Mike Munchak Trying To Not Let Language Be A Barrier For Steelers Offensive Line

When Todd Haley was hired to be the Pittsburgh Steelers offensive coordinator in 2012, all of the talk at that time was about how tough the change in terminology was tough to learn. Even quarterback Ben Roethlisberger was troubled by it.

“(I’m) looking over this Rosetta Stone that sits in front of me called our new offense,” said Roethlisberger on NFL Network’s The Rich Eisen Podcast. “It’s just it’s different, it’s new, (but) I’m sure I’ll pick up on it.”

This year, the Steelers have yet another new offensive line coach with Mike Munchak replacing Jack Bicknell Jr., but he’s doing his best to adapt to his players instead having them adapt to him.

“The terminology is somewhat staying the same,” left tackle Kelvin Beachum told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. “He is just tweaking a thing here or there.”

Munchak has a lot of tweaking to do when it comes to technique in addition to fully implementing the outside zone blocking scheme that never got off the ground last season.

“He has knowledge of it, and we’re getting more practice reps with it,” Foster said. “It’s not like it’s a big deal, like it’s the whole offense, but him being able to coach it and having done it for years, I think that’s one of the biggest things right there.”

Another big thing this year is the fact that the offensive line didn’t really have any turnover during the offseason. While the current starting five have never taken one regular-season snap together, at least they are familiar with one another. At least they can speak to each other using the same language that they learned last season.

  • chris ward

    Like how Munchak is using the same verbiage that the O-line is accustomed to using. Steelers O-line needs Munchak most for improving their technique. Munchak has always been a technician and he’s the perfect coach to teach the outside zone.

  • cp72

    I played o-line in high school as well as d-line. You talk a lot with the guy beside you when you play offense. Now take that times a 1000 and that’s probably the terminology these guy have to know..

    I think there is a point you can make to complicated. We had so many line calls by the time we had everything figured out I ususally forgot the snap count. Good thing I played tackle and not center. If as else fails plant the guy in front of you and that works most of the time.

  • treeher

    He will tweak and tweak and it won’t be too long until he has his own system/terminology in place.

  • pittsburghjoe

    Was Polk High any good while you were there?

  • Steve

    At least he played and was there. There are a lot that never were and talk like they know all.

  • 2443scott

    in my opinion …bicknell is gone for a reason …munchak is now there why keep the old system when its shown it didnt work if it did bicknell still be there so if munchaks the guy for next few years or more why shouldnt the line conform to him and not him to them..he was brought in for a change not to keep what didnt work ..i may be wrong in my opinion but sure seems thats how it should be.

  • Johnny Loose

    they’re just talking as far as terminology, not schematically. If Muchak can conform a bit to the terminology the line already knows, it will be easier for them to conform to the new blocking scheme.