paid corner in the league, he can beat the rookies Gilbert and Desir.

  • srdan

    How do you konw what the “actual professional NFL scouts” were going to do?

    And are you telling me that every professional scout had shazier ranked above mosely? Your statement is ignorant and based on stuff that you heard from the same media that we base our mocks on.


    Ozzie is one of the best in the biz…BAL always looks good on draft day…living in SEC country I’ve seen a lot of Mosley…noted for his run stopping and coverage ability…definitely a good LB, but if I had to compare him with another recent player at the ILB position from the SEC…Ogletree (STL)…he’s not as good. Not Mosley’s fault entirely, but LSU, UGA ran on Bama, and AUB ran over Bama last season. Solid…I might’ve reached a tad and taken Benjamin, WR, or Pryor, S.

    The DT is solid, but I would’ve looked towards Bama here for Kouandjio, OT. Also like the S, but I understand leaving Nix on the board having taken Jernigan.

    Overall, even though I might made different picks, I can’t knock the draft, again, looks good on paper…we shall see how they fare.

  • dave

    I’m surprised no one ripped them for wasting a pick on a QB.