Mike Mayock Thinks Steelers Should Go Cornerback In Round One

On Thursday, NFL Network draft analyst Mike Mayock held a two-hour pre draft conference call with the media and during it he gave his thoughts on which direction he thinks the Pittsburgh Steelers should go in the first round with the 15th overall selection.

“I think that the way Pittsburgh historically approaches the draft, it’s the best player at the position of need,” started Mayock. “Defensively they’re No. 14 in points allowed, offensively No. 16. So basically, I think as they get close to No. 15 here, I think first and foremost they’ve got to see if a corner matches up with what they want to do on defense.

“Ike Taylor is going to be 34 years-old, making $7 million dollars. William Gay is probably better as a nickel. Are any of those other guys ready to step up and play? I think they need a corner and I think at 15 they can get one. Whether it’s (Kyle) Fuller, (Darqueze) Dennard, (Justin) Gilbert or (Bradley) Roby, it just depends really on what Dick LeBeau wants and how Kevin Colbert lines them up.

“My perspective is, I think they got to get a corner there. I don’t think the tight end Eric Ebron will be there. If he was, I think he’d be a heavy consideration also.”

It’s hard to argue with Mayock suggesting the Steelers go cornerback in the first round and he once again shared his thoughts on why he believes Virginia Tech’s Kyle Fuller is the best one in this year’s draft class.

“I think that Fuller – he’s my No. 1 corner – he’s a first-round corner,” said Mayock. “He’s got it in his DNA and you do know what you’re getting day one. He can play on, he can play off, he can play man, he can play zone.”

  • Steve

    Mayock is usually right on with what he says. If one of the top CB’s are there at #15 Steelers need to take him.

  • Ben Saluri

    Maybe. I still think Aaron Donald fits best. Look at what Mike Daniels has done in Green Bay’s 3-4, same size not nearly as violent or as fast of the line.

  • afrazier9

    we have to go corner we got burnt last year well ike did but still we need a corner to shut down one side of the field

  • John Hinton

    We’re definitely due a top notch corner. My vote is for Dennard or Fuller with No. 15 if either player is still on the board.

  • Ben Saluri

    Our corners got burnt last year not entirely but do in part to NO pass rush on the right side…answer Aaron Donald.

  • AzheDraven

    My vote is they trade down, get an extra pick and select Fuller. And then with a bit of luck we get K. Alphonse Benjamin (lol) in round 2. Stranger things have happened

  • Tullydew

    Aaron Donald is a square peg in a round hole for the Steelers D. He is a great player but an absolutely horrible fit.

  • Reg Sayhitodabadguy Hunt

    Gilbert/ dennard/fuller pleeease then another in rd 2/3/or four

  • Matt Manzo

    Him saying Ebron in the first surprised me! I just don’t think we’re attracted to a TE that can’t block? I’d rather have KBenjamin than Ebron!

    And I’m starting to think Fuller won’t last til the 2nd. Maybe not even pick 20, so 15 seems fine with me if we want him!

    Shazier seems like the only one to trade down for? Maybe Tuitt, too?

  • Shannon-Paul Martin

    I’m not in love with none of these corners. No matter which 1 they pick they not starting. U got decent value 2nd & 4th rounds with Baptiste, Philip r E.J. Gaines, Mcgill, Desir & Cockrell. We need to get a pass rush so I’m on the Hageman bandwagon. Good coaching & we set for a minute on the DL. Question who is starting opposite 97…please no Keisel??

  • blackandgoldBullion

    I like Baptiste. If they don;t go CB in the 1st, I am all for Baptiste and later Aaron Colvin in the 5th or 6th. I don;t care if he’s not ready until 2015, the CB situation would have a chance to be great by then.

  • Tullydew

    Mayock was asked about Colvin on the conference call and he said he believes Colvin will be taken in round 4.

  • Ben Saluri

    Yea, thats what Packer fan’s said about 6’1 300 pound 3-4 DE Mike Daniels. Dude is an edge setter and gets after the QB (6.5 sacks).

  • Shannon-Paul Martin

    Double dip in the Middle rounds definitely would work. BTW im a huge Colvin fan, sucks he got hurt. A good pass rush and the Db’s will b okay

  • coolriff

    Pay attention Mayock. Ike’s not making even close to 7 million..

  • blackandgoldBullion

    Crap. That’s too bad as I have heard many others say rounds 5 or 6 for Colvin. I was hoping later. There’s always teams out there willing to gamble just like SF did with RB Lattimore last year. Imagine if he makes it all the way back. That guy looked scary good until the scary injury.

  • Weiss Chad

    I wouldn’t mind seeing them go safety deon buccannon and leave shmarko in current role

  • Reg Sayhitodabadguy Hunt

    If and thats a big IF we go dl i would hope they go tuitt instead of hageman if hes still on the board and for all those that like benjamin at 1/15 he didn’t even get picked in rd 1 of the mock draft special that was on total access where there were 8 or 9 wr selected in rd 1 why is that

  • Steve

    Do they have many College games on over there in the fall/winter?

  • gene mann

    i like Mayock and his thoughts on the draft i agree that they should go cb and draft a WR in round 2 from a deep draft

  • SteelersDepot

    Pretty sure he meant counts $7,692,404 against the cap. Mayock focuses on draft, not salaries.

  • Alejandro Caballero

    How does this sound, I think it`s possible Browns want to trade up with their second first round pick, I propuse this, steelers give ther first round and second round (15 and 47 overall), Browns give the (26,35,79 and 164 overall) first round+second+therd (the third from Shamarko trade) and a 6. Steelers could select probably one of the top 4 cbs with their first, and with their secondu a reciver like Benjamin or the Ole miss wr, also they coul trade that second and get a later second and another therd round, with that second you can selec Tuitt or the other Clemson Wr, and now you have 3 medium-late their round

  • Darryl Battle

    Mike Mayock is like the Nostradamus of draft experts. Is it just be or is he batting .800 at the draft when he actually calls the teams pick before they pick. He has a true passion for being completely informed on all teams needs. It shows also that when he talks about the Steelers, he speaks with passion. Even though they cut him after drafting him he still shows love. Mayock is my favorite of them all. Mel Kiper is too worried about his hair his choices for the Steelers have been all over the place. I like Todd McShay but he seems to be more passionate about disputing what Kiper says. Once he begins to focus, he is like Obie Wan Kenobi, Mayock is Yoda and Kiper is Aniken (soon to be Darth Vader), lol.

  • Rob

    If we could walk away with Dennard or Barr in the first, Nix, Tuitt, or Hagemen in the 2nd, a WR or a TE like Seferian-Jenkins in the third, I’d call that a good draft. We will probably draft 2 corners, 2 wr’s, a RB, an outside linebacker, a d-lineman and an o-lineman–in no specific order.

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    Thank you S-P M. Just because CB is our biggest “need” doesn’t mean we should draft one with our first pick. You must look at value.

    If I’m drafting a CB at 1.15, he better look like a pro bowler. He better be very very quick, with very good technique and ball skills.

    When I look at Dennard and Fuller I see good solid bottom of the 1st round CB’s. I don’t think either of them look elite (like some of the top CB’s in years past).

    When you draft a guy earlier than you should because you need that position it’s called REACHING. Not drafting the best available player.

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    Having said that, it may be difficult to find a player at 1.15 who rates higher (top ten for example). Most of those guys are ranked bottom of the 1st round talent/grade. Including my favorite (Kelvin Alphonse* Benjamin).

    There are flaws with all of them. That’s WHY they’re not ranked in the top 10. But if I’m picking flaws in a CB, I’d prefer a guy who runs in the 4.3’s who needs technique work. Not short slow CB’s who tackle well.

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    It would be hard to argue with a Dennard-Tuitt-ASJ draft. That is a pretty nice threesome. And even though I personally would go about it differently, I bet the Steeler front office is thinking a little more along your lines than mine.

  • Rob

    It really depends on who’s sitting there in round 1… How would you approach it? I’m curious.

  • Shannon-Paul Martin

    I like Tuitt, I just like Hagelman better ya know. That body type @ 6’6, upside is ridiculous.

  • Shannon-Paul Martin

    Is there a CB you would sprint to the podium for in round 1??? I feel you on good tackling thing. Who ever they pick I hope they can cover & make plays on the ball over anything.

  • James Kling

    Tuitt and Hagemann are virtually the same sized frame. Hagemann is “inconsistent” and 24; Tuitt played through injuries and is 20. All things considered, Tuitt, IMO.

  • Patrick Reid

    Love those picks, but no way ASJ falls to the third. Especially after running a 4.56 the other day for the Jets. Only if we trade back will we have a shot. Jordan Matthews is one of my favs if we decide to go WR. Shaizer is someone that I hope they are considering a first round option.

  • nicolaisim

    Coming out of Iowa, Daniels probably only had half the talent of Aaron Donald (at best). I completely agree with you and I’ll throw a huge party if he’s the pick..
    Okay, I’ll throw a party either way 🙂

  • Sack Master

    I agree.

  • Jollyrob68

    Kyle Fuller, as Mike Tomlin would say PEDIGREE

  • Jollyrob68

    I listened to the Ike Taylor show and he said Louis Nix because it all starts upfront,the foundation. Then we can move McLendon to DE and double dip a cb later in the draft. He also said Odell Beckham was special. I have to say I agree with his logic but I really want a top CB. I’m ok with trading back to pickup an extra 2nd or Cleveland’s two 3rds.
    I think The Jets will give up a 3rd to move up but they might want Kyle Fuller.

  • Rob

    Did he really run a 4.58? I heard earlier in the draft season he had to have surgery and wouldn’t be able to workout at the combine or pro day or privately. He’s certainly worth trading back into the 3rd to nab and we have extra picks in the later rounds so I can see use being mobile on day 2 and 3. What do you think? Will he go in the 2nd?

  • coolriff

    Gotcha. He’s making about $2.75m but his cap number is still way up there because of the dead $$.

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    I would trade down under almost any scenario. Even if the offer was minimal (like a 3rd round pick).

    I would draft Kelvin Benjamin in the bottom of the 1st round. Then use the new 3rd rounder + our 2nd rounder to trade up for Stephon Tuitt. And then draft two CBs in the 3rd and 4th round where the true value is.

    My thinking is that even if we draft a CB in the 1st round he’s probably not gonna play much this year. So if he’s sitting and learning anyway, why not draft two solid CB’s in the 3rd and 4th and let them sit and learn this year. And which ever one develops faster can start in 2015 along side Cortez.

    If we draft Tuitt, our CB’s don’t have to be “shut down’ type guys because Tuitt-Heyward-Worilds-Jones will produce a nice pass rush without blitzing.

    The reason I go Benjamin in round one is because I know he can catch TD passes. That directly affects points, which directly affects wins. If you have a shut down CB you only affect one receiver. A good QB will just throw to the other guy. (See Aaron Rodgers/Jordy Nelson. SB 43).

  • Rob

    I wouldn’t mind trading down to recoup some picks either. I just don’t like Benjamin, unless we intend to use him as a TE, and even then I’d like him a lot better in round 2.
    I get your argument about corner. It’s solid logic; however, I just think Dennard can start this season, which is probably the only prospective defender at any position we can say that about, except maybe nix–who incidentally, I wouldn’t be surprised to see fall to the bottom of the second. It’s usually a safe bet that whoever we draft on defense is going to take time to develop. If he can develop into a great player, we should take him early and have him ready for 2015. Later round players might not have as high of a ceiling.

    I honestly think we could address the red zone problem with a solid TE selection or another of the taller receivers a little later in the draft. There’s going to be a ton of talent left on the board at least into the 4th. I wouldn’t complain about Allen Robinson in the 3rd or Lattimer on the second and someone like Scott Crichton in the 3rd–I hear he’s incredibly strong and could add some bulk and become a high quality 5-technique.

    Its a tough call. There’s so many ways to go and it really depends on what the other teams ahead of us do in round 1. That’ll set the tone for the rest of our draft. For all I know they could end up trading back to the bottom of the first and getting Tuitt there, then we’d have Anne extra high round picks to play around with.